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Posted Apr 01, 2013 at 4:27 pm in Threads > Smartphones & Tablets

Now that T-Mobile is doing away with contracts, should Google capitalize on this with Google Voice?

I was thinking about this earlier when I forgot I couldn’t send an MMS (I’m with t-mobile prepaid, ported my no. to GV). Google could really advertise Google Voice if they prettied it up a little bit.

To me, it seems you have to be a little versed with Google/Android to even understand how the prepaid & GV Number Port will work. I knew about it through this site & did my own research.

To me, I think if Google focused a little more on Google voice, they could capitalize on people going for T-Mobile’s prepaid. It’s $20 per ported number & I’m sure Google uses the information collected to gain some revenue somewhere.

What would the differences between off-contract & prepaid be anyway except paying at different times of the month? The T-Mobile plan would allow you to buy your phone off a payment plan but I was thinking Google could have prepaid users focus on buying the phones sold off of the Google website

What do you guys think? Am I digging too deep into this? Or, could Google very well capitalize on this and start becoming synonymous with prepaid plans?

  • irishrally

    I’m on a no-contract tmo plan, never needed to port anything to Google Voice, kept my same number, and everything works like a normal tmo plan, including MMS, tethering, etc.

    • duffguy123

      Sorry, meant to say Prepaid since after thinking about it, it would be an option for prepaid not off-contract..

      • irishrally

        Yep, you did say prepaid. The new off-contract plans will be just like tmo contract plans as far as service goes.

  • qwertyuser3941

    As you run through the initial setup for GV it clearly states that the T-Mobile pre-paid phones will NOT work.

    That is too bad. Almost make me think about changing my pre-paid to a regular contract.

  • MisterLee

    I’ve been using GV for over 6 months… and I’ve never thought I’d miss MMS. It was always one of them things I shrugged off as not caring for. Now every time i see that stupid “MMS should be here” text u get from GV it pisses me off a little more.

    Another thing I JUST realized is that i can text my family in Puerto Rico. WTF Google! It’s almost a state for God’s sake!

    besides that and the texts saving all retarded and not all under the same person thread I love it lol

    • MisterLee


  • Gmoore

    If I have a T-Mobile prepaid – but do NOT port my number to Google – can I still use the Google voice as my voice mail system?

  • CTown

    Actually with T-Mobile’s new plans, we need Google Voice even less. Before T-Mobile had a Walmart only promotion where $30 would get you 100 minutes plus 5 GB of unthrottled data; that’s a situation Google should have capitalized on.

    With T-Mobile’s new plans my family pays $80 a month for unlimited minutes, unlimited text messaging, and unlimited data (but only the first 500 mb each is not throttled). That’s for four lines. We also pay an extra $10 per month on one of our lines as to get unlimited international minutes with no per minute fees.

    Google Voice is still missing basic features. There is no MMS, 911, or even tech support (except a small forum). I thought it had cheap international calling until I noticed it would cost 23 cents per minute to the places where I have family.

    If you don’t mind me asking, why do you and others use Google Voice? What does it offer that T-Mobile cannot?

  • p.Johanna

    I’m on TMO prepaid $30 plan. I assumed I wouldn’t receive or send MMS from my GV # because of what I read. I automatically downloaded Whatsapp. Today I found that I can actually receive and send from the native messaging app. Once i received the mms i used the same thread to send an mms. Nexus 4.

  • RogerOut

    I have an android phone, Google Nexus 4. Bought the $30 SIM from TMO with the unlimited data and 100 minutes thinking I would be able to use GrooVe IP to make VOIP calls. No such luck. It worked for about a day, but then something went amiss and I keep getting these error messages when Groove tries to login to Google Voice stating I have a wrong password.

    Does anyone have any ideas about an alternate prepaid service that I could couple with GrooVe IP and Google Voice?