Google working with moto on an X phone? Maybe te phone android needs?

Posted Dec 21, 2012 at 3:02 pm in Threads > Rumors

So looks like google is working with moto on an X phone. Maybe a nexus type phone? I am very interested but hope they can get it on all carriers like the s3. Thoughts?

  • KOBesucker

    Shit just got real.

  • KOBesucker
  • ibap

    The real question is if they can get a CDMA phone qualified on Verizon. Remember when they said they were open to outside phones? What hogwash.

    • redraider133

      I agree. I hope google can get it on all carriers but with how moto caters to Verizon with their droid brand maybe they will have the moto X phone and then a droid branded one for Verizon? Moto is due for another game changer like with the original droid

  • ibap

    Or try for true pay-for-what-you-use. Use this link to get $25 off if you buy a device from them. Or you can bring some Sprint devices (not LTE) over to their service.

  • JarlSX

    would love a motorola nexus phone!
    hope it willhave a similar battery as the razr maxx hd
    i imported one and the battery is great!