If you could have ANY 3 games on your Android, what would it be?

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This post is quite simple:
If you could have any game form any system and it ran perfectly what would be your 3 picks?

Here are mine:

Starfox 64
Zelda Ocarina of Time

I think if I actually had these games I would use my phone more for gaming!

  • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

    That new game from Phosphor Studios called Horn looks kind of Zelda-ish. It should be out this week.

    • Chris Lewis

      Daaamm I just watched the video for it and it looks sickk. I know what ill be doing my review on!

  • Dan13

    Two of those three were on my top three list. (Could you imagine the fun we could all have playing Smash Bros. and Starfox 64? Starfox would be beautiful, and an impromptu Smash fight with other people would be amazing.)

    Anyways, here’s my revised top three in no particular order:

    -A main series Pokemon game. Not a port, something new.
    -Mario Kart

    • Chris Lewis

      Pokemon crossed my mind as well. It bring me back to my childhood lol

      • Chris Lewis


    • iamXiV92a

      A Pokemon game would be perfect!!
      Also like Chris Lewis mentioned, Zelda (or something Zelda-ish)

    • Manroth

      I agree with the Pokemon game. If you were to blend the traditional RPG with the DS Ware title Dream Radar so we could have a Pokemon game with Augmented Reality captures and battles – That would be awesome.

      • TheStig

        has anyone tried emulators?

  • nivekkev

    There are a few games I would love to have but…

    Total Annihilation
    The whole Daggerfall series
    and either MLB the Show or Masters of Orion II

    There are others but these I would like to see right away…

  • www.phonewbie.com

    Mortal Kombat
    NBA 2K 2012/2013
    The latest first person shooter from Gameloft

  • NamelessTed

    Pokemon Red/Blue

    That is seriously the only game that I really want to have on my phone/tablet. I would be cool with just a straight port, or maybe an “HD” version to bump up the visuals a bit and maybe add a couple of new features that make sense but absolutely no twitter/facebook bullshit.

  • crux

    Are you guys opposed to emulation? You can get virtually every old console game on your phones these days and they run pretty well. Pair your phone/tablet up with a computer and you’re playing better than you could have back in the day!

  • nivekkev

    I forgot about Quake, would love to see a working, fully playable full version…

  • Varch

    Without question, Galaxy on Fire 2 THD! Best space-sim for Android yet!

  • kwills88

    1. Sonic Adventure 2
    2. 007 Goldeneye
    3.Zelda Ocarina Of Time.

    • CTown

      Defiantly some of the best games ever. I remeber as kids my bother, cousins, and I will just sit around the N64 as we watched my older cousin playing through the story mode. It was also one of the best multiplayer games on the N64!

      Sonic Adventure 2 (Battle) on the Gamecube is not only one of the better Gamecube titles but IS, hands-down, the best Sonic game ever.

      • CTown

        Can we please get an edit button on this site! If not, can we get a function where if we double post, the posts would be merged with dashes and a time stamp seperating the two (such as ————-Posted on 2:17—————)?

  • MoSDeeb

    Metal gear solid
    Super Mario 64
    Counter strike

  • CTown

    Super Smash Bros. Brawl
    Kirby 64
    Dragon Quest (Is there any RPG games with a turn-based system?)

    Almost making the list would have been Donkey Kong 64. DK games just seemed worse after the N64…

  • theviper21

    I think it would be fun to have a good MMORPG on my phone (i.e., not Order & Chaos), but could be potentially dangerous too!

    Aside from that I think games that don’t really require a physical controller like Adventure type games would be great. Not having good controls would really make some of those 64 games unplayable, IMO.

  • BradleyRuiz

    Mortal Kombat
    Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver

    • Chris Lewis

      Mortal Kombat would so sick on a phone or tablet!

  • Noven

    Zelda, Orcarina of Time
    Final Fantasy IX
    Assassin’s Creed (all/any)

  • Fugu

    Some of the old DOS adventure games. Like Space Quest or Kings Quest. Get some old retro gaming in.

  • CrCross

    For me it would have to be REZ, Shadow Complex and Metroid Prime

  • Ferru

    1. Shadow of the Colossus
    2. Monster Hunter
    3. Persona

    • MagikalTrev

      This this thissss!

  • orangestrat

    Fez. I don’t want to buy an xbox but I desparately need to play that game.

  • tylerfoy

    I’m a shooting guy; Dead trigger, dead space, shadowgun THD

  • Laurel laurel25

    Where’s My Perry, BraveSmart, Euchre Free. I’m a simple game person.

  • Jschurter

    Oh man this is tough! I would have to say: Battle for Middle Earth 1 or 2, Super Mario 64, and Age of Empires, any edition.

  • teamwoot

    1. Gran Turismo 2
    2. Mario Kart (any version)
    3. Tomb Raider

  • reyame

    In no order

    Final Fantasy 7

    Roller Coaster Tycoon

    Metal Gear Solid

  • Walkop

    Everybody seems to be quoting the oldies – but what about the gems from this past decade and now?

