IF carriers/manufacturer offered an unlock bootloader solution would you buy?

Posted Jul 08, 2012 at 9:09 pm in Threads > Opinions

SO with the recent news that the sgs3 has a locked bootloader, something came across my mind. Say the carriers/manufacturer offered a way to unlock the bootloader either by you the customer signing something saying you agree that it voids your warranty( ala htc) or even if they charged somehow? Personally I would be willing to have an unlock key to the bootloader and would put things into my own hands. The carriers/manufacturers could also safeguard themselves by having those who agreed to the terms to register their IMEI # in the case someone screwed up the phone and tried to put it on the carrier? How does everyone feel about this? yay or nay?

  • SGB101

    It wouldn’t bother me at all. I void my warranty asap anyhow by rooting. I get “around” this by having 3rd party insurance. My back comes with free phone insurance, accidental damage, loss, theft.

    They do try fix devices first but I find a dip in a glass of water alway returns a new device. One down side is £50 excess charge.