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I’ve met a lot of great friends over my time being on tons of forums in the past, so I figured, it would be nice to be familiar with everyone on here, old and new, considering we all can’t go through each others androidandme profile to know more, I’ll start here.

Name: Kevin.
I am 23
I live in New York City
I am an artist/graphic designer and Web Designer in training
My previous phone was the T-MOBILE G1
My current phone is the T-MOBILE SAMSUNG GALAXY SII.

Why androidandme: I honestly can’t find another android site where majority of the ppl are laid back and are as friendly, plus the layout of the Site just keeps me coming back.

Fun fact about me is that besides being obsessed with modding and hacking my phone, I am pretty much obsessed with anime.

  • B2L

    Great idea for a thread.

    Name: Brandon
    I am 24
    I live in Salt Lake City
    I am currently a sales rep for a web based company and I’m working on my Bachelor’s degree in Mobile Development.
    Previous devices: Mytouch 3G, Nexus S, Galaxy Nexus
    Current device: International Galaxy Note

    I’ve been following this site for over 2 years now, Taylor’s awesome rumor articles really garnered my attention so I stuck around. I’m quite active on other Android communities, but when it comes down to quality of articles AAM is definitely the best.

    Fun fact about me is I hold several degrees in Culinary Arts, which doesn’t help all that much where I live. (I can’t make a decent living off of it)

    • Bryan Stoner

      Whoa cool! What type of food do you like to cook the most? And what kind of stuff have you learned while obtaining your degree?

      • B2L

        I have learned so much, I can’t really explain the vast amount of knowledge I had gained from it. Basically anything and every thing you can imagine, I have thousands of pages of notes.

        It’s hard to pick a favorite, but I absolutely love cooking italian food. I typically make some of the strangest concoctions that end up delicious and tend to do a lot of experimenting.

  • WeakLemonDrink

    Hello, everyone!

    Name: Jonathan
    I am 28
    I live in London
    I’m a web developer but with an interest in getting into Android app development if I can find the time.
    Previous devices: HTC Desire
    Current device: Galaxy Nexus

    I’m a brand new user, but I’ve been reading the site for a while. I found it to be the best source of information and from a web developer point of the view I love the site design and the way it scales when I view it on my phone.

  • pekosROB

    *I’m Rob, aged 30
    *Tyler, TX (Rose Capital of the World to some)
    *Appraiser for the county (commercial real estate, previously business personal property) and back to school getting an accounting certificate so I can hopefully become a CPA (have a BA in History and MBA).
    *Getting married on 4/20 and having a baby later in the year (our first child) to someone I’ve known for almost half my life.
    *Android devices (previous): HTC EVO 4G, Motorola DX, Motorola Xoom (gifted to uncle)
    *Android devices (current): Motorola Droid3, Asus Transformer Prime w/dock

    This website is the least biased, least annoying, most innovative (in terms of web design), and has a pretty good community. So many tech blogs I’ve followed over the past 3-5 years have gotten so bad for one reason or another (i.e. Gizmodo, BGR). If only I could link this account (and others) to Klout!

    • kwills88

      Congrats on your everything! I hope no one shows up at your wedding because of them celebrating “4/20″.

      • pekosROB

        Before and after the wedding I will be hanging out with a certain group of wedding guests. I had to promise my bride that I would wait til after. But she said I could partake, just not an hour or two before the actual ceremony lol.

    • B2L

      Congrats, I totally wanted to get married on that same date. (But didn’t, because I don’t want to state the obvious.)

      Was it on purpose? or a coincidence?

      • pekosROB

        Kinda both. My woman said at least I’ll never forget our anniversary. Also I can’t really take off for vacation during May-July due to work (busiest time of the year) and at the end of the year we won’t be able to go anywhere since we’ll have our first child (around September).

    • Angie Wimberly

      It’s definitely a feature we will implement! We just have a lot of ideas and it’s hard to pick and choose which to work on first. Really glad you like sticking around here :)

      • pekosROB

        I just wish there were even more articles and comments to read! Hell, maybe even an app! All in good time.

        Y’all are down in Austin, right? Hell, an office tour would be sweet in lieu of an app!

  • Bryan Stoner

    Name: Bryan Stoner
    I am 22
    I live in Maryland
    Also a web developer in training
    Currently employed at UMBC as IT support/web maintenance
    Graduating May 2012 in Information Systems at UMBC
    My first android device was the YP-GB1 (Korean Galaxy Player)
    My first and current android phone is the Galaxy Nexus
    My first and current tablet is the Asus Transformer

    Why Androidandme: I just fell in love with everything about it – The design, the community, the articles. It’s a wonderful place to catch the latest news

    Interesting facts – I plan to get a masters in Human Centered Computing, I also love anime (my favorites are mahou shoujo madoka magika, break blade, gundam wing, and code geass), I am an avid drawer ( Big fan of reddit too.

