iPhone Outselling All Other Smartphones Combined at Sprint and AT&T

Posted Apr 02, 2012 at 3:43 pm in Threads > Smartphones & Tablets


Are we really surprised?

  • Joel

    Sigh..people continue to buy it for its name. Give all Iphone users a Galaxy Nexus for a day and see how many users they have the next day.

  • http://www.infotainmentempire.com pekosROB

    You know, I’m sure this will sound like I’m hating (well, to the Apple crowd that is) but I’ve noticed that no other company besides Apple can make a product that’s not necessarily cheap (maybe to some but not to all) yet have so many people clamoring for a product they hardly know nothing about. It really does amaze me that Apple, or any company for that matter, can pull in numbers like they do.

    Not every one but a vast majority of the people I know that want or own iPads either:
    a) don’t care much about tech in general
    b) already own at least 1 Apple product – like an iPhone or iPod
    c) don’t even know what Tegra 3 or Snapdragon is

    And I’m not hating on these folks, I mean the people that come to mind are my own family members! But Apple has been successful at selling shit that a lot of people want. It boggles my mind really. If iPods and iPads cost $100 then I wouldn’t have taken the time to write this much. But for a company to sell $250+ hardware and THAT MANY of them in a single year just, I don’t know, flabbergasts me.

    And I wonder if their lawsuits actually got OEMs to back away from entering the phone market because of the fears of being sued, thus making it less competitive.

    • Joel

      I wouldnt be surprised if OEMs did think that way. Hell, Apple started crap over a lockscreen for goodness sake….. a lockscreen?!
      And to be honest I cant blame Apple, because business is about money and if its working, its working.

      But man people eat it up…with all the advertising Apple does in movies…and of course ppl associate price with worth way more than they should.

      Android is the underdog and its gonna stay that way for awhile unfortunately.

    • aranea

      This actually reminds me an analysis I listened to recently about politicians. On one end there are those who are logical. They talk to peoples minds and give facts. Generally what they say is true. Then on the end of the spectrum there are those who don’t care much about logic, facts or even the truth. They tend to speak to people’s emotions. They move people in a level the former can’t. Of course a successful politician lies in between but each politician tends to be more of one or the other. The people who are more like the former get more support from people who are educated, who think and also act and vote according to data. The people who love the latter kind of politician will be voting with less knowledge of the subject at hand but will go for the person who serves their emotions. I guess by now you can see my analogy. Most of us here tend to have a lot of technical information, decide to buy a product after making a good investigation vs most people will buy what they think everybody else buys because they will feel “in” by using a popular device. That doesn’t mean people who are very technically advanced love i-products or there aren’t people who has no idea about the difference between cpu and gpu among Android users.

  • bolanrox

    to be fair there is only 1 i phone (not counting the variants, or older versions) that is branded and marketed to the hilt. of course it is going to outsell any 1 android based phone.

    It might almost be fair to total up one maker , HTC, Moto, Samsung, and see how their products match up in terms of total sales vs Apple.

    On the other hand, you can spin it that Android outsells iOS but x amount, but the rebuttal would be the same, it is one 1 iphone :)