Get tons of Free songs on Google Music, from Google!

Posted Apr 09, 2012 at 2:59 pm in Threads > Apps & Games

As many of you are aware, Google has a “Free Song of the Day” (FSotD) in their Play Store. Sometimes these songs are from no-namers, sometimes these songs are in the top 50, and sometimes these songs are well-known oldies. Also, as many of you are aware, if you dig through the Google Store, there are a number of other free songs you can find if you know exactly where to go. However, this isn’t about any of these.

This thread is about yet another channel to get free songs from Google. This has actually been around longer than the FSotD for those who knew about it. This is a Blogspot blog maintained by Google called Magnifier. In addition to a history of free songs that you can wade through and add to your account, this has additional FSotD type deals. Sometimes these overlap with the Play Store’s FSotD and others are totally independent. In addition to the FSotD they also have Artist of the Week, and more.

Now that in itself is great, but it still gets better. In addition to all of the above features that allow you to get free songs one-at-a-time, there’s also a single page that gets you hundreds of songs with just a few button clicks. Also at Magnifier is Google’s Free Song Archive where you can get many songs for specific genres including artists such as Santana, Outkast, Johnny Cash, Shakira, Frank Sinatra, and more!

Lastly, totally unrelated to the rest of the content of this post, here’s one more trick to find a bunch of free songs from Google in Google Music. Go into the Music Play Store and search for: “live at google”.

Hope you enjoy!

  • bolanrox

    pretty cool. The only i did not see (looking quickly that is so it might be there) is a way to play the song before you download it?

    • jaxidian

      If you click the Free Music button, it takes you to the Play Store with a popup to acquire the free song. If you close that popup, you can then play the song to hear it before you officially get it if you’d like. It’s too bad that the Magnifier doesn’t have a preview/play button on it but doing it this way isn’t all that more difficult.

      • bolanrox

        cool, i didn’t go that far to click the dl button (makes sense though) I will take a look later when i get home from work.

  • hinds2009

    I just want Google Music to come north of the border asap!

    • projectGZ

      Three letters: vpn

  • Slith

    Thanks I had not heard of Magnifier.

  • queena davis

    send me some free rap songes to my metro pcs mobile or where do i go to download free ringtones

  • michael ward