*Help* Nexus 4 backup Everything for new phone?

Posted Nov 04, 2013 at 12:21 pm in Threads > Smartphones & Tablets

I ordered a Nexus 5 and it should be here Friday and I would like to know if it is possible to backup everything from my Nexus 4 so I don’t loose all my progress in my games?

I know it will just auto downlands all my apps when I sign in and stuff but I don’t want to start Candy Crush or Plants Vs Zombies over again, lol.

Are there any programs that can do this? Free is ideal but I will pay if I have to.


  • Mix

    Also, I forgot to mention that my phone is NOT rooted.


  • techvudu

    Try Helium. Works well, very easy to use, does not need root. Used it on the OL’s phone when we switched over.


  • Mix

    Awesome, I will try that out!

    It came up a couple times in searches but nothing was really clear, I probably should have widened my search but forums are way better.


  • LukeT32

    Helium worked great for me. I was rooted though, so not sure if that plays a part.

    • techvudu

      no need for root. saves files to your pc for easy restore later. Koush did a bang up job on it.

      • LukeT32

        Or with pro can’t you back up to Google Drive also?

        • Mix

          Ya yeah need pro to restore from anything besides the internal memory which doesn’t help much when you have to go to a new phone.

          I just used my dropbox account so hopefully it works come Friday!

          Worst case is I am out $5 and behind in a few games.

  • MIshu