How do you use your Android tablet?

Posted Apr 26, 2012 at 1:39 pm in Threads > Smartphones & Tablets

Okay, trying to come up for a good thread for the contest. Since I’m in the market for a tablet (maybe win, probably buy), I thought I’d ask and see how other people use their tablets. Has it replaced a laptop or netbook? Or is it just a bigger version of your phone? e-Reader, web-surfer, gaming-platform, or all of the above? Found any clever uses for it?

I envision replacing my netbook (ASUS EEE PC) with a Transformer. I mostly browse the web with it, so I figure a tablet with a keyboard dock would do quite nicely, and probably be faster.

  • eallan

    Honestly? I don’t. I wound up selling all of my android tablets (I still have the google IO tab for novelty value.)

    I sold my transformer prime and use the new iPad for my only tablet. I never found myself reaching for the transformer instead of the iPad.

    I can’t stand the jerky UI, random hiccups and lock ups, and anemic tablet apps.

    • gmaninvan

      See I don’t get this. With Jellybean, there are no real hiccups to speak of anymore. Maybe the odd one but nothing worth getting worked up about. In addition, there is just so much more you can do with an android tablet.

      I had to load a bunch of pdf drawings onto an iPad yesterday and it made me want to shoot myself. What a huge PITA. How they are proliferating in the enterprise I have no idea. The iTunes requirement to put content on it is the worst thing I have ever seen. I would much rather just use NTFS. In addition, I have all these pdf drawings on the thing now and I can’t put them in the adobe reader library because they are in the iBooks library. It is just so poorly laid out as a device for getting things done.

      I also think that the tablet apps have matured a great deal. You just aren’t using the right ones.

  • Bpear96

    I have a transformer prime, (sold my ipad 2 for it BTW (: ) i use it for casual web surfing, playing games, typing documents (google drive/docs), watching youtube/netflix etc, i use it alot as well.

  • Theolonious

    I have my HP Touchpad running Android. I use it for school mostly, great for taking and organizing notes. Honestly the new iPad is a fantastic tablet, but being a person who uses so many things at once, having my multiple Twitter accounts, email accounts, and calendars on my home screen is very important to me. This is what I use my phone (GNex) for, and I’d love to use my tablet for this as well if I ever get a better one.

    • Bpear96

      iOS is just to simple for me, i dont like it lol jailbroken its alright but i still perfer me some ice cream sandwich :D and this is coming from a guy who has owned a ipad 2, ipod touch and countless android devices. So its mostly unbiased

  • jaxidian

    When I had a 7″ tablet, I enjoyed using it for surfing where I was just reading and not interacting with things. If I was typing on websites, I always found it annoying. Nothing to do with Android (would be the same on an iPad or even my GNex), it’s just far too much effort when compared to me sitting at a computer with a full keyboard.

    I also enjoy it for consuming media while traveling. It was GREAT to have for Pandora while on vacation. :-)

  • wild

    I am using my tablet for basic work(web), reading (textbooks, e.t.c.), media(videos/games/music), and ofcource for internet.

    ” is it just a bigger version of your phone? ”
    Now there is phones with powerfull processors that are running desctop os’s (linux distributives on current phones and probably we will see win xp/7 on intel powered phones). So it’s diffcult t say if it’s big phone or small pc :)
    ” Has it replaced a laptop or netbook?”
    Defently not, it doesn’t have professinal software (aka photoshop,corel e.t.c.), it doesn’t have normal ide’s for programming, e.t.c. . And splashtop is not a solution of this problem. As for basic programms , probably you will find all you need on the market.

    IMHO if you don’t using professional software and don’t need PC games – Tablet is a very good choise.

  • Taylor Wimberly

    My top uses:

    Playing games on the couch
    Watching movies on the plane
    Reading news on the toilet

    And that’s about it. I have the Transformer Prime + dock, but it’s not quite “good enough” to replace my laptop.

  • TopherM21

    Has anyone used their tablet to access a VDI?
    How useful was it for that circumstance?

  • mkstvns

    My Android tablet (Acer Iconia Tab A500) sits on my shelf where it hasn’t been touched in months, due to the absence of an ICS upgrade (or am I wrong?) and a lack of compelling tablet-focused apps.

    I was gifted an iPad 2 for my birthday last year, and even though I prefer Android 4.0 as an OS (obviously, or I wouldn’t be here), I definitely feel like the tablet app library on iOS is much, much superior to that of Android.

    Of course, it also helps that the iPad 2 is a bucketload lighter than my Iconia, haha.

  • William

    I use mine at school. They don’t allow cell phones, but tablets with data plans are just fine for some reason (I’m not complaining; they’re just all stupid). I primarily use it for taking notes with Evernote and my bluetooth keyboard. It really comes in handy, especially when you want to pull something up quick instead of digging for a piece of paper in a binder, and I can type much faster than I can write, so that’s fairly helpful, too.

  • Mustin

    It’s a bigger version of my phone down to the Go Launcher theme. Got a Nook Tablet that is rooted. I use it to play a few tower of defence games, surfing, Twitter, etc. I don’t really watch movies on these things but my tablet is nice for bigger YouTube when I don’t want to hold my phone.

  • GalliumDragon

    I’ve got both a 10″ and 7 ” tablet and find I only ever use them for playing games. Web surfing is to clunky, I use my wife’s iPad2 for that which is lighter than the 10″ and has a nicer screen.

  • mkjsr757

    The Transformer Prime is the best tablet for me it does everything that I want it to do. The grafi are off the chain, the Prime is a tablet that will give the ipad a run and will win in my book. The best keep up the good work Asus

  • vremennyi

    Only at home. youtube + twitter + browser + google reader.
    ASUS Transtormer TF101


    as a laptop hopefully

  • SGB101

    ive never had an andriod tablet, i do own an ipad 2, watch media like netflix and pod casts, browse the web and play draw sumit.

    however since i got my one x, cos of the screen size ive hardly picked up the ipad. my 3 year old uses it more for watching youtube.

    as to replacing my laptop, no, not for me at least, it is just easier to get thing done, and i need windows for work

  • nanarocxie

    i have a dell streak 7 and since the charging cord went out I am currently working on getting a Toshiba Excite

  • Dr.Carpy

    Being one of the six people in Canada with the Sony Tablet S, I use it to surf the web, as an E-Reader, Movies (Netflix) for my son, universal remote for my home electronics.I love my tablet, now where is that ICS???

  • judah jeremy

    how has the tablet being useful to you as a user

  • redraider133

    I use mine for web browsing, email, a few games, social media( twitter, facebook, instagram). Is a little easier to fire up and get to what I need done than my laptop most of the time. Still use my laptop for the heavy duty tasks but the tablet adds a nice option other than my phone and laptop.

  • gmaninvan

    I am a power user with my tablet. I use it to do a great many things.

    On my Nexus 7:

    - I stream my Plex server from home when travelling for work
    - I use feedly to read all my RSS feeds
    - I deal with most of my email needs on it
    - Google Talk
    - Casual gaming
    - I use evernote for notes in both work and night courses
    - I use it to organize my files on drive
    - I use it to store pdf drawings for easy access anywhere for work.
    - I use it to stream music with songza, slacker, and google music. Google music on the road with cached media is fantastic. Everything that is good about storing media locally but with so much more.