Gaming controllers, wishful thinking or useful?

Posted Aug 17, 2012 at 12:06 pm in Threads > Games

There have been many attempts to make Android mobile device gaming more like classic gaming with controllers. The problem is that either developers don’t take the time to support controllers, the controller support is not universal therefore one brand doesn’t work where others do, and the build of controllers is either small and cheap or too big and not portable.

What controllers do you use? What suggestions do you have for the gaming controller community? How can we make it better?

  • Fugu

    I have a Z1 which I won on a contest, though I’d been looking at purchasing one for a bit by that point. It’s only so-so for gaming. The big issue is game support for controllers. Now there are a few apps that add across the board functionality, though I haven’t tested them myself.

    Personally I’m fine with on screen controls for most things. I only really want a physical controller for FPS or more twitch centric games where you are doing more complicated motions. There I really want the feedback a physical controller brings.

    From everything I’ve looked at I’m currently leaning towards getting a PS3 controller for my gaming on my tablet.

  • theviper21

    There’s one coming out in the fall called the Nyko Playpad that looks awesome – wireless and doesn’t require any rooting. Can use the PS3 controller, but that requires rooting for wireless IIRC.