HTC and Verizon Finally Roll Out ICS 4.0.4 to Thunderbolt Users

Posted Feb 07, 2013 at 3:20 pm in Threads > News

A couple of days old but didn’t see anything announced here.

If you’re like me and still are using an HTC Thunderbolt, after multiple delays, Verizon and HTC have finally started pushing ICS 4.0.4 with Sense 3.6.

If you have rooted your phone you can flash the OTA update via the instructions and rom download here: XDA Developers

The rest of you can probably check for updates via the settings menu.

  • kazahani

    What’s a Thunderbolt?

  • Denise

    I have PayPal Here services and card readers which work “flawlessly” on iPad and iPhone.
    My Android Thunderbolt has the PayPal Here app, all the software and latest updates however when credit card is swiped it isn’t detected!
    Credit Card can be entered manually and PayPal functions but swiping card not detected!
    Is there still a compatibility problem between PayPal Here card swiper and the Android Thunderbolt?

    • LukeT32

      I just received my PayPal Here swiper and haven’t tried it on my VZW Gnex running CM10 Nightlies… Maybe I should give it a shot.

  • Ryan Gails

    geepers cripes that took eons to release. I guess late is better than never, but anyone who has had a thunderbolt since launch should probably just get a new phone.

  • Kevin

    I have a thunderbolt, same problem here. I think the technology in the PayPal swiper isn’t compatible with our phone.

  • moayad

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  • moayad

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