How Sprint, Global LTE, and Google Play Store Devices all go hand-in-hand

Posted Apr 27, 2012 at 10:40 am in Threads > Opinions

We live in a world today where people want high-end superphones, blazing fast data, yet also able to use that data to your hearts content. Many can only get 2 out of the 3. 3 of the top 4 carriers in the US can give out high-end phones, but they limit you with your data. Smaller and lesser known carriers can give you unlimited data, but with devices in the lower end if the spectrum. And then there is Sprint. The last of its kind that gives out blazing fast LTE, top of the line smartphones, and unlimited everything. Except in the case of going out of the country. Global LTE is the future, but it isn’t here yet. Moving along to Google Play Store Devices, Google is now selling the Galaxy Nexus! The TRUE Nexus. Except, it’s on AT&T (tiered data) and T-Mobile (throttled data) and worst of all, no LTE! It is a great idea on Google’s part, yet what about the CDMA carriers that do not have GSM? And that is where Global LTE comes in. Sprint is the last major carrier in the US with Truly Unlimited calls, text, and data, yet only in the US. They need to look more into developing Global LTE smartphones, which would end the discussion of fake and true Nexus smartphones. That is the solution. High-end smartphone, LTE speed, all unlimited, no matter where you go. Could this idea work, or is it all just a pipe dream?

  • SGB101

    hardly any countries out side of the US, use LTE, so they can make the devices, but they wont work.

    atm GSM/HSPDA+, is the majority of the world, thats why that is the *offical* nexus (not my words).

    TBH for a tablet i cant wait till 4G, but for a phone im happy with HSPDA+ i get about 3Meg up, wherever i go, from the north of Scotland to the peak of Italy.. and almost every other built up area in the world.

    u may be throttled in US, i can only vouch for the UK but it is normal for Unlimited Data, at no extra cost. i pay £36pm, get 2000mins unlimited text and data. and T-mobile (UK) truly dont throttle.