Holiday Wish List

Posted Dec 01, 2012 at 6:08 pm in Threads > Entertainment

Just like the title says, what does the Android and Me have community on their wish list?! Hopefully we can help those that need ideas for that special someone.

Personally I would like to have Swiftkey 3′s new update Flow and Jelly bean for my One X but as in something tangible I am thinking about a Canon T3i digital SLR or maybe the new goPro 3 which works with your Android as a remote viewfinder.

So what are you looking forward to for the holidays?!

  • Charlong666

    Was hoping for a Nexus 4, but will only get one by the end of January now.

    Could also use me some sweet Nexus 10 haha.

    • spintrex

      Ah yeah hopefully by the end of January, when did you preorder it?

      • Charlong666

        Today, got in with a shipping period of 7-8 weeks…. Stupid job haha.

      • V6ser

        I might get a Nexus 4, but also by the end of january… i’m already preparing most things(cases, accessories, dock etc..)

    • haroldbanks2


  • whitakjc

    Nexus 10 would be amazing!

  • iSpanish

    My wish list is to get a keurig coffee maker =D nice!

  • tylerfoy

    I can certainly say a TF700 LTE would be on that list. I’m not picky though, any member of that product line would do!

  • Laurel laurel25

    I would love to get a Transformer Prime with the keyboard dock. I’m really wanting to try out just having an Android tablet/laptop to see if I could do away with my Windows laptop and have all my devices running Android.

    • Martyac

      The TF201 is great but I didnt think it was a laptop replacer by anymeans. I actually eneded up replaceing the TF201 with the Note 10.1 and now i use the Note more than i ever did the TF.

      • reyame

        How it is writing on the note vs using paper. i mean is it faster or about the same?

        • Martyac

          Honestly it is surprising how quickly and efficient you can take notes on it. At first I thought it was going to feel awkward but using multiwindow, internet and access to work files (Officesuite Pro) it is pretty much irreplaceable at this point. When I was writing on the TF201 I would have to erase a lot because of the stylus usability on the Prime and it made annoying tap sounds every time the stylus hit the screen. On the note it’s pretty much silent and super accurate.

      • Laurel laurel25

        Interesting. Do you have a keyboard for the Note 10.1? I have a Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 and love it, but was thinking that the TF201 would be better due to having the keyboard dock/extended battery life.

        • Martyac

          I don’t have the dock for the Note and with the stylus I’m actually not missing it at all. You’re right the extra battery life would be nice but I charge my note about every 3 days and that’s with daily use. If your looking to get a serious tablet that is a laptop replacer go for the Yoga, if you can get past the high price point.

      • Manroth

        If all you use your laptop for is browsing, blogging, and Facebook – I would say you could get away with replacing a laptop with the prime + dock.

  • madsalad

    I was hoping for my Nexus 10 but after ordering on launch day, it has been three weeks and I still don’t have a tracking number. Mutlipe calls to google have not helped.

  • reyame

    I’m hoping for Scarlett Johansson but I’ll probably have a better shot of getting new pc speakers.

  • nebelriss

    On my wishlist is a Nexus 10 and 4, but I live in a country where you can’t buy these devices over the official play store, so I have to wait untill the retail sellers going to sell these.

  • chestont

    Nexus 4 is going to be the next Android device I order. After that I think a 10″ Google tablet may be in the works, but I’ve been so satisfied with my Nexus 7 I may end up just getting another for my wife.

  • champlification

    I would like a tablet, preferably the Nexus 10. A new car would be great too but not going to happen anytime soon.

  • doublin

    Nexus 10 ofc?

  • sm.komo

    I’d love to have a Nexus 10 in my hands, but I’d also like to have a Verizon Note 2 to play with!

  • Nwemo

    What’s this Swiftkeys thing you speak of?
    My wishlist? I’ll pretty much appreciate anything…unrealistically I’d love the Nexus 10,obviously.

    • KOBesucker

      People that use it swear by it. Never tried it myself though.

