Goodbye AAM..

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A lot of you are probably wondering why I’m making a thread just to say I’m leaving and probably asking why doesn’t it even matter.. And while I started to write long drawn out list of reasons why I’m leaving.. I will be positive in noting that all though my rankings may tell a different story.. I am a veteran member of the AAM community.. Active for two years and coming here for a while longer before I joined.. The intriguing part about this site wasn’t the amount of news posts being pumped out.. But because we were our own.. A small community loyal to AAM… No massive amounts of down votes because of a contest… And we were much louder in terms of comments and activity on this site before hand.. I will admit.. The last tetra giveaway was crazy.. I waited two months before receiving my nexus 7 and the Wimberley’s were no where to be found during that time.. Everything stood still after that.. And then we got acquired by a great team and became apart of something bigger.. But even with all of what’s going on now.. It’s not AAM it’s phonedog.. And I love there sites.. I think they are awesome.. They have some big shoes to fill in before they can fully say they did justice to what we claim as our own.. But still I give them credit for taking on such a beast of a site.. A premium site and community.. I just feel like what was before is gone.. What I mentioned before.. And don’t get me wrong.. I’m not trying to offend anyone.. It’s just my feelings.. I had to express them.. But the that awesomeness just isn’t there like it used to be mm the awesomeness in feeling like I was a part of a small community of loyal AAM members who were active like crazy and making this site a site that other sites dreamed of being.. Maybe I’m off my rocker.. And I’ll accept criticism.. Harsh or not.. Maybe I’m looking at it the wrong way.. And like I said.. I still think phonedog media is doing an awesome job.. I’ll still be floating in and put from time to time..


    i totally agree with you. I’m not leaving totally but I definitely don’t feel the same way as I did before the takeover. I voiced my opinion in the comments before, specifically about the amount of news articles being pumped out. AndMe was not about writing a post about every single piece of Android news that comes out. Now, that’s what it is. This audience is different. Before you used to see a lot of engagement by the readers to the tune of 100, 200 or even 300 comments. Those days are over. Besides the giveaway, there hasn’t been many comments on articles. That is why when people say, “We are not gonna change,” I say to myself, “really?” I still come here everyday by force of habit. Not sure how long that will last.

    • jerrbomb

      I know.. I have seen a lot of Change.. I’m not knocking the giveaway.. But that could’ve been done the old fashion AAM way.. But like I said I’m sure she wanted to try something new.. And then why ads.. Especially AAM.. Even the mobile site which is what I use and am using all the time.. Idk.. And the like you said.. And I’ve said.. It wasn’t about the amount of articles being posted.. And the giveaway is where I’ve seen the most amount of comments since the take over…

      • Sean Riley

        If it’s any consolation the giveaway has been a subject of discussion and we will avoid the voting issue in the future. It just seemed problematic to change the rules in mid contest. Jess was hoping to switch things up from the sometimes boring any comment will do variety, but live and learn.

        As the now longest running staffer at AAM I’ve seen things go up and down here several times. I understand things are moving faster than they have in years with the number of writers now on staff, but as others said you can pick and choose what you read. Hopefully we manage to still produce a lot of the content that you enjoyed and maybe some of the new stuff will prove interesting to you as well. We are definitely open to feedback so I hope you stick around and let us know where you think we need to improve.

        • jerrbomb

          I can understand how I seem as someone complaining about the number of posts being pumped out.. Maybe I out too much emphasis on that.. And I shouldn’t have.. And I probably seemed like I implied how terrible it is when it shouldn’t be that way.. I love AAM as I said before.. I just think that while editors are doing a great job at bringing more news to the table.. The AAM community as quieted down in terms of activity… Your right… This site has had its good and bad.. But the spark that was there for me is gone as of now.. Like never before.. And it’s not on the site itself.. Or the posts. Because they are awesome.. The edited rest great. But the members aren’t pulling their weight. MI guess that’s where I’m getting at… Ultimately..

    • AAM

      If you dont like android reading news, please dont come here. You are free to visit any site you like.

      It is not like AAM was having award winning articles. Except for Taylor’s articles, none of the other writers had articles which were even close to “average”

      • jerrbomb

        No one said anything about not liking reading the news.. For one.. For two.. I’m not here to judge the editors..

  • kazahani

    It seems to me like the Wimberleys moved on a long time ago from AAM. It was kind of a slow painful process, and there towards the end there was not much content comming out of this place. I can’t believe that after going through all that, there is someone complaining about TOO MANY articles.

    Are all the articles interesting to me? No. I skip the uninteresting ones. But they’re all interesting to SOMEBODY or else they wouldn’t have gotten written and published to the site.