    Here’s my list:

    Homeworld 2 + Complex Mod,

    All awesome games. Rebirth isn’t out yet, but it looks to be the best space-sim I’ve ever even come close to seeing. X is like the new Freelancer, except it has 1000x more depth.

  • chestont

    Is it too much to ask to be able to play them online too?

    Torchlight 2
    Latest COD
    Mech Warrior (though I have no idea how to integrate all the controls in touch)

  • sm.komo

    Portal would top my list, easily! After that I would choose WWF (NOT WWE) Smackdown! 2 then just for the fun of it Contra.

  • doublin

    Shadowgun DeadZone
    GTA 3 Vice City(coming soon)
    Modern Combat 4 (coming soon)


    You can already play some of those games on Android using an N64 emulator like N64oid:
    And the new Windows emulator called “Winulator” will take care of the old Windows based games! ;)

  • rewagner

    Beach Buggy Blitz
    can’t recall the other one that never came out…cowboy with the sword?

  • Thor997

    Hmmm maybe the following:

    - Team Fortress
    - Carmaggedon
    - Hitman (any)

  • Manroth

    I’d kill for some SNES games such as:
    Megaman X
    Super Mario RPG
    Super Metroid

  • crossbred900

    A new Myst game
    Dr. Mario

  • TheStig

    2. super mario
    3. mario kart

  • david_willems13

    I’d have to go with pokemon… Halo (with controller support), and any other modern console games

  • Ezy03


  • Charlong666

    The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall
    Pokemon (either a port or an Android exclusive)
    Halo (once again a port or an exclusive)

  • Prasoon Tiwari 1

    Practically -

    1 . Hill Climbing

    2 . I Stunt 2

    3 . Angry Birds


    Other wise :

    Call of Duty MW 3

    MOH Warfighter

    HAWX 2

  • MagikalTrev

    1) Dota 2
    2) Portal
    3) FF X

    Smash bros would be amazing but I felt the need to mix it up a little.

    • jonstle

      Final fantasy games would be great. Seems like they would work well on a tablet.

  • pol biswas

    Rocks bowling 3d
    Stick cricket.

  • sandy105

    god of war
    price of persia

    since our tablets and phones have enough horsepower as SONY PSP
    these games could easily be built ..:)

  • Snjv_S

    NFS Most Wanted 2 is out for android, been thinking of checking that out . :)

  • ranwanimator

    Freespace/Freespace 2
    Everything from Valve
    Tilt to Live HD (port from IOS)

  • Chris Lewis

    Ok so I thought I would bump this back up with my revised top three game list:

    Zelda Ocarina of Time (will always be on the top three)

    Halo 4 (if phones could connect to monitors and have a sick gaming controller hooked up via bluetooth)

    COD Zombies (the original one form world at war)

    • sandy105

      there is a cod.zombies game i think
      but its black ops:zombies .

      • Chris Lewis

        Thanks for the recommendation. I did buy that when it came out, but im really against paying money for a game that then has in app purchases you need to buy in order to advance in the game. If I pay $6 for a game that should be enough. I do like that they are starting to bring those games to android, just not the greed for my money that comes with it lol.

  • ldouglas64

    Any/all of the Zelda series
    Any/all Assassins Creed
    Medal of Honor

  • LadyDi

    Angry Birds (all of them, but then that’s more than 3 huh), Chuzzle and any Jewels/match 3 game.

  • bitbank

    I’m old school, so Galaga, Astro Blaster and Asteroids Deluxe with “real” controls

  • Samar

    I guess for me to use my phone more for gaming, I wud like to have :
    1. Assassin’s creed
    2. Band of Brothers
    3. Mortal Combat

  • shlevy

    1. Utopia
    2. For za
    3. Decent quest

  • TheVoodoo

    I have one; any natively-implemented versions of:

    Mario (super, paper, etc.)

  • Stig03

    pokemon, mario

  • pmrich

    Company of Heroes, Forza, Command and Conquer.

    • jonstle

      Love those games!

  • Ezy03

    A Pokemon game would be perfect!!

  • TheStig


  • lou2cool88

    I think there’s some general consensus. Pokemon for sure!

  • KingCrow02

    Borderlands, Batman, and Mortal Kombat

  • sonicdeathmunky

    My list:
    Deus Ex (if it were somehow well-optimised for tablet)
    Zelda, Ocarina of Time
    Duke Nukem II (yes the side-scroller!)

  • jonstle

    Sim city
    Starcraft 2
    Gran turismo 5

  • BrotherBloat

    Any Infinity Engine game, preferably BG or IWD sagas

  • http://theamazingaustin.com Austin Tompkins

    Before I even saw OP top 3 list I was like SMASH BROTHERS!

    -Smash Bros Melee
    -Starfox 64
    -Portal 2 (Mainly because I’ve yet to play this one and it would give me that chance.) :P

  • utsav911

    1. GTA IV
    2. F1 2012
    3. MIdtown Madness :D

  • Bhow

    Any Civilization would be awesome
    some Call of Duty
    or some Fight Night

  • Kaote

    Metal Gear Solid
    Final Fantasy 7