I guess the world didn’t end?

Posted Dec 21, 2012 at 8:56 pm in Threads >

Let us know if you see any fire or brimstone. Guess I’m going to bed.

  • Mephisto

    Just from the wife when she got home and saw that I’d spent all day on the computer.
    (New HDD and OS install turned into a two-day project.)
    There were a lot of cops driving around when I picked my daughters up from school tho.

  • Charlong666

    Well Central/Eastern Canada got hit by a fairly big snowstorm today. But otherwise nothing here.

    Too bad, I was all ready for the zombie apocalypse.

    • Mephisto

      I was too. My plan was to take my family and head to my parents.

      • Charlong666

        Haha nice. I was just going to go to work (I work for the military), get a bunch of weapons, ammo, and supplies, and then scale the water tower. Only coming down when necessary.

    • tanman888

      Well in the past we’ve had the bird flu and swine flu.

      It could be possible that a virus could disconnect the cognitive part of the brain with bodily actions and functions. Maybe it’s brewing in some obscure part of the world. :P

  • TheVoodoo

    I guess now we’ll need the devices from 25 days of Tegra even more now, since we’ll have an intact infrastructure and routine. ;)

  • scubabum

    What’s the next prediction? I need reasons to spend my money on toys.
    Has any one came up with new Nostradamus predictions? Hurry up, will ya?

    • Mephisto

      IIRC, in February we’re supposed to get hit by a comet. Can’t say I care much one way or the other.

  • pliu.2014

    of course i didn’t end
    Mayans didn’t have leap years

  • mr 1338

    woah! we got really lucky this time, next time it will definitely kill us ;-)

  • LadyDi

    I just upvoted everyone under here for still being here!! AHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!

  • nicotinemind

    Such a anticlimax.Like the end of 1999 (Y2K),didn’t even effect my VCR then.

  • Charlong666

    So I’ve been thinking and I think I know why we’re still here. Don’t call me crazy until you read the entire idea.

    Maybe the super-computer that simulates us managed to wipe out the super-virus on it before it corrupted all of the system. And all of the disasters and shootings have been that virus at work; slowly corrupting parts of the drive.

    On a serious note, did people really believe the world was going to end?

    May the New Year bring much joy to everyone here, and not here, and may the world get a little common sense haha.

  • dbcher

    are you sure the world didn’t end?
    maybe the afterlife is exactly the same as “real life”
    scary thought

  • freddiefan

    I guess I’ll need to start saving some cash then ….