HTC One + Samsung GS4= Innovation?

Posted May 22, 2013 at 8:15 am in Threads > Opinions

I recently bought a GS4 after making a hard decision between it and the HTC one.. After, my first true Android device was the OG HTC Evo on sprint (for those that didn’t know what it was).. And I’ve had various other HTC Devices as well.. Such as the Evo Desire, the Evo 3D,the Thunderbolt.. Etc.. My my point is here.. After Getting the GS4 which is only my second galaxy device.. I had to do my research, on why everyone was making such a big deal out of two very awesome phones.. It’s because for people like me.. Who know android and know Samsung and HTC’s history, they make awesome phones.. Save for the past couple of years like in HTC’s case where that haven’t really come out with a true hero device.. HTC has been struggling buy can their HTC one force Samsung and other manufacturers to step their game up.. Especially Samsung who has come out a great phone but basically made the GS4 the GS3′s twin.. And when I say innovation I mean in the design department as well.. And I want everyone to realize I’m not knocking anyone here or anything.. This is just my opinion.. Can the whole direct competition between HTC and Samsung who has more money to pour out in advertising really spark something? Or will HTC be on the losing side.. Even with a hero device.. Will the One make them or break them.. Or will it put them up right along side the GS4 and give Samy a run for its Money to where they have to go back to the drawing board..

My fellow readers.. What do you think? Sound off below..

  • thymeless

    I wouldn’t really use the term innovative for either the HTC One or GS4. They’re both evolutionary. HTC pushed for more elegance, sure. I don’t think they really innovated elegance. They seem to have decided to try to play at Apple’s game. They found good places to improve smoothness and performance, but more in an overlay bloat reduction way.

    Samsung took a different approach and threw the kitchen sink of evolutionary software ideas and is waiting to see what sticks. Most of it is gimmickry that doesn’t effect the routine use of the phone. And frankly, I’d rather have the storage space. Seems Samsung heard that message and is trying to trim it down.

    Evolution does lead to good products. Innovation can as well, but is usually more often hype and marketing efforts at differentiation rather than really useful.

  • jerrbomb

    Well said.. Well said..

  • Jimmy_Jo

    I went from the HTC EVO to the GSIII. The reason I left HTC alone had nothing to do with marketing and everything to do with HTC releasing slow phones because Sense was bogging them down. I had ICS on my EVO so I don’t want to hear anything about the hardware not being able to handle the newer OS updates…. But HTC did not provide good support.

    Then, they started locking down their phones so that you had a harder time flashing new ROMs. With Samsung showing so much to the Development Community (including hiring CyanogenMod, himself) I gave them a try and couldn’t be happier.

    Some people will like metal over plastic. I like the lightness and durability of plastic, personally. And that’s just it. It’s a personal decision. So… with Sprint having terrible service in New York, which is literally one of the biggest cities on earth, (Only London and NYC are considered Alpha++ cities, which have the largest economic impact on world affairs) i recently switched to T-Mobile and now have the Galaxy S4. And I love it.

    Is it innovative? In some ways, but not by much. But one of the main reasons for that is because people aren’t ready. People don’t like change. Remember how many of them laughed at Android a few years ago? Who said that a big plastic phone wouldn’t sell? (Galaxy S III) definitely not a bigger, plasticky phone (Note) No one is going to buy a revision Galaxy S III-S ala Apple (GS4)???

    I like a phone that works great and gets great support from the OEM and the developers. Sadly, that just isn’t HTC anymore…

    • jerrbomb

      That is definitely put in a way that definitely makes sense…