Has the Nvidia Tegra chip put Nvidia atop the mobile chip market?

Posted May 20, 2012 at 1:22 pm in Threads > Opinions

I felt last year at this time that Qualcom was poised to take the the lead as the most popular chipset for Android mobile devices, but it seems to me that since the launch of Nvidia’s quad-core chip they have catapulted to the top spot. Do you agree / disagree and who is the biggest threat to Nvidia

  • CJ LaFleur

    I would say the tegra 3 is one of the top two chips on the market. It’s only true rival is Samsung’s Exynos 4. There are however two chips on the way that will or already has dethroned the tegra 3 (If you believe it’s the best). Huawei will be using it’s own ARM based K3V2 in it’s flagship phone (The Ascend D Quad XL). This chipset has been making waves with it’s killer benchmark tests. It is a quad core chip running at 1.5GHz And has bested the top processors on the market including the tegra and Exynos. I’m aware that benchmarks aren’t everything, however I have a lot of confidence in this processor to make good on it’s promise of being fastest in the world. The Exynos 5 will feature ARM A15 architecture which will easily best anything out now based on A9. By Q3 or 4 we will see the Exynos 5 in devices or even in the US variant of the GS3. Both of these will change the game significantly. The K3V2 has kicked the tegra 3′s butt in processing and in GPU by a lot and is a 64-bit chip which is new. I recommend doing some research on both of the processors and check decide for yourself but I don’t think the tegra 3 will be at the top for much longer.

  • Bpear96

    I think they Quadcore Qualcomm s4 will kill everything, untill we see true Cortex A15 from other manufactures, It will use 4 Krait cores, which has some major advantages over Cortex A9 (tegra 3, exynos etc) And is almost as good as Cortex A15 but is much more battery efficient. Plus it is 28nm vs 40nm tegra 3 (exynos is 22nm) The Adreno 320 in the 4core S4 is awesome!! Im pretty sure its a better GPU then that in the tegra 3 and the mali in the SGS3.

    It will be a awesome chip!!

    Even the upcoming Dualcore S4 PRO will be Awesome, basically the same as the quadcore (same gpu and core architecture) but it has integrated radios for lte, wifi etc.

    • CJ LaFleur

      What is this?! Why can’t quadcore CPUs support LTE?!

      • Bpear96

        It probably has to do with the heat of the quadcore chips atm, but if not i really dont know.. And they could do a separate LTE modem, but that will now be as power efficient.

  • wild

    Don’t forget that T3 released in the end of the 2011 and only in the middle of hte year quad qxynos bested it . It took half year for samsung … Also we will see T4 in the end of this year, and probably it will be quad Cortex A15 processor . Only Exynos 5 have chances to put it on the knee, but I don’t think it will.