  • Bryan Stoner

    Kevin! Have you been to Otakon?

    • kwills88

      I haven’t been but I’ve certainly heard about it, you should check this out

      • Bryan Stoner

        Claymore is on your favorites list!!! XDDDDD I absolutely love that anime and I love the manga even more~

      • Bryan Stoner

        And Revy from Black Lagoon!! Dang you are one cool guy~

        • kwills88

          Lol thanks you should sign up, I got introduced to so many new anime

  • vid500

    Hi everyone

    Name: Vid (comes form Latin Vitus)
    I’m 25
    I live in Ljubljana, Slovenia (Europe) :)
    I’m studying architecture (two years to go for the masters) and working in a architectural studio
    My first and current android phone: HTC desire HD
    my current tablet: Asus Transformer (waiting for the new transformer prime 700)

    For me the androidandme has the best interface, all the news, great writers and a great community.

    I’m a technology and computer freak. Most of all I enjoy travelling and discovering new places.

  • tmihai20

    Hello, my name is Mihai (the equivalent for Michael in Romanian).
    I’m 33.
    I live in Galati, Romania.
    I have studied economy and IT at Lower Danube University (in my home town). I am working with embedded Linux (Meego anyone?).
    My previous phone was the veteran HTC HD2.
    My current phone is HTC Evo 3D (I would have never made the switch if the price was so good).

    I discovered Androidandme last December and I found a community I want to be a part of.

    I love all IT things and I love tweaking the hack out of my smartphone. I learned so much from my HD2 days. I almost miss those days.

    • pekosROB

      Romania, I hear it’s a beautiful country. That’s awesome that we have so many members from around the world!

      • tmihai20

        Yes, it has a lot of beautiful places to see. It’s a shame that our leaders fail to see it and fail to take advantage of it. If the current trend will continue, I will be forced to move to another country. I am fed up to be taken as a fool, but that’s another story.

  • thekaz

    This would be a great idea to work into the profile somehow.. then we’d sort of have our own Quora going, where we could have a set of “experts” helping to answer questions…

    Here’s mine:

    Name: Brian
    Age: 43 (I’m the old guy here, apparently)
    Location: Connecticut
    Education: MBA in IS/Marketing
    Work: Software Architect for major broadcast company
    First Andoird: Droid Eris
    Current: GNEX, Viewsonic GTab

    I agree with others that A&M offers a nice, friendly, helpful and fun community. I like the features that have been added in an effort to foster community and the offer features some other blogs might not.

  • Angie Wimberly

    This really was nice to read to hear what you guys like about the site. We really do put a lot of effort into it, and keep coming up with more ways to improve as well. Really glad that we’ve been able to offer things that you enjoy!

  • Stigy

    My name is Matt

    I am 23
    I live in New Jersey – originally from Staten Island.
    I am a recent college graduate working for a financial firm doing Systems Engineering.

    Previous Phones: TMobile G1, Motorola Droid, HTC Incredible
    Current Phone: Samsung Galaxy Nexus (Verizon)\
    Other Devices: Windows Desktop, Hackintosh, CR-48, Playbook

    I enjoy doing mobile app development in my free time as well as some web design. Currently learning Javascript to do some multi-platform iOS/Android development.

    Hello all!

  • Lane Chapman

    Name: Lane Chapman
    Age: 15
    Location: Madill, Oklahoma (super small town)

    I guess I’m the young one on the site. I am currently a sophomore in high school and I love new technologies and Android phones! I got my first Android last June when the Nexus S finally came to AT&T about five months late. Before that I had three iPhones, all of them but my last one broke or was stolen. About a year ago, I believe, is when I realized how bad iOS was compared to Android. Most recently, I rooted my phone and upgraded it to CyanogenMod 9 and love messing with other custom ROMs, also.

    Current phone is an AT&T Nexus S, naext will probably be the SGSIII

    I love this website because everyone seems to be well educated and know what they are talking about, for the most part. The friendly atmosphere is just great! :-)

  • Jaydude

    Juan Alvarez
    Miami, FL
    I’m a high school student
    I have sprint and I’ve had a samsung intercept (which honestly wasn’t very good) but now I’m very happy with my Optimus S and CAN’T WAIT for the new EVO 4G LTE!!