    • jerrbomb

      I’m not trying to put it out there that too many articles being posted.. Like I said before over all it was about it just not being the same.. But your right and I cannot argue there… If you don’t like something skip it and onto the next

      • kazahani

        Things change. It’s life. You should learn do deal with it or you’ll never be happy.

  • MC_Android

    Haha…Android Central and Android Police are probably my other favourite Android news outlets…

    Sad to hear that, but I completely see what you mean regarding this contest. It’s pathetic how mindlessly the dislike button is being distributed, but since last year’s giveaway, the death of AAM from the activity by the staff and community was hardly a surprise :/

    • jerrbomb

      Well.. Like I said before.. It’s just st a rapid downward swirl from the members in general.. Lack of activity.. It’s like.. Wtf… Lol. And I thought I was the only one who that last year’s giveaway was what did it in terms of activity..

  • kazahani

    Like I said, the Wimberleys checked out a long time ago. It happened to coincide with the Tegra giveaway last year, but I think that’s just coincidence.

  • redraider133

    I agree. It just isn’t the same. When I saw how everyone rampantly down voted each other for the contest it made me realize things aren’t the same. I enjoy coming to the site mainly because of the ranking system and how I usually don’t have to wade through a ton of BS articles. Then again when contests come around you always get the people who come just for that.

    • jerrbomb

      And that has always been true.. People will show up here by the masses just for the contest and then leave right after..

      • redraider133

        Hopefully if they do the 25 days of tegra they will not base it on up votes and rather random like how it was done last year. And also make certain requirements for certain days(time of being a member) so that all these clowns won’t be able to just sign up that day trying to enter.

        • jerrbomb

          Yeah.. Hopefully.. Tight the ways people can have access through the doors of AAM contests.. “You Shall Not Pass!!” in my Gandalf voice..

        • Jess Blanchard

          You can rest assured we will not base contest on upvotes ever again, as long as I’m around, anyway. I’ve been beating myself up about it. I should have known better than to let people vote; this isn’t my first day on the Internet.

          • jerrbomb

            Don’t do that to yourself. You are not to blame. You were trying something new. Last time I checked, that wasn’t a crime. So there you go. Stand by what by what you did.

  • nivekkev

    Well, so far it does not seem as though they have changed things to be like Phonedog. As long as they keep AAM as close to the way it was before the transfer then that should be fine. I came here because it was different and had it’s own style and personality and I enjoyed what everyone had to say. Like a small community not a big city. I say give them some time and see where it goes before we jump ship.

    • jerrbomb

      You do have a point.. And im not jumping ship per say.. This ship turned into a ship that made port because I needed to be worked on along one of its stops.. And while a new captain has been announced and I know he is a good captain.. I’m getting off at this stop and going sight seeing… For a bit.. Which I think a lot of the veterans have done simply because we have seen what has happened since a little before six months ago.. We did stuck out.. And we saw the outcome.. Gave it some time.. And are just merely waiting to see how it turns out.. Like I said in my post this isn’t a goodbye goodbye.. I’ll still be popping out.. I just needed to express myself to my community and veteran community of AAM members and users.. And staff alike both of and new..

  • Jared

    I loved the style of writing on here and that it was filled with a crazy amount of posts that didn’t really matter. It’s one of the few android sites I frequently visited and read articles in their entirety. I hope it doesn’t change too much.

    • Austin Tompkins

      While I haven’t been around AAM for all that long, or a super involved member, especially around the forums, I will say I do enjoy the steady stream of articles from many different individuals. There are so many *types* of articles that AAM puts out now, from top apps, to opinions, I really enjoy seeing so many perspectives and going somewhere where people openly share their love towards Android.

      But, as was mentioned above, with things such as giveaways, you get swarms of people coming in that do not know the community, do not respect the site, do not respect others, and quite frankly I imagine many of these individuals are young in age and just inexperienced and immature.

      Overall though, I find AAM to be my #1 Android news source. I go to others regularly as well because they put out more information daily and I like to catch all the little details as well, but AAM is still a nice clean community with a good sense of humor among the writers that I enjoy. Humor that isn’t going to make the average Joe laugh, but if you’ve rooted a phone more than once, you’re probably going to enjoy the subtle humor in many of the articles.

      And striving to keep a community, not just amass comments and visitors for ad clicks – that’s nice. Sure there’s ads, but they gotta eat too. A few bucks to keep the servers running, I don’t mind.

