HTC phones crash a lot!

Posted Jan 22, 2013 at 11:29 am in Threads > Opinions

Hey guys,

I just wanted to know if mine was the only incident, but here goes…

So I’m a big HTC fan… Love their phones… Thing is I have had only problems with their phones…

I had a Desire HD… An amazing phone… But just in a year it got stuck and I couldn’t restart it using the power button and volume rocker… So I pulled out the battery… And that was it! The phone was bricked… It would not start… Problem was this happened just 1 month after the warranty expired… I read that Desire HD had an issue of sparking causing the eMMC to fry… I ordered the phone online so I would have to send it to the factory for repairs!

So I got a Sensation next… Was amazing until a few months back… Now it crashes randomly, especially when I go out in the cold… It’s pissing off when you’re on a call and the phone suddenly dies on you and every restart drains the battery! And since it’s out of warranty and I bought it in another country, I can’t give it for repairs…

My friend has a One S but that has been crashing lately… Luckily he is under warranty…

So now while I want to buy a HTC phone, I am skeptical about it…

Anyone else has similar issues? Or am I one of the few unlucky ones?

  • SGB101

    The quality control really went down after the original desire, the hd was buggy and the sensation was terrible, the one X also was buggy, well mine was, and i wasn’t alone.

    I do love HTC, and hope the get back on track. I don’t think they was being sloppy, i just think they are always pushing the latest tech, so it’s teething problems, but with so many new additions, they never seem to fix the previous edition.

    I said else where, they should stick to 4 phones, one, V, S, X, and XL, (note competitor) and release in November, giving them selves a clean window from Samsung.

    Support the current phones for two years, while releasing a new line, every November.

    Simple calling the the 2013 One series etc…

    Consolidation and concentrate, focus HTC focus!

  • redraider133

    It is sense causing the problems. If you are into rooting and roming you can get rid of sense and see how much better overall the phones perform. Sense has always been what holds htc devices back.

  • renyo

    Alright! I’ll give rooting a try…

  • uknowme

    Well I guess you can chalk me up as lucky. I’ve had 3 HTC phone in the past 4 years and haven’t had any strange problems like that. The only time I had any problems was when I side loaded a couple apps that weren’t compatible according to the Play Store.

  • jayant25

    I was using HTC desire before and had no problems before except for the low memory issue. Just yesterday I received my nexus 4 and it’s really good.

    My sister has HTC one s and so far I haven’t noticed any problem and she hasn’t faced any problems and I hope she doesn’t in the future.

    But as one of comments suggest try rooting your phone maybe the sense is the problem because it’s really heavy.


    • misty

      I am having tons of issues with my HTC and saw in these comments you guys are saying something about rooting. What does that mean? I need some help can’t get a new phone until September (every 2 years) I’ve had this one for a lil over a year and I’m ready to cry it has so many issues! So please let me know what rooting means! Tia

      • uknowme

        First off you need to search “rooting an android phone”. Then read, read some more, and finally reread. If you think you are up to it, then check XDA for starters. They are not the end all be all, but they will get you on the right track.

        Not trying to be a dick. Just know rooting isn’t for everyone. It’s not the hardest thing in the world, but it is technical depending on your phone.

  • Brandon Thomas

    I haven’t had too many problems on my HTC one from verizon… well except Verizon itself

  • karin

    My HTC Desire crashes frequently. I use my phone for tracking my running. But it’s a real disaster. It seems that pushing a bit on battery part .. my phone crashes. I get sick from it and will look for anonter one.

  • Devansh

    Hi guys I hve HTC evo3d it was so good to use and capture 3d images but after a couples of Month it started crashing and rebooting and I hve reset it but nothing happened and also I brought a new battery and again I got a failure….
    After that my friend has HTC desire x and he has same problem… :(

    Please help me friends!!
    Thank you

  • Nanda

    Hi all
    I bought a HTC Desire V it gives me trouble a lot. Often it get stuck, restart, after restart on PH numbers visible and extra extra. So I decided never again buy HTC product and don’t recommend to anybody it.
    Paying big money and getting useless hand set.

  • imrizzle07

    I use to a HTC fan, but now its over. Had a HTC Desire V that crashed in less than 3 months and then I bought HTC 1 S, same thing happened. Was using it as hotspot when it displays a blue screen and that was the end of it.

  • dinesh

    My phone HTC Desire 816 some time reboot when press volume key why ?
    this happened.

    • Santino87

      I have a HTC Desire 816 and reboot like every hour…. and im not even doing something with the phone… what should i do?

  • maggie

    I got many issues in my HTC one sv the big pop up message it’s coming every second “sorry you htcmc opesense social has stop,……” Pliz anyone else help me pluzxx..I been reset backup so stil the same…help pliz…