    I’m new to the site and so far it has been fantastic. The community is nice and strong, the articles are frequently updated and they are really good content wise.

    I love to talk about technology, and I’m also a huuuge car geek

  • xfaith

    Name: David
    I am 35
    I live in San Diego.
    I work as an IT in the Navy (16 yrs)
    My previous phone was the iPhone 3G
    My current phone is the Captivate (CM9)
    My next phone: SGSIII
    My current tablet: none, was going to get Fire, but was waiting for the that Asus 250$ tablet that disappeared, now waiting on the “Google’ tablet. (no real rush)

    Why androidandme: Always has the most updated stories, good articles.

    Fun fact about me is besides flashing roms, I also like making/hacking/tinkering/building (whatever term you would like to use) stuff (ie bike pump rocket launcher, metal detector, and other projects with my kids. Will be getting into 3D printing probably soon)

  • MoSDeeb

    Name: Mosd
    I am 27
    I live in Chicago
    I work as an accountant for the second largest REIT in the world,
    I have a Bachelors degree in both Biology & Accounting as well as my CPA
    My previous phone was the Samsung Nexus S
    My current phones are the Galaxy Nexus (Verizon) & iPhone 4S (T-Mobile)
    My current tablet: the new iPad (will get the google tablet being rumored for a summer launch)
    My current headphones: B&W C5s and P5s

    Why androidandme: The content and enthusiasm offered by the AAM team is great. The comment section is probably the best in terms of user knowledge and low low number of trolls.

    • Taylor Wimberly

      Come to gdgt Live on May 11th in Chicago!

      • MoSDeeb

        I looked into the event and have registered. Hopefully I can leave work on time to make the show.

  • Taknarosh

    My name is Denis

    I am 23

    I live in Montreal, Quebec, Canada

    I am *(“was” technically now since I finished my last final yesterday morning) a full time student majoring in Computer Science with a specialization in Computer Games. I’m also the Editor in Chief of a site specializing in Android content for Canadians.

    My previous phone was the HTC Magic (myTouch 3G for my American friends)

    My current phone is the… HTC Magic! Yes I’m THAT pitiful that I still use my original Android phone (the SECOND EVER Android phone). I’m holding off till the S4-LTE HTC One X is available from Rogers here in Canada. Also having review phones come in every now and then has kept me satisfied to try out the latest Android Handsets.

    My current tablet is the ASUS EEE Pad Transformer, I’ve had it since just about launch last summer. I love it, ASUS has really shown me how a responsible OEM keeps it’s updates rolling and other Android OEM need to examine how ASUS does it.

    Why androidandme: I’ve been following Taylor and Clark since just about the start of Androidandme. They’ve done a really good job and I have watched them grow tremendously as writers and Android enthusiasts. I hope one day for my site to reach the quality of A&M.

    • B2L

      Holy hell!!! The Mytouch 3G was my first Android device and I couldn’t wait to get rid of it after owning it for one year. You must have the patience of a saint, there’s no way in hell I could’ve stuck with it for this long.

    • Nick Gray

      My dad is still rocking his HTC Magic after 30 months. He’s probably going to keep it until November. Like you, I typically keep my phone longer than most since I get demo units to play with from time to time, but I don’t think I could have lived more than two years with my G1.

  • jamal adam

    My name is Jamal

    I am 22

    I currently reside in Northfield, Minnesota.

    I am currently studying religion with a focus on Islam.

    Sadly, I don’t have an Android smartphone and instead, use a Blackberry Curve. I have always wanted an Android phone since the G1 came out but since I was on a family plan, and still am, I wasn’t able to get one. Hopefully, I can get one phone this summer and I will be part of the amazing and thriving community of Android fans.

    Why Android and Me: I have visited this site since it’s early days and have always found it to be amazing. The Android and Me team knows their stuff, are very passionate about what the do and how the present information to readers and they love Android and put out well written and very informative articles. I love the design of the site, its simple, unique, intuitive, easy to use, and always seems to capture my attention, especially when compared to other sites that I check on a regular basis. Android and Me has become one of, if not, the best site to use for all things Android related. I also love the sense of community that it brings together and it provides me with my daily dose of informative about technology, gadgets, opinions, reviews, etc.

    To the Android and Me team: KEEP UP THE AMAZING WORK!!

  • Nick Gray

    Name: Nick Gray
    I am 29
    I live in Saint Paul MN (Twin Cities)
    I am an blogger ( & but I do have a full time job as a web search analyst at a large financial firm
    My previous phone was the T-Mobile G1
    My current phone is the T-Mobile G2 but I’ll be upgrading to the HTC One S next week (super excited).

