Google Glass for $299.Reality or Over expectaion

Posted Aug 12, 2013 at 4:17 am in Threads > Smartphones & Tablets


All of us are hearing so many rumors about possibility of Google Glass to be of $299.
With such a niche device and launching price of $1500 what do you think about this price range.?
Is it Realistic? IF not what you expect its price to be near to?

  • SGB101

    It’s about where I thought it would be, I long ago predicted £500 for a nexus glass combo, and at $300, this could be doable.

    Personally I won’t be rushing out at that price to buy a pair.

    • kr.ray.kaushik

      But as per latest rumors, it will be much more than that..
      $300 for this niche device is pretty less . I would say some price near to $600 – $800 range.

  • Sean Riley

    While it is certainly not completely impossible, that rumor absolutely didn’t deserve the play that it got. It was one chinese researcher saying that it was technically possible given the components to produce Glass at $299. There was nothing more to it than that.

    The iPhone 5, Galaxy S4, HTC One are all about $230-270 in components and sell for about $630-650 off contract so component costs is entirely too simplistic a metric to try to judge retail cost of a product.

    Sure Google has a history with the Nexus line (and more recently Chromecast) of selling just above margin, but they also have the Pixel which is going for well above what it costs to produce.

    I would also say, having had Google Glass for a couple months now, that Google would probably be wise to keep the price a bit higher at the outset even if it doesn’t need to from a profit standpoint as Glass still needs quite a bit of work. The Explorer Edition is for lunatics, but taking it down to $600-700 would keep it in the hands of the pretty die hard enthusiasts that will put up with some of the quirks that I think will still be part of the Glass experience early on. They are making amazing strides with the updates every month, but the hardware is quite questionable right now (I’ve seen precious few Explorers that haven’t had at least one replacement done) and I’ll be thoroughly impressed if in the next 6 months they turn what they currently have into something that a “normal” consumer would put on and find useful out of the box.

    Sorry that might have gotten a bit rambly, but I hate when unsubstantiated rumors like that do the rounds basically unchecked. I also despite how that last paragraph might have sounded really believe in Glass and don’t want to see it try to go mainstream before it has a chance to mature properly.