iPhone 5 catch up

Posted Sep 12, 2012 at 12:44 pm in Threads > Smartphones & Tablets

Just going to go over some of the iPhone 5/iOS6 new features announced so far.
Not unique:


  • Panorama
  • Take pictures when recording video
  • Most android phones have both of these, for quite some time

  • Bigger screen 4″ android has had various sizes, this size and much bigger forever now
  • Faster processor
  • LTE: Android phones with LTE are nothing new
  • Share safari tabs from iOS and mac (Chrome..)
  • Sports info in siri (Google now


  • 9 pin connector on phone can be plugged in either way

Good job Apple, lots of unique features you have there :D

“This is the biggest thing to happen to iPhone since the iPhone.”

the screen’s bigger

  • kazahani

    tl;dr version:

    its the same damn thing with a bigger screen…

    • Bpear96

      Exactly!, and smaller connector, that can be plugged in 2 different ways!!

      • VasB

        There is one NEW feature to their UI guys… it has 5 rows instead of 4 rows for their launcher…

      • aranea

        So now iphone goes both ways :P

  • Bpear96

    Also i like how pretty much all the recent (and not so recent) leaks were pretty much exactly right.

  • Bpear96

    Is it just me or does the new iTunes store on iOS, look alot like Google Play on Android..?

  • Bpear96

    “its the best iPhone we’ve made so far” Ohh reallly! Thats good, wouldn’t want to release a phone worst then the previous one..

  • Bpear96

    Apple makes a big deal out of the way they have Voice (CDMA/GSM) and DATA (HSPA,LTE etc) modems on one chip, meanwhile its just a Qualcomm chip.. anyways Android phones with Qualcomm SoC, have CPU,GPU, Voice and data modems all on on chip..

    • VasB

      Apple makes a big deal out of little things. I.e. their new “A6″ processor which is really a Samsung heart.

      Or their “lightning fast wireless”…. they just use flashwords to jazz something up leaving consumers completely ambiguous as to what exactly is powering this “lightning fast wireless” or what this A6 chip contains… I call it “misleading and deceptive”?

    • aranea

      Besides the one chip one antenna approach actually prevents use of LTE during voice calls. So it’s a limitation for iphone not a plus.

  • DroidPower

    agree with you on all points. and it’s even more amazing that they could stretch this to over an hour long presentation w/ ppl clapping their hands after each little feature. i think whoever prepped the presentation should be paid more.

  • Bpear96
  • aranea

    The best 3 word description i heard so far: “Reactionary not revolutionary”