    Why androidandme: Why not. I’ve been following the site since the very beginning and met Taylor and Clark at CES a few years back. When they asked me to join the team, I simply couldn’t refuse.

    Fun fact about me is I grew up in Italy. My family moved there when I was only three and I spent the next 14 years living in Asti, Rome and Padova. I still consider it home since my parents and sister still live over there.

    • Taknarosh

      You must be bummed out that HTC is moving away from QWERTY keyboard equipped Android phones.

      I’m disappointed since I know several friends who will swear by their HTC Desire Z (G2) and the fact that HTC has arguably some of the best QWERTY keyboard phones aside from Blackberries.

      • Nick Gray

        Yes and no. I’ve loved my QWERTY equipped phones, but I was planning on getting the one S. Over the months I’ve started using the QWERTY keyboard less and less and am perfectly find using the on-screen keyboard.

    • Angie Wimberly

      I had no idea you grew up in Italy! That’s really cool.

  • AuthenticMe

    Name: Devin Tinnin
    Richland, PA
    Working in a factory to get by while I am in college studying Accounting
    Previous Phone: OG droid
    Current Phone: HTC Thunderbolt running Liquid Smooth 3.2
    Next Phone: Not sure something really needs to win me over.

    I am here because I have recently upped my passion for all smartphones and specifically android and I want to increase my current knowledge of android. Also I like the get the different perceptive in articles other than just

  • Marcus

    Name: Marcus Nolasco
    I live in the central valley of California
    Currently a high school sophomore. I guess I’m part of the younger group, haha.
    My first Android phone was a Nexus One that I got a little over 2 years ago.
    My current phone is still my Nexus One! I had an Atrix, but it was stolen about 3 months after I got it. :\
    Why Android and Me: I just love how unique this website is. And honestly, everyone here seems so much more friendly and I feel like everyone here is a part of a community.
    Fun fact about me: I love and serve Jesus Christ. I love going to church, youth group, and Bible studies. :)

  • Stephon Mazique

    Hey guys

    Name: Stephon.
    I am 22
    I live in Silicon Valley
    I am an Junior Executive at Google
    My previous phone was the Internation Galaxy S II
    My current phone is the T-MOBILE SAMSUNG GALAXY S NOTE (sshhhh).

    Why androidandme: Love the people

    • B2L

      Not sure if you can answer this, but if you do have the T-Mobile Note; Does it have the Exynos? or S3, like the AT&T version? I would sell my International Note to switch back to T-Mobile, data speeds on AT&T, and Straight Talk have been quite disappointing.

      • B2L

        Ignore this comment, I just read a few articles that suggested it would have the S3. (I’d rather keep my International Note.)

        • Stephon Mazique

          It does have a the S3

  • T1392

    Hi….. My name is Tim,
    I’m 19
    My first Android phone was the Motorola Droid. I am a Motorola hardware fanboy.
    My current device is the Galaxy Nexus by Samsung running Tranquilice V8 4.0.4 rom.
    My next device is this phone pocketnow discovered in the pic.(If its real)
    Why android & me? I find it to be up to date with news & everyone here seems to be friendly which makes it feel like a real community not just random people who you never speak too or hear complain if that makes sense.

    • T1392

      Almost forgot as I was sidetracked but anyways yes I know the device in the pocketnow link & pic is the xyboard. (Did it for a chuckle)

  • Jehanzeb Rahman

    I currently stay in Houston, Tx
    I attend UH and majoring in computer information systems
    Current device: HTC sensation
    Next device: HTC one S or Galaxy s3!
    Why androidandme? Love the site and the reviews of the the next upcoming phones! Always have the interesting articles!

    Follow me on twitter and I’ll follow back @jz832

  • heldros

    Name: Dilson
    I am 32
    I live in Brussels (Belgium, Europe)
    I am an accountant
    My previous phone was the Nexus One
    My current devices are the Nexus S and the Motorola Xoom.

    Why androidandme: I first came accross the site in 2010 (Nexus rumor articles). Since then I come every day. The site is clean and the writers are friendly. AAM are doing a great job.

    Fun fact about me is that I like messing with custom ROMs

  • SGB101

    Name: Stephen.
    I am 31
    I live in New Meliden, N.Wales
    I am an Accountant, amature web developer and general nerd
    My First Android was the T-Mobile (UK) G1
    My previous phone was the HTC Desire
    My current phone is the HTC One X.

    been using AandM since i got my G1 on its UK release Nov 2008. i first found the site via the widget it once had in the market. (Where did that go???). ive been here a while, but thought i might as well say HELLO :o)

    AandM is my fist port of call for Android news, and it is now one of my home pages.