      • spintrex

        I was in the same boat as you and didn’t care for it… but after constantly getting frustrated with HTC Sense’s stock keyboard I finally gave it a shot this past week. They offer a 2 month trial for free if you want to give it a shot and I gotta say after a few days…I’m hooked. The only thing I don’t like is the Swype capabilities but that’s all going to change in their new update!

      • nimslake

        thanks, checking it out. looks like a good version for remembering your typing and can speed up your ‘fast fingers’ to ‘lightening fingers’! :-)

  • KOBesucker

    I want a pony.

  • cobra4014

    Nexus 10. Dat beautiful screen. The Optimus G would be cool too.

  • greenbriar64

    I want a new chromebook!

  • Nicholas Rynjah

    1. Nexus 4 for myself
    2. HTC One X+ for my fiance (she’s a big HTC fan)
    3. Nexus 10 for the family

  • cainneach

    I’m also looking for the JB upgrade for my HOX. I’d like to receive Spotify Premium for 1 year.
    I also want a bike.

  • marcus1518

    Nexus 4 for me…

  • cliffy223

    Car accessories for my one day Nexus4. Also getting Xtreme shields for my Nexus7 along with a case. But I would really like to get a Auris Bluetooth to put in all of my Ipod docks.

  • friendlyfire

    I’d like to see ome decent cases or screen covers for the nexus 10

  • bryanizmir

    1-Note II to replace my Note I
    2-Samsung Galaxy Camera
    3-World Peace or a GameKlip ( wireless controller holder for you phone…)

    • spintrex

      I was thinking about the Samsung Galaxy Camera, pretty cool idea

  • pickledgator

    I’d love a stable release of CM10 for the Galaxy Nexus. So impatient!

  • 619MattyIce

    ICS for HTC INC2!

  • paladaxar

    Google wireless…one can dream, right? :)

  • zolikaaa666

    A Galaxy or a Nexus Tablet…my dream would come true :(….but we cant afford it so im just wishing it as ahard as i can and it may come true :)

  • kookeetree

    Is Santa watching this thread? I’ve been really wanting a Note 2.

  • rewagner

    TF700 for myself…maybe a Nexus for my wife and TF300′s for my sons. Make is a ASUS Merry Xmas

  • spintrex

    Lol anyone have any non-android related items that they’re eying ?

    • MagikalTrev

      Chrome book, aaaand ticket to edc? Who needs something other than an android

  • rc213

    Was going to post a Nexus 4 but I got lucky. So maybe a nice case?

  • decker

    A couple low end android tablets for my kids. I need it to be hackable (ROOT) and cheap enough to replace as it’s likely to have accidental drops.

  • melloburger

    Wireless charging device!

    • spintrex

      Have any in mind I’ve been looking for a good one!

  • TheStig

    Nexus 4 and/or nexus 10!

  • pliu.2014

    All of these are great but i saw some very cool bluetooth speakers like the ue mobile boom box

  • Stig03

    nexus 4

  • MagikalTrev

    I want nexus 4 to got to verizon :-P

  • david_willems13

    Free upvotes for everyone :) merry christmas

  • pol biswas

    Nexus 4.

  • spintrex

    Anyone interested in the tablet/ laptop hybrids coming out?

  • da9el

    i’m dreaming of the nexus 4. in my home country i have to pay over 700 usd to get the phone – if available. devices on google play is not available in my country yet and so i contacted a friend of mine who is in SF for a couple of days:) will he be my santa claus?

  • Luv_android

    Personally…I’m looking forward to getting straight A’s and then hoping that Santa ;) gives me enough money to built new desktop and then buy a barebone laptop and built that too :))

  • heynomi4u

    Google says they’ll ship my Nexus 4 on Dec 19th. I am hoping I get it before Christmas! *fingers crossed*

  • greyrog

    I want a good 10″ tablet

  • spintrex

    I’m wondering whether or not a wireless audio system would be a good idea

  • TheStig

    Any Nexus device!!