I’m thinking of going all in with Chrome OS

Posted Apr 26, 2012 at 6:07 pm in Threads > Opinions

I’ve been using windows 8 since the dev preview and its still windows. In addition to all the unfriendly popups and menus, they’ve added the disjointed metro mess. That said, I think OSx is really ugly and the way the UI treats you like a dummy drives me completely insane.
Also, I have about a million items pinned to my taskbar and a bunch of things on my desktop and the only app I’ve opened in two months has been Chrome.

I’m probably going to build or buy a desktop (or use a laptop as a desktop with an external display) this summer, it’ll probably have 2 monitors. I figure that its better to get rid of the bloat, poison and cartoonishness of traditional desktops and just use the internet. The new aura interface looks really really good and useful.
For portable things, I’m almost certainly going to get a Transformer Prime or Infinity. I can’t get a chromebook here in canada and I want a machine with enough power to browse the web and not be sluggish anyway.

Chrome is getting really close to offering a full desktop experience, with Aura and a few great apps. Honestly, I’d rather use Aviary than steal photoshop, I already use google Docs, Audiotool is actually pretty amazing for making music. I don’t play a lot of games, so thats not super important.

Has anyone tried this?
Am I crazy?

  • acostaisasmendi

    I don’t think it’s a good idea AT ALL to go all in with chrome! It’s just SO unfinished! It needs so much polish, etc… But it’s your decision, good luck :/

  • http://www.mikeytusa.com mikeytusa

    Do it. My 2012 resolution was to embrace the cloud. I no longer use Microsoft Office for anything. Everything is in the cloud. I also refuse to ever own a printer again. I use Google Cloud print to print to Fedex across the street (in the rare occasion that I ever print anything.)

    If it wasn’t for PC games, I would probably never open anything on my Windows machine either. If you can do it — you’ll be years ahead of everyone else. Everything is going to the cloud anyways, except serious gaming. Might as well bite the bullet and make the switch. We’re getting to the point now where whatever you need, there’s a web app for it.

    • orangestrat

      That’s what I’ve been doing since I got my nexus S and got totally addicted to flashing ROMs, It got so much easier to get back to normal after a wipe if I kept everything in the cloud, so now, pretty much everything is up there.

  • Bryan Stoner

    You would build a desktop for ChromeOS!?
    Would you buy a jet to drive to work too??

    Metro is a mess. They really screwed over everyone’s mental model of a PC with that one.

    • Bpear96

      Yeah if your going to run chromeOS it really doesnt make much sense to run it on a desktop.. if i was you i would get a decent netbook, or lowend (spec wise) laptop with hdmi output, and run hexxeh chrome os builds on it, then output it to monitor if you want. Or just import a chromebook from US. It will run fine, and be portable.

      • orangestrat

        With how expensive chromebooks are, plus shipping, plus taxes, a desktop or a cheap laptop is a better deal, and it’ll offer more power. Atom netbooks all seem to struggle with apps like aviary or angry birds and none of them can do HD youtube really well. When video apps come back to chrome (there was Jaycut, but RIM bought it and killed it), I’d like to be able to run them too.
        I still want a useful computer, I just want to live in the cloud too.

        • Bryan Stoner

          The Acer Chromebook is 300$ I believe. Are chromebooks hard to work with when it comes to regular apps and HD video?

          • orangestrat

            That would be if I went to the states, got one on sale and snuck it back across the border :P That’s not the worst option, admittedly.

  • tnnm

    I respect your commitment. And with Google Drive being announced this week, it should be easier than ever to do this.

    That said, I don’t think I could entirely give up a PC. I remember reading about some company that was offering inexpensive PC services (remote desktop to a PC) over the internet.

    I also would think that given the broader software tools available to Android, you’d need to at the very least have an Android tablet (preferably a Transformer Prime eh?) to compliment your Chrome desktop.

    • orangestrat

      That’s exactly the plan I outlined in the post :P

  • SGB101

    Buy a cheap windows 7 laptop, duel boot with chrome. As one day ul need windows.

    • orangestrat

      To do what?

      • danferan

        I assume to use Windows only programs. No need to gimp yourself if there’s something only available for windows. Dual booting is a viable option, so you can cover all your bases.

        • SGB101

          What he said

          • orangestrat

            There’s plenty of windows-only apps, but theres almost zero windows-only function. What can you do with windows that you can’t do with Chrome?

          • SGB101

            @orangestrat, for some reason there is no reply button’ under you.

            M$ office stuff is the main problem- the whole world uses it, if you open a word doc in gdocs the formatting goes caput, and the same vice-versa. same with powerpoint and google spread sheets is not a patch on excel.

            also dreamveraver, there is not anything that can touch it out there on windows never mind chrome. these are just two examples that keep me from ditching windows, but i imagine there are lots more examples.

            if you think you can do it, good luck to you, but id still keep a partition with windows on, just for a rainy day.

            just thought of one more, which may be of interest here ROOT your phone, most methods, need x86 windows for best results, never mind a different os.

  • danferan

    I wasn’t able to install Windows 8 (for some reason it won’t recognize my processor as a 64-bit), but I also am looking to try Chrome. Just run VirtualBox – super easy to set up, and Hexxeh has the compiled Chrome specifically for it. I’mma do that this weekend.