  • shadowxof

    Name: Nick
    I am 23
    I live in San Diego, CA
    I’m a student/ full time Wal-Mart Connection Center (Cell Phone Sales) Associate
    My previous phone was the T-MOBILE MyTouch 3G
    My current phone is the T-MOBILE LG Optimus T (running CM7.2)
    My next phone is the HTC One S

    I first found Android and Me about two years back when I first got my Mytouch and randomly stumbled upon the widget in the marketplace (I still miss that widget). Ever since then I never really to leave considering how friendly the community is and how informative the site stays. It also helps me keep well informed for my job, which is a major plus.

    As for me, I’m currently learning to program in java code and will be moving onto c/c++ next school semester. I’m a Computer Science major and currently trying to break into the game development industry. Other random facts about me include lots of gaming (pc, 360, ps3, android) and play bass guitar.

    • B2L

      I’m with you, I used to love the A&M widget. It’s one of the first widgets I actually used on my Mytouch 3G, I even saved the .APK to use on my Nexus S but it stopped working after a while.

    • Gulpo

      What 360 games are you currently playing?

      • shadowxof

        Currently been stuck on the Ghost Recon Future Soldier beta, otherwise it’s usually Mass Effect 3 or gears 3 (although I do have both BF3 and MW3 in case)

  • Gulpo

    Name: Marlon
    I am 29
    Born in Guatemala, raised in Los Angeles, studied at SDSU and now living in Pasadena
    I work at Jet Propulsion Lab as an Information Science Tech
    My previous phones was a Motorola Droid
    My current phone is the SAMSUNG GALAXY SII Skyrocket

    Why androidandme: One of the few websites that plays well on every reader I use. The Google Currents layout is great and following on twitter allows me stay up with latest news while at work.

    Fun fact about me is that Mass Effect 3 has taken up all of my gaming time since it launched…. and I still haven’t reached the end (don’t tell me ANYTHING about the ending!)

  • cadroidman

    Name: Kevin
    I am 44
    I live in the Bay Area (California)
    Manager of a training team
    My previous phone was the Thunderbolt
    My current phone is the Verizon Galaxy Nexus

    Why androidandme: So far, the posts are valid and there is no worthless discussions. :)

  • dtdlurch

    Hello! Long time reader but just now getting into the posting game.

    Name: Adam
    I am 29
    I live in Atlanta, GA
    I’m a banker but hobbyist developer attempting to “break” into the industry
    Previous devices: OG DROID, DROID X, DROID 3
    Current device: Galaxy Nexus

  • Thomas Biard

    Name: Thomas
    I am 25
    I live in Orange County
    I am a Mechanical Engineer, and I am helping start a “hot rod” electric bike company. (Marrs Cycles)
    My previous devices were: Moto Q, Samsung i760 (both WinMo)
    My current phone is the Moto Droid X
    Why androidandme: Copying from the original post in all honest, I honestly can’t find another android site where majority of the ppl are laid back and are as friendly, plus the layout of the Site just keeps me coming back.

    Fun fact about me is that I rock climb 2-3 times a week and look to integrate my Android devices into my climbing, ‘adventures’, and our electric bikes

  • Dr.Carpy

    Name: Gary
    I am 35
    I live in Edmonton, AB Canada
    I am an Network Admin, former Electrician CFOT, Structured Cabling Specialist
    My previous phone was the Nexus One
    My current phone is the Samsung Galaxy Note N7000.

    Why androidandme: I like friendly discussions. This site has a lot of knowledgeable people with interesting and different viewpoints. That really cool!

  • Ironzey Lewis

    I’m Ironzey Lewis (just like it says above)
    I’m 37
    I live in Colorado Springs CO
    I’m an Air Traffic Controller.
    My other Android Phones where the G1, Nexus One and Sensation
    Currently I’m using the Galaxy Nexus (I’m also eyeballing that Note pretty hard too)

    Why Androidandme: I like the layout of the site. The articles are good and I think most folks here are like me. It seems to be true according to this thread.

    • Dr.Carpy

      Not to be too forward but I would recommend the Note to anyone. The Screen size is fantastic and bright, the integrated samsung software is better than I expected, and touchwiz isn’t as overbearing as it once was, and Angry birds space!!! The last one I was kidding. I have a little boy, and he like’s watching Netflix or basketball with me on it.

      PS. I see your an Air traffic Controller. Is it really as stressful as I’ve heard?