if Apple were to change

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For arguments sake…lets say Apple decides to shy away from Steve Jobs’ ideology and go to a new path and go to the side of open source-ness, as an android user…would you jump ship and become a sheep? Or your faithfulness to Android/Google runs deeper than open source? Because let’s face it most ppl like Android due to its choices of many and not being tied down to one company for any and everything..if you were given the chance to do whatever you please with you iDevice can you bid Android farewell.

I for one can’t..I can’t see myself being someone who’ll buy anything apple related, I’ve disliked them before Android was even born…and the hype of how amazing they are always rubs me the wrong way.

  • Bpear96

    The reason i stick to android is yes because of it being open-source, but also just because it is google, i just like google so much, i think there are a great company and truly innovative and have nothing but good ideas and intentions. And not money hungry like apple and microsoft. TBH i can really see google almost taking over the world eventually lol ik that sounds crazy but would it really be that bad? When i say taking over the world i dont mean it litterally, i just mean that they will be everywhere, in our phones, or computers, or glassed, our light switches , cars everything.

    • Bryan Stoner

      Agreed. Google love~ <3

  • Bpear96

    or= our*

  • wild

    What should apple make so that I will jump to their ship*:
    1)One , trully open source linux distributive(!) that is working on all their devices and ton of good quality software for it.
    2)Deep customisation
    3)Choise of hardware , not this iphones 4/4s with crap design(IMHO) and one tablet with one formfactor

    *Spherical horse in vacuum

  • danferan

    Part of my distaste is for Apple as an entity, but I am with Android also because I genuinely enjoy the experience. Apple would have to literally be a different company in every way, shape, or form before I gave it the time of day. I’m not a fanatic, I just enjoy the Android experience.

  • aranea

    For me it’s not that iOS is not open source is the main problem. iOS is too restrictive in many respects and you have to use apple approved software and hardware everytime. there is no place for flexibility. In iOS there is only one way to the things and you have to do it that way whether you like it or not. I am not the type of person to be happy when confined into a stereotype (that’s why I am a scientist I guess).

    I also know hardcore i-fans who openly say they will stop using iphone if they can’t jailbreak it.

    • kwills88

      After using an ipad I saw how meh jailbreaking is compared to being rooted on Android.. Best thing about jailbreak is that you can just download paid apps for free and some custom skins.

  • http://www.ndroidgamers.com B2L

    I have $100′s that I’ve spent on apps, not only am I too invested in the Android ecosystem to switch, but I love Google and their products. I own a Mac (Macbook Pro) as well and think it’s a great laptop, easily the best build quality out of any other laptop. I just wish Apple gave their customers more choices, I would’ve loved to upgrade the DVD drive to a Bluray drive.

    Apple limits their products too much for me to consider switching, other than for computer needs. (At least I can upgrade the important specs on a Mac, or Macbook; well, most of them.)

  • isovich

    I like the idea of android having many devices. It allows the choice of the user to pick the specs they want. I can see that soon enough they are going to go the way of PC and be modulated. Where you can pick you cpu, battary, “case”, and many others.

  • redraider133

    I think for me if they had more options for hardware and changed up the OS look a little I would consider it. I have no loyalty or hatred toward any brand when I am due for an upgrade the phone that works best for me and peaks my interest is what I will buy. I like apple for their updates for all devices at the same time but hate you only get one option for screen size on the phone. They make good products there is no denying that, they just limit the choices for us as consumers.

  • Joe


    they would need torrent support

  • RX-78-7

    After my experience with google play, I’m willing to give them a go(in the tablet market at least).

    The openness of the system doesn’t bother me, only thing that holds me back is how boring the os looks and the small screen size in phones. I wouldn’t hesitate to get a tablet if it had a 16:10 aspect ratio.

  • chestont

    I’m not sure Apple would be able to do anything to lure me away from Android so much as Android might do more to alienate me. If Apple were to gain a tremendous dearth of exclusive apps or apps that were significantly of higher quality than their Android counterparts I would have to at least consider it.

    What I am most afraid of is the direction that Android flagship phones are headed in size-wise. There are indications that this will be the year of 5″ 1080p phones. However, what happens next year? Do we go bigger? I don’t want to squeeze a phone any bigger than the Nexus 4 I have into my pockets. However, I still want bleeding edge hardware for my devices.

    If Android phones continue to grow in size, and Apple keeps their devices in the 4″ to 4.5″ range, I may have to look elsewhere for premium hardware that remains, in my opinion, more pocketable.