Google Now 2.0 – What’s Next for Project Majel?

Posted Aug 11, 2012 at 12:20 pm in Threads > Apps & Games

First things first if you havent tried Google Now yet (At your own risk) head over to xda and see if your phone is supported to flash the fully working zip! I am currently using Google Now on my rooted SGS3 for verizon.

Yes, Google Now can kick siri’s ass any day of the week. I love reminding my brother of this as he jumped ship and got an iphone a few months ago. But, as great as Google Now is, my bet is google is hard at work for Now 2.0. And as Android fans I feel as though we are always looking forward to and speculating about the next great phone or google service. Google set its sights high when they code named their voice assistant project “project Majel”. Im sure we all know the what Majel is capable of. Basically you talk, Majel listens, and gives an intelligent answer. As great as Now is it’s not there…yet.

Google’s Knowledge Graph is one of the many tools Google is implementing into Google Now to bring it closer to a startrek like computer, But what else do you think Google Now will need. Also, what direction do you thin Now 2.0 will is heading? Feel free to share your experience so far with Google Now as well!

  • Jaydude

    I’d like to see some real deep control over third party applications, like changing twitter’s settings, or to upload a video to youtube. Also (This is way ahead of time), if I ask a difficult question, it would be great for my device to analyze a webpage and provide an extremely relevant answer. One example for this would be if I asked my phone “What is the best time to grow apples in Orlando?” and then the phone would look through some web pages and tell me something like “August because blah blah blah..” That would pretty amazing

  • redraider133

    I think google should just integrate it more throughout the device and also make it available for those devices that aren’t and may never get JB. It is a great service and shows how much of a gimmick siri really is.

    • Chris Lewis

      Better integration with all the android apps would be great!

  • some internet dude

    Google has a great opportunity to show what a personal assistant can do. With its vast data base of knowledge, it can show how Siri is a cute little app and how Google Now can assist in ones every day life. While Siri says “let me think about that” Google now already has the answer or has done its task. And Google now does not really on anyone for info/data, unlike Siri which has to ask Google for the answers.

  • mojeda

    I think Google has created an excellent personal assistant app, I think one of the better things to be added right would be voice control over your phone.

    I think it’s pretty obvious that people are taking to these verbal personal assistant apps and this could benefit many without having to go through the many layers of the menus to do a simple task.

  • MitchRapp81

    I love it. Been using it since Day 1 (Galaxy Nexus, so I didn’t have to wait…)
    I’ve tested it head-to-head with an iPhone 4S — simple searches like “Bourne Legacy” came up as “Bourne Legacy”, IMDB, Box Office etc…. on my Galaxy Nexus, and came up as “Born Legacy” on the iphone … fail. Google Now doesn’t just listen to what you’re searching for, it puts 2 and 2 together and comes up with the right search. Bourne … Born… anyways it works.

    As for speed, the app itself takes a bit longer to load than Siri, but once you start searching there is just no match. Google Now will find whatever you’re looking for with Google Search, Maps, IMDB, Weather, etc…

    One thing I’d love is being able to customize the cards more. I like following particular teams and I know you just have to search for them 2-3 times for them to be added as your “favorite teams” but I’d like to add them manually if I can. Right now, I can’t seem to get NE Patriots added… even though it accepted Montreal Impact and Montreal Alouettes…. cmon!

  • adlnae

    Google Now is not a voice assistant (not only) it’s a predictive assistant that give you what you want/need before you ask or before you even know that you need/want it!

    for that : a full voice control of phone (setting, third party-app, ..) that will be a touchless phone action.

    also contextual search : Google make a difference between “apple” stock and “apple” seed ,
    but should know that i’m near a theater who play “snow white apple’s”.

    and for the last one its a batteries draining but when they solve that , Google know should be always listening and seeing also measuring (GPS, accelometre, gyrometre, barometre…..etc)
    and suggest the most accurate answer and propositions.

    in Google Now 3.0 : it should learn from us verbally : like: “make this place my reference for buying food,”