How many Readers here buy hardware off contract?

Posted Apr 26, 2012 at 9:25 pm in Threads > Opinions

I can’t remember the last time I bought a subsidized phone. With Discount my unlimited Magenta plan runs me $73 a month after taxes. With my normal phone lifespan being 6-8 months I was wondering how many follow suit. I can tell you I’ve never paid over $385 for a new phone and had some pretty decent ones in the past.

Currently running a 6 month old SGS2 and a G2X before that I’ve had some pretty rocking hardware and with the savings from the plan have made out in terms of subsidies. I love T-Mobile and probably will never betray them. Just wondering who else does something similar to either keep up on hardware or keep their “grandfathered” plan going.

  • tnnm

    With the new higher ETFs all the providers have adopted it makes sense to buy off contract if you have a short holding period for your phones. It used to be that you could sell the phone on eBay for enough to cover your cost and ETF.

    • techvudu

      I do well with Craigslist and Swappa for my sales and purchases. Phones are like hot women, no matter how great it is there is always someone sick of it. I usually do pretty well on my sales and purchases. Sometime even make money on hardware after I’ve used it for 6+ months.

  • Theolonious

    I wish Verizon still offered the 1-year upgrade option. They do save a lot of money if you’re willing to upgrade in an annual method. After all of the abuse that the Verizon 3g and 4g networks have taken from my free rooted tethering, they deserve a bit of my money.

  • mmmark111

    I’ve never been on contract. I get all my phones on eBay. Bought my TMO Galaxy S2 in perfect condition for around $300.