I’m not 100% happy…

Posted May 29, 2012 at 1:43 pm in Threads > Opinions

So I’ve been living with my Galaxy Google Nexus for about 3 weeks now. Reading the reveiws of this phone you would think that this is a dream device that would be an improvement on every aspect of Android. Well as much as I hate to admit it this device has not lived up to my expectations.

This being my first Samasung Device I was really looking foward to the Super AMOLED screen. It’s OK but not the game changer that I was expecting. In my opinion, the screen looks good but it doesn’t stand up to direct sunlight any better than Super LCD. When looking at white pages something just doens’t look right, it’s like white isn’t white it’s like speckeled or something.

Everyone has always said that Samsung phones feel cheap and “plasticy”. In this case, I like the feel of this phone. It’s light without feeling cheap I’m happy with that.

I’ve read where others inclding myself have the issue where WiFi will drop for no reason. I’ll be sitting 3 feet from my router and the WiFi signal will drop for no appearant reason. When I called Samsung they told me to “forget” the network and rejoin, that hasn’t helped. Seems like you would put high priority on a wirless devices wireless connection and making sure it is reliable.

These hardware problems I blame Samsung and Google for I don’t think we’ll ever know who’s idea it was to cheap out on some of the hardware (5MP camera) but it seems like there are quite a few compromises when it came to creatiing the Galaxy Nexus. Hopefully going forward Google won’t compromise. All in all I would say I’m 75% happy.

Is there anything in Android that is not living up to you expectations?

  • SGB101

    I’moving android atm, world class device , state of the art devices , fantastic games etc….

    The battery on my one x is not great but I can live with that, till a stable Rom appears . As sonic with the Wii remote is sweeeeet ……….

    I do have one issue tho, my in-laws router, my phone just won’t remember it ???

    • Ironzey Lewis

      The One X seems like a great device but I wonder how much of that is hype and how much is it being a truly great device.

      I’ve never had any luck with the WiiMote and my Sensation. I remember reading that HTC and Bluetooth didn’t work. I gave up shortly after paying for the WiiMote controller app.

      • SGB101

        it is a great device, but it is not as good as the hype. ive had this a while now, since UK launch and the novality has wore off.

        my last device was the HTC desire and i loved that phone for 27months, and found nothing that i wanted to replace it with. even tho many phones have travelled though my house, i always fell back on the Desire.

        the onliy reason i gave up on it in the end wa because the Aux Jack failed and im i big Audible and pod cast junky.

        the One X is full of small bugs still, it doesnt reboot, but it has a much higher ‘app crash rate’ than my desire had, and it seems to struggle with blutooth plus aux connection. if have headphones in (listening to books) while connected to my in-car bluetooth, weird things can happen. never had this before with any other device. this is one of many small niggles.

        all in all its an above average package, hopefully CM9 can finish what HTC started.

        PS. i have no issues with the wii remote.

  • http://facebook.com/jestertx2001 Jesse Moreno

    Yeah the “speckled” screen is due to the Galaxy Nexus using a Pentile display (Super AMOLED or not), so yes that and the camera are, in my opinion, the only sacrifices made with this phone. While they are noticeable sacrifices, I still think the phone is the bee’s knees and I’ve had no problems with it.

    Are those the only two things that made you unhappy with this device?

    • Ironzey Lewis

      There is a lot to like about the Nexus but it doesn’t live up to the standard that was set by the Nexus One. My opinion, I think it matches the last generation of phones (Sensation and Galaxy S II). The only things that make this phone stand out is the software.

      One other thing that is driving me nuts is the missing search button. I thought I used it a lot but every time I want to do a quick search or a some voice command it’s three or four presses .

      The other big thing that is bugging me is the menu button placement. Sometimes it’s on the bottom right of the screen, other times it’s on the top right of the screen . I’m hoping that app developers eventually wind up on the same page and the button winds up in the same place.

      I like the idea of the multi tasking button but I’d trade it for a dedicated search button in a second.

  • http://www.jaxidian.org/update/ jaxidian

    Does turning the brightness up help with the white screen? That was one of the original complaints with the phone – the auto-brightness feature had it too low. Bumping the brightness up to ~40-60% made everybody much happier. If this doesn’t do it for you, then maybe you have a different issue.

    • Ironzey Lewis

      I’m in and out of bright and dark places all day long. Auto brightness is one of those features that I have to have.