      Just my 10 cents. Or maybe 20, I talk a lot. :P

  • SGB101

    The dynamics have changed, and the community feel that was once here had gone.
    This is not only down to phone dog,it started 6 months (or more) earlier, the Xmas giveaway seemed a disaster in the long term. Plus Content output slowed, peaking at a two week drought, add all this to the dilution of phone dog users, with their flood of content, we have ended up, that should be phone dog have ended up, with a totally different site than they actually bought.

    • jerrbomb

      I never would have thought that you would share some of the same sentiments..

      • SGB101

        Why is that Mr bomb? I’m a nice, deep chap underneath :o)

        • jerrbomb

          Lol.. You DID seem that way… Lol

          • SGB101

            Err.. Thanks.. I think!

  • Dr.Carpy

    I think that WE the site regulars should stay the course. We will get what we give. Let’s continue to be informed, positive, savvy, personable group we’ve always been. If this site degenerates into something we dislike, it’s partly on us. We’ll only get what we give. It’s in our collective hands, so my question is what are we going to do next? I can only speak for myself. I’ll always only be positive. It’s all I know. I’ll contribute what I can, when I can.

    • jerrbomb

      Damn dude.. That was deep man.. And your right as well it is partly on us regulars and vets to ensure that this site doesn’t go downward… That’s what I was kinda trying to say.. We are so or were so quiet until right before or right after I made this thread (no correlation what so ever)…. Things are getting louder… Exactly what I was voicing. To come out of the quietness that we have been in since the last huge giveaway… So yes.. Thumbs up to you man..

  • Nick Gray

    I think a few of you have hit the issue square on the nose. The shift on the site began early in the year. Taylor was distracted with other things, we lost Anthony in late 2012 and my daily post to the site often didn’t materialize since I was caught up in all the HTC One news on

    The lack of content led to a slow degeneration of the community. With the site under new management, the only major change that there’s really been is an influx of new writers which are contributing more posts to the site. Since I started writing here, we’re usually averaged 8-10 posts per day (excluding weekends). If you looks back at the past month, you’ll see that we’re sitting pretty flush with that number.

    On the back end, we are operating pretty much the same way we were before the site was sold. The new writers are learning what types of stories work well for AAM readers and us veterans are helping to make sure things don’t drift off course.

    Now that we have the man power to push out the stories that we want, we’re hoping community engagement will be revived. I still remember by first AAM post that received more than 50 comments. It’s a bit harder to get that type of engagement these days on a regular basis, but we all strive to give you guys only the important stories.

    • MC_Android

      Just out of curiosity, does anyone know how much the site sold for? :P

    • jerrbomb

      That’s exactly what it is for me.. Community engagement… And I remember you waiting almost all of the stories.. Almost as if you were trying to keep this site from going under.. And you did an awesome job..
      I’ve gotten a lot if closure since making this thread.. I guess I was more frustrated as a member to see a site he the path it was going.. It has been my daily fix for three-year.. And more so since I’ve been a member… I have recommended this site to all of my techy friends and fellow Co hackers, devs, ex iPhone users,.. You get my drift.. I’m still not as active as I was once.. And save for this thread and a couple posts.. It will stay that way for a while as I watch where this site goes for the next few months… But I think that you guys have the right Idea in the direction you wanna take this site.. Your an Awesome contributor here at AAM.. one of the best here..

      • Nick Gray

        Thanks for the nice words. For a bit, I did feel like I was the only one contributing, but I knew that there were changes coming. All major tech sites have gone through their ups and downs. Over time, things change, but the goal of this site has never been to pump out news for the sake of pumping out news. We honestly only write stories that we would be interested in reading.

        Give it time, and the community around here should pick back up.

        • jerrbomb

          I’ll take YOUR word for it.. And keep a weather eye out..

  • Jedediah Sweetser

    I will come back from time to time, but i must say, i enjoyed the articles even if there were few. It felt like the writer was trying to GIVE us something – a passion. Now there are so many, and when i read them they seem cold. I’ve been around long enough to see two big Christmas give aways, and though that was what got me hooked, the open discussion, and care that the Wimberleys had really kept me coming back. All those articles on getting away from contract felt more like a vison and passion than a simple info review. I felt like i was in the room with them and they were talking to me.

    Further, i’ve just reviewed the top downloaded apps that was recently posted, and 7 of them are repeats of apps shown in the past. I think the Wimberley’s really wanted to give us fresh content and so instead of pulling data and posting, they carefully weeded through to make sure we got fresh stuff.

    It feels like the ‘feel’ has left. I leave it up to the new editors to bring it back, write with passion and investigate with fervor. That will keep us die hards around, i think.