Gaming Control On Your Tablet

Posted Aug 30, 2012 at 8:31 am in Threads > Entertainment

I’ve always said tablets in general and specially 7″ tablets are great gaming tools, the size is perfect, you can easily carry it around and buttons are easy to reach on games, when the Nexus 7 was introduced, the on screen buttons showed why android Gaming improved, making on screen buttons go far away from accidental presses. but sometimes we need more. the WII U gave me an idea of what a gaming tablet needs to have and it was Good controllers built in
Wii U

when Archos Introduced The GamePad I though it was the missing key, maybe it was not a tablet with controller as the device may not fit everyone’s lives, but actually a built in controller case, something that could take android gaming to a new level in terms of portability and that could be accessible to any device with a similar form factor, and give android users a much more rich experience.

But sometimes I think its not the controller, Games like Infinity Blade or Jetpack JoyRide among others have shown us that there is not need for a traditional controller system

would you like to see more gaming accessories created for tablets? or you think what I needs to be changed is the way games are created? could it be that our current gaming system for tablets is dated? I would love to hear some toughs

  • ranwanimator

    If you aren’t afraid of rooting your device there is always Droidmote. It turns your phone into a customizable virtual controller. It even allows for touch screen emulation allowing you to use the controller on game that don’t have native controller support. It’s pretty neat, but there’s definitely a learning curve.