Help me pick the best (Verizon) phone for my wife…

Posted Apr 26, 2012 at 11:26 am in Threads > Smartphones & Tablets

My wife is a social worker. She rarely works out of the office; usually just works from her car. She has built-in bluetooth and a navigation system in her car, though, if we found the right phone, her now 8 year old car could be replaced with one without it.

She likes a physical keyboard, because she types a lot to look up stuff on the internet or to type up notes for work. That being said, she would consider an on screen keyboard (I think she’d like swype).

Speed probably isn’t as important to her as battery life.

Here are my thoughts:

(a) stick with what she is familiar with – Droid 4 (she currently has a droid 2)
(b) Razr Maxx (bigger screen real-estate for on-screen keyboard and good battery life)
(c) Hope the Galaxy Note (or something like it) comes to Verizon (as I said, she usually talks via Bluetooth, so size as a phone is not likely a big deal)

Thoughts? Anything I am missing?

She isn’t big on customizing her screens, so I am not sure Motoblur or Sense is a negative for her.

Thanks for the advice!

  • jaxidian

    Based on what you said, sounds like a Razr Maxx on 3G is the way to go.

    • Thomas Biard

      I concur. However, if she can wait, I would suggest the Note. For work purposes, it sounds like the stylus and screen size will be large factors.

      (I use bluetooth for 90% of my calls also, so the size of the note wouldn’t bother me much)

  • timaaustin

    Id personally go with the Droid 4, she wouldnt have learn anything new.

  • cadroidman

    I think you should look at the Galaxy Nexus. It does not have a physical keyboard, however, with Swiftkey X, it is not a problem. The bluetooth is amazing as well for both voice and media.

    • thekaz

      I have a GNex .. I let her try it for a bit, and she was kinda okay with it. However, I find myself having the charge it in the car on the way home from work everyday (maybe too much Scramble With Friends), and I am not sure if she would put up with having the charge too often…

  • epps720

    I have a similar issue w/my wife and am going to tell her to go w/the Maxx. I have the GNex and while it is a great phone the battery life is horrible even w/an extended battery and 4g turned off. I also had the same issue of going from the OG Droid w/physical keyboard to no keyboard but love Swype.

  • Jkthomas33

    I agree with everyone the MAxx sounds like the way to go

  • wild

    I think Droid4 is a good choice if she is used to a physical keyboard
    As for phones without physical keyboard-bprobably Galaxy Nexus

  • Rockstar323

    Does she not care what phone she gets? If not I’d say go with Droid 4, familiar form factor and you don’t have to worry about her not liking only having an onscreen keyboard. If she does care what she gets, get her whatever she wants even if it’s an iPhone.

  • mylasthope

    I’d say get the Droid 4. It’s a solid phone and it has a keyboard. No need to convert her to on-screen keyboards. Good luck!

  • Topher

    Rock the Droid4. My wife was in the same boat, really preferred the physical keyboard, so I got her a Droid 4 right after it came out. She loves it.

    Solid phone, runs smooth, takes drops well, kids beat the shit out of it, still rocking hard.

  • GalliumDragon

    I know it’s not in your list, keep it off, the Samsung Stratosphere. My wife wanted a physical keyboard, and the feature set seemed interesting, and since I was picking up the GNex we decided to get her it. Big mistake, looks to be stuck in Gingerbread since no ICS is being offered and she’s not a fan of the Samsung interface TouchWiz. Phones freezes in the docks, car and desk and requires a hard reset to fix. Just wanted to give a heads up. Oh, and she wanted a physical keyboard but rarely uses it, she prefers Swype now.

  • isovich

    My vote would go to the MAXX for the Battery. However, if money isn’t a big thing for you, i would get the Droid 4 and purchase an extended battery for it off of Amazon.