Good deal on a Note 2… should I jump on it?!

Posted May 23, 2013 at 9:35 pm in Threads > Smartphones & Tablets

sooo… my poor Nexus S finally crapped out. I thought I’d be happier but im truly not.

Any way I found a Note 2 for a really good price $200 from a friend of a trusty friend. Says the phone is mint. Is this a no brainer? Should I jump on it?

What do you guys think?

  • LukeT32

    No brainer….

  • thymeless

    Is it the right bands for your preferred carrier? If yes, then do it.

  • jamal adam

    Seems to me like it’s a steal but just make sure that everything is right and that the imei or esn is clean and things like that.

  • Prince77

    If it is jump on it. I was on Sprint, left to go to Verizon. Since I was a new customer I looked on Amazon and got a Note 2 from 79.99, that is a deal you can’t beat.

  • MisterLee


    I bought it last night and connected it right away. All went well. I am on Sprint so that was one thing that had me worried about it… the whole clean esn crap. I hate craigslist for that.

    I havent really messed with it too much but the little i’ve done its freaking AWESOME. Thanks to the handful of you guys who responded lol. Was it worth my 20 points? lol heck yea!

    • jerrbomb

      Lol.. Glad yu made the right choice..

  • SGB101

    missed this one, but would for also said jump on it, i love the size of my note2, i could go to a smaller device..

    ive had mine since UK launch week, loved it straight away, (never had that feeling from my one X), i could do with out TW, ut it isnt that bad, id does add some benifits. this is the first android ive not root and rom’d n the first week of owning.

    it a love or hate device, no middle ground . non of the latest crop have even turned my head, ill be looking at the note3, but if its much bigger it wont interest me (he says now).

    battery life is a big advantage the phone has, mine has just started dropping off a bit, so i ordered a new larger capacity battery (4200mah) from amazon for £7. it wont last as long (as in age) as an ome battery, but it lasts forever atm.and it is no larger than the stock battery.

    hope u enjoy your note, i was in awe of it for about 2 months, it was like when i first got the G1.

  • redraider133

    If you can handle the size then yes it is a great phone and still one of the best even against the flagship phones that are out now. Not to mention samsung is going to keep updating it for awhile so that won’t be a concern.