HTC One S and the debate of Removable Batteries & Expandable Storage

Posted Apr 26, 2012 at 1:57 pm in Threads > Smartphones & Tablets

So I got the HTC One S for T-Mobile on friday and the phone is pretty awesome. The camera and the thinness are the most standout things about the phone. (If you have any questions about the phone feel free to ask, I’ve had a pretty good opportunity to test it out). My question though, is do removable batteries and expandable storage matter to you. HTC has sited that through research people care more about a phone being thin than battery life.

To put into perspective I get about 14~16 hours of use (medium ish use with like 2-3 hours of screen time). The device also has 16GB of storage. The device is a little under 8mm thick too.

So what do you think? Thinner or better battery life.

  • McLovin

    For myself, removeable battery and expandable memory are more important than thinness.

    I believe the alternative is just plain evil and irresponsible.

  • antonio14reyes

    Thin phone. makes for less space in my already crowded crotch area.

    • ertmara

      Removable battery is very important in my opinion. I returned the HTC One X just because it did not have the removable battery option and the fact that it has a very short battery life as compared with other phones in its class. For this matter, if the user experinces a defective battery or one that does not charge normally after months or years of use, then your stuck and you’ll have to send the unit for repair. The expandable memory is also handy but I can live without it.

  • SGB101

    The storage doesn’t bother me, I we.t one x this has 32gb, plus there is lots of cloud space avalible . the battery on the x isn’t great, bit I’m hoping future updates will sort this. personally in going cm9 soon so battery life should increase greatly.

    il watch this thread as my wife is thinking of getting the one s in June.

  • MrMrMan

    It matters to me. My music library by itself would fill up the phone. I’d also like to be able to replace that battery once it’s lost most of its charge.

  • MrMrMan

    Until the cloud is available 100% of the time and data rates are always unlimited then the cloud really isn’t a realistic option.

  • acostaisasmendi

    I think it’s way better to have a good battery life than to have a paper-thin phone… It makes way more sense!

  • MJM128

    Me personally, I would rather have a better battery and more storage. My ideal storage size is 32GB. I’ve been doing okay on 16, but I sacrifice my music collection as a result. I’m on t-mobile’s 5GB plan so putting everything in the cloud doesn’t cut it. I’ll run out of my bandwidth for the month and then be stuck on edge!

    As for the battery, I want HTC to make some nice phones like the droid razr maxx. A 2500mAh+ battery would be awesome.

  • CTown

    I think most cloud services suck. Dropbox is OK but I just tried Google Music and it’s not that useful. The only reason I tried it is that some of the intial free songs were really good. Then I realized … which makes no sense!

    But at the same time I would still take the lighter phone as I don’t have much data to begin with!

  • oakraidr

    I would like to be able to Pop out the battery if it locks up or if I am looking at something and I need to “destroy the evidence”

    More storage. ALWAYS More storage.

  • martin

    The question should be rephrased because a phone with an fixed battery also has a shelf life of 6 months and a reduced resale value. So what is most important to you. A phone that is thin or a phone that has a longer potential batery life, vastly longer life span, greater resale value, doesn’t need you to carry around a charger in your pocket, can be bought second hand in confidence that a flat battery can be changed. Only rich people would prefer the thin option and I have little time for what rich people want.

  • AnthonyRyan

    I don’t require extra storage 16gb is good for me but a removable battery is a must I’m a heavy user always listening to my music on Play Music and my batter dies pretty fast before noon

  • Deepak

    Can any body help me to know whether the battery for HTC One S can be replaced or not when required?

  • redraider133

    I would take better battery life. I mean if motorola can make a device around 9mm with a 3,000 mah battery, there should be no excuse for others to not be able to do the same. I mean even samsung can do it with removable batteries in the note series so htc really I think should focus on battery life over thinness. I mean after all, how great is a phone if you have to plug it in all the time?

  • aby2aby

    there shd be balance between both. A decent thickness is good.
    Being a Desire S owner, i feel Desire S thickness is good.

    If you are carrying an 4+ inch phone, you wont mind about an extra weight for more battery life.

  • thymeless

    battery and uSD win out over thinness everytime

  • sandy105

    thinness ,a better body and finish (which means a sealed -not accesible battery ) is needed in premium phones .i like the design and body of one x and s ; and i would never stand the plasticky galaxy s3.

    however it doesnt have to be low on battery life eg; DROID RAZR MAXX
    and i think they could give a side external memory slot just like a sim slot :)
    when you pay premium ;it should feel and look premium right :)

  • SGB101

    I don’t think removable battery is a must, IF a decent size battery us in there to start with. This is why I ditched my One X, terrible battery.

    Upgraded(side-graded) to a note2,and the battery is awesome, so being removable isn’t really an advantage.

    Forgetting about movies and music, apps are ballooning in size, so expandable storage, if not today, is a must. 32gb may seem massive, but in 18 month it may seem space.

  • TheVoodoo

    In my experience, with 16 Gb or more of storage it is not very hard to forget about expandable storage in most, not all, cases.

    As far as battery life though, that is very important and it cannot be sacrificed merely for look and feel of a device. That said, the HTC one X and S phones that I had, both had great battery life on CyanogenMod ROMs

    • SGB101

      Mine (one x) had terrible battery life with stock and CM roms. It is still terrible, running the latest CM release iirc its 10.1, my son now has.

      Great powerful gfx, runs far to hot, and short tho.

  • Vedrana

    After 6 years of faithful service from my old flip Motorola, I am currently in the market for a smartphone. I was hoping to get an HTC, but all the models these days seem to be of the unibody design, without expandable memory and with an non-replaceable battery.

    I am sad to say that for me, those are definitely deal-breakers.

    I could even tolerate the non-expandable memory; as somebody said, there’s a lot of free and/or affordable cloud storage these days, and I don’t have a huuuge music library that would need to sit in the phone in its entirety.

    But the non-replaceable battery… As soon as I see that in the specks, I turn to look for some other model. I believe this is simply a ploy to force you to switch to a newer model once the battery dies. It is environmentally irresponsible, and if there is one thing I have a serious problem with, it is the rampant commercialism and the planned obsolescence that is its constant companion.

    When I buy a device (any device; any product, actually), I want it to serve me for as long as possible. Until my phone is breaking apart in my hands, I do not want to replace it. Period.

  • poringslasher

    battery should always be available for replacement. it’s one of the things that gets broken early on since every battery have a limited charge count limit. i changed my phones battery on the first year i’ve been using it.

  • Edward Baldridge

    I prefer battery life. The HTC One S has much less battery life than my HTC Sensation with an extended aftermarket battery. Please HTC, return to replaceable batteries.