Google Now Easter Egg: “What is Web TV?”

Posted Dec 22, 2012 at 1:16 pm in Threads > News

Google Now “Easter Egg?”

Ask Google Now “What is Web TV.”

It answers:

“Don’t even think about it.”

which it claims to have pulled from from

  • zolikaaa666


  • Daniel Hakimi

    What is this, actual content? Go to Reddit, this forum is only for people trying to get points so they can win prizes.

    • TheVoodoo

      This is one of the most user-friendly forum designs I’ve ever used for both mobile and desktop devices; so, I hope you’re wrong, because it’s so easy to use.

  • Taylor


    Remember when Microsoft was a trend maker and RCA was still a brand people under 30 recognized? And to be fair, the thing was WAY ahead of the curve; probably too far, in fact.

    I remember trying to sell those horrible devices when they deputed. They were a bitch to try to sell (nobody, including most of us) understood the thing. But this was our response when managers tried to get us to sell them, “Don’t even think about it!” You could spend an hour trying make a buck or watch everyone else sell us out of everything else under our roof while you struggled with this dial-up torture device.

  • MJM128

    Hahah, nice find!

  • azswift

    I knew a guy who used a WebTV. He made backup content by using a VHS tape to record the screens with his VCR. He made a half dozen full tapes.

    • TheVoodoo

      Oh wow! That is a real marriage between old and new (then) technology.

  • TheVoodoo

    By the way, I discovered that when I tried to ask Google Now the following:

    “What is Wealth TV?”

    That’s a station with a substantial percentage of original programming that piqued my interest.

  • TheChez99

    Ha lol just did it and it works :-)