If you could add any technology to future phones what would you add?

Posted Dec 08, 2012 at 2:55 am in Threads > Opinions

I often see talk of what people are looking for in new software versions of Android. Or talk of updated Apps and their new features. I’m starting to feel that hardware is being neglected.

My question is what technology would you like to see in upcoming phones. More powerful processors or more memory would be great, but if you could add a hardware feature to your phone, what would you add? 3D? A projector? Smell-O-Vision?

  • MC_Android

    Haha nice topic. A lot of great ideas would require software to back it up, but my idea is add a laser-projected full-out QWERTY keyboard on any flat surface on the side of the phone so you type faster.

    Otherwise, just make the screen shock proof from drops :) that’s an easier one to do I think

  • chestont

    Perpetual motion battery life. Kind of like the automatic movements in watches. Somehow utilize the kinetic energy of the phone moving around to charge the phone as the day goes. Also more efficient battery cell technology combined with increased energy efficiency for the hardware. Basically, I want my phone to last at least a week on a charge.

  • rbcameron1

    I think battery life or a new revolution in battery charging (not just “wireless” charging).
    there has to be an energy source that’s the next step after lithium-ion. (not nuclear)

  • lou2cool88

    I echo the comments about battery life and the really interesting ideas posed here about charging. Barring those breakthroughs in battery life, though, I want more phones to jump on the wireless charging bandwagon.

  • kookeetree

    For hardware, one major thing I care about is battery. If they can design a battery that can last a long time even under heavy use and with every settings turned on, gps, wifi, etc, full brightness. A battery that can last for days under these conditions… That would be a awesome.

  • LucenNox

    I think 3d (or even holographic displays, but I’m getting a couple decades ahead of myself), in combination with gesture sensing camera 3d cameras (e.g. Kinect) could have a lot of really cool uses.

    • Jeffdwisc

      I agree 3D would be pretty cool on a phone.

    • decker

      I’ve seen a 3d android phone. Let’s just say it not ready for prime time. I also just don’t see a huge market for this. Its like the TV industry. Not everyone wants 3d TV.I think its the same with phones not everyone wants and needs 3d. Now build in a led projector and we are talking.

  • Jeffdwisc

    Something like this would be nice. Only problem is that it is M$

  • rhoslug

    I realize this might be a battery hog of a feature but what about the ability to project pictures and/or presentations? With so many things in the cloud anymore, why not have the ability to give a presentation with only your cell phone?

  • MagikalTrev

    Live color sampling, I am colorblind and that would be the best!

  • juno23

    As if people haven’t said this enough, I will add it to the list anyway… BATTERY LIFE!

  • heynomi4u

    Battery life is the most important thing!

  • kelltrash14

    I had a daydream of a phone/pill bottle combo where it opens up and tells you to take your medicine based on set alarms. It probably wouldn’t work too well. Unless you took really small pills…could end up being sat phone sized if you’re diabetic.

  • LucenNox

    All this talk of projectors reminded me of this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oG3tLxEQEdg

    • Jeffdwisc

      That would be pretty sweet. This contains a projected keyboard like MC Android mentioned, the seems to be a popular idea. I wonder if it will ever be implemented.

  • pol biswas

    Long lasting battery life and a laser key board.

  • RogerSpruce


  • DroidPower

    a laser keyboard built in.

    this is an example of a laser keyboard, http://www.brookstone.com/laser-projection-virtual-keyboard

    now imagine it as a projector built into the phone and projecting onto any surface for you to type on.

    • Jeffdwisc

      THat would be awesome. The more I see images of these the more I think that they should be coming from a headset rather than the phone. The was the projection would work, this would be more aligned to the viewers perspective.

      For example, with a projector coming from a phone in front of the user, the projection would be back at them and this would cause keys to be blocked by the users hand. If a user was pressing ’5′ then the ‘T’, ‘rR’, ‘F’, ‘G’, etc. projected keys would be blocked and not visible.

      But if the projection was coming from a headset, the perspective would be much more alligned with the viewers perspective and less keys would be blocked.

  • Guitaraholic

    I’m still waiting for some PROPER beneficial use of NFC – why hasn’t anyone integrated NFC into Light Switches? DoorLock Mechanisms?

    Why haven’t we got a proper WiFi charging solution standard yet? I’d love to just ‘know’ because I took my phone to bed that because its in or next to the bed its getting charged – or maybe while in a Coffee Shop its being charged and got free WiFi too – surely thats the future!

  • dino13

    I have written this already in an other thread:

    That would be a great combination.

  • KingCrow02

    Longer battery life and better voice recognition.

  • Alen

    I was thinking of a argument-reality holographic projection shown down my feet (on the street, around me) showing me directions and information.

    Another cool thing would be digital glasses which would for example connect via WiFi to the Phone showing me my news, sms, etc..

    One more thing.. A digital sticker or anything small and thin, that would know the distance of my phone and warn me if I leave the phone somewhere (lost my phone twice).

  • gmaninvan

    I have a couple of ideas.

    1. I saw in a sci-fi movie once an idea I thought was really cool. Can’t remember what movie it was. The device looked like a pen but pulled out like a plastic scroll with the interface displayed on the plastic. It basically provided a 7″ tablet in something the size of a pen. This may be possible too with samsungs and others new bendable oled’s.

    Something like this.


    I also want to see a minority report style gesture interface. The one thing lost with a touch screen is the hover over action.

  • Puzzled by Choice

    Of course… I’ll jump on the wagon with battery life. But I’ll add that durability needs to continually improve. Both in the realm of screen protection (scratches) and overall drop-survival. While some cases and screen protectors are novel, I prefer my phone naked and minimal. Especially if its well made already, slim/sleek and glides in/out of my pocket so effortlessly.

    In addition, I like the ability to connect and stream video/audio to displays/speakers. Let’s push this technology so its built into every new TV, projector, speaker, etc.

  • murali.ram

    1. Motion sensor
    2. Universal remote control
    3. Auto battery charger (solar or auto moment)
    4. Keyboard projector