How Badly Do You Want to Attend Google I/O in 2013?

Posted Dec 17, 2012 at 9:40 pm in Threads > Opinions

Every year Google I/O comes and goes and I think to myself that I should have at least try to attend it.

This year I’m going to try very hard and make it to this amazing event, particularly due to the access one gets to the latest Google gadgets, and how much if it one gets to take home.

What are you plans for Google I/O? Realistic, or just a thought?

  • LadyDi

    I would love to attend any Google events. Seems it would be super fun to hang out with geeky people. Problem is I’m not in the know nor the “she can afford that” range. I can have hope, right? :-)

  • KingCrow02

    I am willing to travel if I get tickets

  • kelltrash14

    Not realistic as I have no developer skills but I think it’d be fun to go.

    • WlfHart

      I’m in your boat… only know beginning Java and Python, but would love to attend anyway. Won’t steal a spot from a developer who could benefit more from attendance though :s

    • pikahatonjon

      you can always learn. they have fantastic workshops there

  • TheVoodoo

    Perhaps AndroidAndMe will put a few tickets here to be won both by random drawing and even a more involved contest.

    • vforvortex

      Now that sounds like a drawing that would attract a lot of visitors similar to the xmas day giveaways

  • fenlon

    Being a hobby “developer”, I have not been able to justify the trip. I am in IT and have considered trying to get work to pay for the trip as a training exercise, but that would be a stretch. I am always amazed how much swag they give away at this event. Seems like every day, cutting edge devices are given out like hors d’oeuvres.

    • Kaote

      I’m with you, as someone that just tinkers with app development I couldnt justifiy the cost, But it sure would be fun.

    • TheVoodoo

      But surely even from a purely financial aspect, such early access to so many devices that they give away can justify the cost, even for us hobby developers. Don’t you agree?

      • fenlon

        I was thinking I could spit it for work since I will eventually have to support these things. Surely the ealry access to the devices would make me better at my job. Plus I need some new toys.

    • SGB101

      you could always go, and sell the gadgets on after, that way you still get the experience, at a fraction of the cost, or maybe a little profit.

      • fenlon

        Yeah, it is amazing how the give aways end up on ebay moments after they are given away.

      • pikahatonjon

        its a viable idea. but what we need is less people buying tickets just to scalp the freebies. the whole event is an android wonderland for both fans and developers. even if they didnt give out freebies , it would still be worth the face value of the ticket

  • Steve Heinrich

    I would plan a vacation around this event if I could afford to. Sadly, I will just watch online like every year. Still fun though!

  • OpenIntro

    How sick would it be if Android and Me gave out a Google I/O pass as one of the 25 days of Tegra? Obviously it’s not Tegra related, so maybe a tablet to bring along with you :)

  • lou2cool88

    I’d love to go. They always give out such awesome gifts to their attendees! It’s like Google is Oprah for Developers and geeks!

    • Steve Heinrich

      And you get a tablet! And YOU get a tablet!…

  • JC005

    I’d love it, I think my head would explode with all the new gadgets. Talk about a kid in a candy store.

  • fenlon

    You can only assume the freebies this year will be amazing. Every year, it seems to improve drastically.

    T-Mobile myTouch 3G

    HTC Evo 4G
    USA attendees: Motorola Droid
    non-USA attendees: HTC Nexus One

    Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1
    Samsung Series 5 Chromebook
    Verizon MiFi Mobile Hotspot

    Samsung Galaxy Nexus
    Asus Nexus 7
    Nexus Q
    Samsung Chromebox

    5 DEVICES!

    • Manroth

      I agree. They seem to top themselves each year…

    • TheVoodoo

      That’s why I think when one adds up the price of the devices that one gets, it offset the cost of the ticket and then some! Don’t you agree?

      • vforvortex

        How much does a ticket cost?

        • jonstle

          About 1200 bucks.

  • tommydaniel

    I would love to attend!

  • mydnightsorrow

    I wish I could attend. I would love it but at best I’ll have a 2 week old at the time and worst case scenario go into labor on the plane…if I was even allowed on it. So I guess maybe next year. *sigh

    • TheVoodoo

      Congratulations :-)

      You’re getting a much better present than Google can deliver!

      • vforvortex

        Ya, babies are like super computers that you can transform.the way you want. :)

  • impromark

    A Google love-fest? Yes, I’d be down – the freebies are awesome, but honestly it would be MORE awesome to be in the company of the top folks and hear what they’re doing, right from the horses’ mouths.

    I write articles for several print publications (nothing major, and nothing tech-related) and I’m salivating at the prospect of covering an event like this!

  • marcus1518

    I soooooooo want to go…..

  • orangestrat

    I’d love to go, but it really should be left for the developers who need to go. As much as I’d love all the swag, I’d rather let a developer have it so they can make awesome apps for when I go get it a few weeks later.

  • troysyx

    I have plane tickets, and a hotel reservation. I just hope hope hope that i can get tickets

    • fenlon

      Wow, bold move! But that level of commitment pays off.

      • pikahatonjon

        san francisco is always fun to spend a few days in.

  • kinkate18nic

    Very badly..:D

  • scott walsh

    Only if they have an event in Atlanta. Id love to go but unless I sell enough $1.49 apps in the google play store by July……(support the dream, buy an app)

  • Teebor

    If I got a new tablet by going I would glady sacrifice my old tablet to the electronic gods of blue smoke