      I have noticed that the screen seems a little dim but I’ve gotten used to it. Funny thing is I used to complain about my Sensation being way too bright in a dark room.

      One thing I’d like to see is the addition auto brightness control to the user options.

      • Ironzey Lewis

        Funny, I just tried turning up the brightness and it looks much better.

  • Orion78

    Is this the Verizon or GSM version of the GN?

    • http://facebook.com/jestertx2001 Jesse Moreno

      Mine is GSM. Not sure what Ironzey’s is.

  • Ironzey Lewis

    I’ve got the GSM one, from Google. Android and me just posted that the car dock and two desktop docks are available through the play store. This is good news.

  • awundrin

    Regarding the cheapness feel of the plastic..I have a Samsung Gio and actually like the
    plastic case because it’s lightweight. The phone does have some wi-fi connectivity issues however which can become aggravating as it loses the signal often – even when 5 feet or so away from the router.

    • Ironzey Lewis

      I don’t think the Galaxy Nexus feels cheap, it’s not aluminum or glass but it feels stiff and solid. If anything I’m guilty of buying into the hype that a lot of writers put out. I think the device has a decent feel, it’s not as bad as some might have you believe.

  • acostaisasmendi

    I think it’s really disapointing that people are having so many problems with a NEXUS device, wich should be the better-supported, most-stable android device out there.

    • Ironzey Lewis

      Don’t get me wrong, I like the phone it is usable and mostly reliable. When you consider it costs $400 it is a good deal. It just needs a little bit more though and don’t cut corners.
      I hope that if we get multiple nexi competition will improve the breed.

  • http://www.ndroidgamers.com B2L

    I have absolutely no problems with Android as an OS. When it comes down to my device I’m extremely happy as well. My one and only issue is battery life, my Note has a 2500 MAH battery, which usually gets me about 12 hours of use each day. This is not normal usage, I’m a heavy user. Typically, my 12 hour usage allows me to get around 4 hours of screen on time.

    Overall, most people would consider my battery life to be pretty good. I just wish that I could get 3-4 times the battery life that I do. (I would hate my phone if I didn’t have a spare battery.)

    I really want battery technology to improve as fast as the rest of the technology world.

    • Ironzey Lewis

      At my worst I can drain the battery in around 4 hours. The funny thing is reading all the reviews of the Galaxy Nexus they pretty much all said the battery life was great, my experience has shown that it’s not much of an improvement. I remember the days when my blackberry would last four days without charging, that is the kind of battery life worth bragging about.

      Side note (HA!), I love the idea of the Note. It is the most innovative device we’ve seen in the last year. Samsung did a really good job when they came up with the idea for this device. The only sticking points for me are, no T-Mobile version yet and TouchWiz. I could just flash the Tmobile modem to an AT&T one but I’m a big believer in using things the way they were designed at least for a little while before breaking them. The second thing is a bit tougher, I didn’t hate Sense and I bet that I wouldn’t hat TouchWiz either but I would thing that TouchWiz would get in the way just like Sense did.

      • Steve Barry

        For what it’s worth, touchwiz isn’t nearly as intrusive or labor intensive as sense, especially in ICS.

        • http://www.ndroidgamers.com B2L

          Completely agreed, I’ve said this several times, so i’ll say it again. Touchwiz is great, it only needs an option to be completely disabled, if the user doesn’t want to use it.

          • Steve Barry

            This x thebiggestnumberyoucanthinkof.

            How nice would it be for each new phone to come with a skin out of the box for the masses, but an easy way to turn it off for the vanilla android fans?

  • Dee

    I got my Galaxy Nexus after my G2 broke.
    im quite satisfied. upon showing it to my friends they get sick with envy about the screen and it (obv) the first thing they see.
    the only things that dont sit well with me is the 16gb. im still baffled as to why google axed the 32gb model….
    also for some reason…maybe its because i had the G2, but i cannot get used to the thinness of the phone. ive had so many near fatal drops because the phone flops around the spaces in my hand (i have big hands). other than that im in love with the nexus~

    • Ironzey Lewis

      Funny thing about the storage situation, for me 16GB is enough. I thought I might miss all the extra storage that I might use but even to this day I’ve never filled even an 8GB card.
      While I’d prefer the option of adding more memory I’d don’t miss it.