Holiday Giveaway G+ Hangout Idea

Posted Dec 17, 2012 at 3:48 pm in Threads > Entertainment

Hey I was just thinking since they haven’t done the giveaways yet it could be fun to all get into a Google Plus hangout and watch everything in real time. I know I would go crazy if I was on there and won. Watching that could be a good time. I wonder if clark or who ever would be willing to do this?

What do you guys think?

  • Dradien

    That would be cool to see the winners real time, but it depends on how they do the drawing. Is it a RNG that picks a post number, is it a person that closes their eyes and point at the screen…is it an outside auditing company?

    Still, I agree. Would be awesome.

  • Samar

    The last time tried to participate in a G+ hangout giveaway, couldn’t even go thru for like 30 min. It’s just that so much of web traffic, also limited by number of people allowed at a time on hangout sessions.

    It would be really cool if U win and also able to experience that in a hangout session. However, it would suck, for both the winner and hangout participants, if the winner has not been able to join the hangout due to traffic.

    Here’s a suggestion, arrange a new “giveaway only” hangout session where people joining in, participate. Draw 5 rounds and whoever wins, is automatically then dropped off, adding 5 new people to the hangout. It could be a general android “discussion+ giveaway” type of hangout.