How to make a better AndroidandMe

Posted Mar 18, 2013 at 8:44 pm in Threads > Opinions

I’ve come to say that this site has gone a little downhill. There’s been a butt load of rumor mill article from “reputable sources” that have done a good job at replacing real news.

Let’s take some time to brainstorm some ideas that could go a long way for the site and community as a whole.

Suggestions (yea yea most of them are from other places)
- “Get this look”
- Large dev community updates
- Apps to go crazy for
- Important app updates and changelog
- Awesome android projects (research or alpha/beta stage stuff)
- Better/more highlights of new devices

Some things missed today:
- Minuum keyboard
- Sony Xperia SP announcement

  • CTown

    This site’s not going downhill that’s just the lack of being able to edit your comments playing tricks on your eyes!

  • Well wisher

    Gotta agree with you there.

    The main problem I see is with the bloggers. There isnt enough of them.

    Taylor is the only person who posts decent articles. The rest of them them just copy paste articles from other sites.

  • Taylor Wimberly

    Development has been progressing at a slower pace than I would like, but we have some massive changes in store. The goal is to unify blog posts, user threads, and community links into one big stream. This will allow us to open up the site to our power users and let them control what content is displayed on the homepage.

    We also plan to upgrade our reputation system and leaderboards, which will allow users to compete for prizes and other exclusive perks.

    Suggestions are always welcome, so keep the comments coming.

    • Bryan Stoner

      This is why I love you guys~ <3 Thank you for accepting my criticism and even turning it into something positive.

  • Taylor Wimberly

    On rumors: These posts generate the largest number of hater comments across the web, but that only encourages me to keep playing the rumor mill game. Our audience loves to read about what’s coming next and I will continue to post rumors and speculation on the latest developments in mobile.

    All of our rumor posts are clearly marked as rumors, so stop clicking on the stories if you don’t want to read them.

    • kazahani

      Yes please keep digging up all those juicy tidbits, Taylor!

    • scubabum

      Yes, please continue to post the rumors. They are interesting to read.
      The readers can make their own decision to believe in these rumors (or not)
      and can also post their opinions.

      Go for it.

    • redraider133

      Without rumor posts, there would be a lot of dead time between phone releases. I love the rumor posts and all the articles you guys post.

  • Christian

    The rumor mill posts are my favorite part of the site. Please keep them coming Taylor!

  • DrFaust

    Rumor mill posts are great. In fact, they’re what pushed me to add Android and Me to my pulse feed. There are a dozen other blogs that are going to report on news stories faster and better than this site, but I haven’t encountered anywhere else that has more interesting rumors that have had truth to them.

  • irishrally

    Android and Me almost always as the most spot on rumors and have nailed it more times than most other sites. The recent Nexus 5 leak article was an exception.

    The only thing I would change is getting the Solavei ad off of every page. Can’t wait for the Nexus 4 to die out so the ad will at least be changed to be something less patronizing and obnoxious, and maybe even removed completely.