Is Androis Perfect?

Posted Dec 19, 2012 at 3:32 pm in Threads > Opinions

Android 4.2 is awesome with features like, swipe to delete mails, lockscreen widgets, quick setting in notification panel,new camera UI, etc.
But there is always room for improvements.
Here are some needed improvements and features.

1) i) Swipe to delete the thread in messaging app. Gmail has this feature!
ii) Swipe to navigate to the next thread in messaging app in detail thread view. Gmail & even gtalk has this feature!!! or swipe to delete single message.

2) SMS bacup to cloud or Gmail same as Gtalk saves chat history.

3) SMS and call blocking feature with native 2 way call recording. every other phone has this feature!!!

4) Anti-Theft feature integrated with Google maps where users can trace there phone.

5) Back button can change to “X” to close apps. As we know in android we really don’t know what the back button will take us. will it close the app or just take us to the homescreen, to remove this confusion back button icon on navigation bar can change to “X”, where it closes the app and takes us to the home screen same as back button changes to down arrow button to hide keboard.

6) There is no easy way to close all open apps at once As to dissmiss all notification. when the multitasking menu is pressed it minimises current open app and shows all recent app list now presssing multitasking button again or the back will do the same thing where it will maximise app, here back button can change to close all apps button to close all apps. same like to dissmiss all notification in notification panel.

7) Quick settings in notification panel are not that quick to access with one finger. rather than swiping with two fingers to bring down quick settings, swiping left side should bring notification and swiping right side should bring quick settings as in Nexus 7.

8) Quick setting needs customization, where users can put there own shoutcuts such as screen orientation and camera flash on/off. Wifi, Bluetooth and data usage button should be a on/off toggle as airplane button and long pressing on it should take us to there respective settings.

9) New camera app in 4.2 is good but it has taken away cool video effects. realtime video effects as in gallery app and bust mode is missing.

10) chrome browser and gallery app has pinch to zoom lag.
check this videos to see it :

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  • piyushb

    Let me know wht u think guys.
    Add ur whishlist.

  • GuyWithDogs

    I hate to be “that guy”, but there are some of us still waiting to get 4.1 on devices. And periodically, it helps to have a release that just improves the overall performance and stability of the platform.

    I must say that Jelly Bean on my Nexus 7 shows that this can be done, while adding a few new features.

  • bdub

    Personally… I really want the stock ability to delete gmail emails directly from the notification. Unless i’m missing something obvious :)