Gaming on the HTC One series

Posted May 25, 2012 at 2:01 am in Threads > Apps & Games

So far my One S performs like a dream. Smooth gameplay and i’m able to take on some of the more intensive graphical games which is awesome. The main reason i’m making this thread however is to see if anyone is having the same sound issue I am with games (and possibly other apps).

Now most of the games i’ve downloaded and played though have not had an issue but when I booted up Great Little War Game, I noticed a very loud crackle sound, of which at first I though may have been the speaker. Tried it with headphones and had the same issue, turned off beats, same issue. I bought GTA3 today and, of course, had the same issue. I did find some other people that were encountering this on the XDA Developers Forum but was wondering if anyone here has had the same problems. Anyone using a One S? or even getting the same problem with either version of the One X?

  • Zagrash

    I got my wife a One S a few weeks ago, and she hasn’t complained about anything like that, but she mostly just plays Draw Something, and Words w/ Friends. I may have to play with her phone and put it through it’s paces.

  • shadowxof

    particularly i’ve only experienced the issue with GTA3 and Great Little War Game. Although I did come across some people saying they experienced it with skype.