Google Glasses and its applications in media and entertainment

Posted Aug 29, 2012 at 8:41 pm in Threads > Entertainment

Even though google glasses isnt out yet and its limits are yet to be tested, i wanted to get all your ideas on what you wish it would be used for in regard to entertainment at home or outside. (besides the obvious ;)

  • tyler
  • geiko

    It could really tie in to other systems (like a game console) and overlay information for different games. Like if you’re playing Battlefield 7 on the PS6, your mini-map can be in the glasses, as well as ammo count and other HUD info.

    • 4n1m4l

      I like how evga precision x will give me temperature and clock trending. A HUD in counterstrike would be awesome though

  • XanLoves

    Real-time filters would be cool too. A high powered processor would be required obviously but seeing the world in an instagram-esk fashion would be cool.

    But just seeing all the info available to you on google maps in front of your eyes when traveling would be amazing.

    Especially if you could theme everything like your favorite video game HUD.

    • XanLoves

      Someone better skin an N64 Goldeneye health meter for me.

  • skugern

    A smart dev could make crazy augmented reality games. Imagine playing a FPS in, say, downtown San Fransisco with 20 of your friends.

  • vforvortex

    I saw a few ads a while back where they show an app with augmented reality used to show historic sites based on your gps location similar to how google sky works. i havent heard/seen any apps based on this. Has anyone heard any new development in this ?