Google Drive take over Dropbox?

Posted Apr 26, 2012 at 12:46 pm in Threads > Opinions

Since the newest biggest thing of Google, what are your thoughts on it taking Dropbox’s place?

Dropbox has been around for a while, and actually one of the larger cloud storage systems to the market when released. It has a name for itself, and very simple to use. But with the new hype from Google’s Drive, I wonder if Dropbox will suffer.

For mobile usage, you still have load the Drive app as well as Dropbox. Console use is slightly different though in certain aspects. Both have their own individual side loaded app for the OS where you can simply drag and drop the file to the folder. But using a browser is different depending on how everything is setup. Homepage is Google and already signed up, BAM there is Google Drive. Click it and you’re there. Dropbox is different, you have to go log into their own individual page to access documents.

Currently Drive is not available for iOS users, so Dropbox still has their users. Plus the Apple drive, but who cares about that. Another point is Drive only allows 5GB free, which is fairly limited. So Dropbox will still probably be used since it offers free storage as well.

One of the main purposes for Dropbox is hosting photos for me. I can simply create a URL to post pictures where needed. I have been unable to do so with Drive, so I still use Dropbox a lot. Maybe I just missed it, if so someone fill me in!

Also part of Bitcasa Beta with infinite storage. This could also be big game changer as well. I know you can up the storage limit for both Drive and Dropbox via funds, and same with Bitcasa. $10 dollars a month for unlimited storage, that is a well worth bill if you ask me.

So what is everyone’s thoughts on the two? Do you think Google might buy out Dropbox?

  • Chris Clark

    Drive in it’s current state? No. But maybe in the future depending on the integration with other Google products.

    There was some code found in Gmail that showed attaching a file straight from Drive. That would be really handy, the same with sharing files through Google+, etc…

    If Google can integrate it with everything they can it could pull ahead.

    They do need a more open API too, not just linked to apps in Chrome.

  • NegativeOne13

    I agree to the much needed API. And I think it’s safe to say that with a half years time it will be where Dropbox is in functionality.

  • Slocken

    If you own an Android phone and you use Google applications it just makes sense to stay with Google to store your files. After all, they have every other bit of information about you already so why give up anything else to some other vendor.
    I do hope that Google makes some improvements to Drive, such as the folder sharing (not just file sharing) and folder creation from the mobile device.

  • wild

    Dropbox is more convenient, have more storage (with ref links) and more platforms to use on .
    In my opinion Gmail integration is not so important, you can always click to the dropbox iconon the tray and “boom ” .So moment, my choose for the main cloud storage is Dropbox.

    Drive is in the early stage, and if they will add some interesting options( webdav for example) they have chances to attract people from dropbox and other services.

  • danferan

    I doubt Google would buy them out. No need – they already have their droupbox counterpart. And dropbox isn’t so entrenched and essential to life that they would be seen as valuable. Google Docs was getting respectably sized, so the addition of Google Drive already puts them ahead of dropbox, IMO.

  • Max.Steel

    Meh. The two of them can coexist peacefully.

  • Greg

    Dropbox does other things besides file hosting so I don’t think they are dead at all. However, Drive will outgrow them in a very short time.
    The one thing that could keep Drive from growing is the inability to add storage for free or for a reasonable price.

  • isovich

    I don’t like the idea of Google having all my stuff.. oh wait… well… If based on solely on the features given from both services, I would go with drive. Google won’t let it fail at this point in time when cloud is pushing to be the future of all “hard drive” info. We will soon see extreemly powerful computer with a 1Gig hard drive, and a free 5TB cloud storage sold.

  • tnnm

    Though not the intent of the OP, I believe Dropbox will be acquired out of necessity. While they have a great head start on the competition, they will not survive the race to the bottom in terms of $/gb. Potential acquirers include:

    o Yahoo (though they only have $2bn in cash and may not have an appetite for an acquisition this large)

    o RIMM (could be an interesting solution with the Playbook)

    o Facebook (my most likely choice – since they will continue to battle Google on many fronts for the foreseeable future I believe they will look for interesting ways to make themselves even more sticky).

    o Nokia (less likely due to their love affair with MS who recently re-positioned their SkyDrive offerings in a manner that is actually more competitive than both Dropbox and Google).