If you could automate one thing on your Android, what would it be?

Posted Dec 19, 2012 at 11:06 am in Threads > Opinions

We have seen a thread about the tools used in automating tasks on the Android. I have tried a few. I am curious though.

What automation is currently not possible? What do you want to be able to automate using your Android phone or tablet?

  • mckeed

    Change ringer and notifications by app based on where i am or preset profiles. For instance, i don’t want any noise from my text messaging application at work, but still want notifications on my work email. Same thing goes with the opposite. No work email after work, normal notifications on when i’m home.

  • Thomas Biard

    Excellent thread question!

    So far I don’t worry about automation much because I have my Extended Power Controls widget setup so as soon as I walk out of work to open my Waze app, I just click the 3G, Bluetooth, and GPS toggles. Automation in that sense wouldn’t really help because if I had it automated to turn on all that at a certain time, it would turn on too early or late depending on when i leave work one day. If I have it automated to turn on via GPS, then I will already be driving away before my Bluetooth kicks in.
    I am interested in getting more functionality out of my phone when I upgrade so I can start experimenting with new automation.

    Side Note: Whenever I open the Waze app, depending on the time of day, it will automatically route me to where I typically go. So i turn it on at 6:15am and it routes me to work. I turn it on between 4 and 4:30pm and it routes me home. If I turn it on on a saturday morning, it routes me to the gym. BRILLIANT!

  • Logan Edwards

    A specific example: I use springpad and Amazon’s wishlist feature. I’d love if I was at a location where something on my lists were on sale, so I wouldn’t have to go hunting for the cheapest price. It would be nice if these apps could share data with Google Now for a seamless experience.

  • klcow92

    Nokia used to have an app called situations or was it bots for Symbian where it would adjust profiles (silent, general etc), homescreen shortcuts etc based on your location and time of the day. it learns what you do often and then after a while automates the process. Having this on android would be just awesome!!

    • decker

      That sounds like a great use of automation. Was this an app or built into Symbian? What version of Symbian?

  • Fiasko

    Llama pretty much automates everything I wished would be automated. I ALWAYS forget to silence my phone before going to bed and get hit by the wife for email/facebook notifications waking her up. Also nice to set it to auto-dim right before bed so I can browse without hurting my eyes.