Google winning the “war” against Apple?

Posted Dec 15, 2012 at 4:07 pm in Threads > Opinions

So this was posted recently about what Schmidt said about google winning the war with apple Any thoughts on this? Personally I think Google needs to keep doing what they are doing and not to worry about apple because if Google keeps going at the pace they are and apple seems content to stay and resort to lawsuits it won’t even be a fight much longer. Seems the iphone has lost some of its luster, at least outside of the US where everyone doesn’t run out to buy it just because it’s an apple product.

  • Chris Lewis

    Google will continue to innovate in everything they do. Apple on the other hand seems to be sticking with the same formula and many people are starting to notice! I dont think its a bad thing that Google is looking at what Apple is doing. They need to view them as a true threat to market share as they are their closest competitor and every once in a blue moon Apple jumps into a market and really does change everything (PC’s, Touchscreen phones, MP3 Players).

  • dino13

    Personally I think a strong Apple and Microsoft also helps Android getting better. There is nothing like a good competition. But these patentwars really need to stop.

  • KennyL

    Winning war? By what metric? Sheer numbers yes but that’s only because there are so many different options. Apple doesn’t care as much (or even need to be) number one in aggregate sales. With an iPhone EVERY dollar goes back to Apple’s coffers. No so with Android.

    Apple isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Frankly that’s a good thing. I kinda want them to come up with technology that really challenges Android fans to think if they want to stick with Android or not. This will force Google to be even more innovative.

  • VerticalCobra

    Hopefully that’ll never happen. Competition is great. More the competition the better the options for customers.

  • tanman888

    From a strategic point of view the following article can explain a lot about Google’s business and why to some extent why they can still benefit from Apple products.

    There’s a quote that summarises the article “Google doesn’t make money off of Android which is open source; they make money when people use Google services,”

  • sandy105

    yes for google the more android devices they push ,the more people use google services and more revenues for them ..
    but what about the manufacturers ;apple sells iphones at a huge premium and profit margins are insane ,the same cannot be said about android device manufacturers as except for samsung nobody is making huge profits ..
    but then we are getting devices which are good value for money;insanely powerful with each new cycle.and kudos to google for constantly adding features to android os.

    android already has a huge marketshare ;and it will continue to keep increasing yes google is ahead in the smartphone wars now.