Is it okay to “Cheat the System” here?

Posted Dec 14, 2012 at 4:43 pm in Threads > Opinions

Should this be allowed or not? I’m specifically talking about all of the “Vote for Me” threads. It seems very spammy to me but I’m by no means somebody of authority here.

Do you think this should be tolerated or do you think the AndroidAndMe admins should remove all of the points people have received in such threads?


So I performed a little experiment. I created a new dummy account and made 10 worthless, bullcrap posts in that thread trying to cheat the system. After 2 days, click here to see the results. (as of Dec 19, 2012 at 12:20pm EST, that account had a ranking of 86 with ~1200 points).

  • DrFaust

    I think in the end it benefits AndroidandMe, people are discussing and familiarizing in that thread, a lot of the first time posters in there are going to be a lot more inclined to frequent the forums now that they’ve invested effort doing something with it.

    • tanman888

      It dilutes and takes away from the focus of the site’s main topic area. But DrFaust is correct that the giveaway is stimulating interest and involvement from visitors.

      • LukeT32

        Same thing happened last year…. hundreds of people signed up and disappear until next christmas….

        • mckeed

          When you have a motivation, of course people start being active.

  • Thomas Biard

    I think its annoying. The threads are supposed to contribute to Android discussion. I know there is some of those comments in those “Upvote” threads, but the voting up is supposed to be for people that contribute to the discussion. I know the threads are still a work in progress, because for example, I cannot go to the second page of threads, it just loops me back to the first page, but these upvote threads are filling up the main thread page with worthlessness. I have found so many threads pushed back into obscurity because those keep popping up, and yet the threads with quality get no attention.
    Also, as with last year’s Tegra Days, this site will calm down the minute the 25th day is over and most of the people didn’t win. Granted, there are some that will stay because they found this site through the advertisement of the Tegra Days, but my guess is that 40-50% of the newcomers will not check back in until they hear of another giveaway. I’m not saying I’ve never gone to a random site to enter a contest, I just think that doing so and filling a generally helpful thread board with nothingness is annoying.
    One thing I do like about the newcomers is that the activity in the threads other than the “upvote” threads has gone way up and provided much more discussion and opinions on issues/Android tech. Anyway, my rant is over, but I do like the opportunity to discuss this.

    Hopefully as the threads will continue to be improved so we can filter out threads like the “upvote” threads, and truly promote the quality discussion threads.

    • decker

      I have thought a lot about this, and I kinda wish I could remove myself from that thread. Hey Clark or Taylor are you reading this? Add the ability to remove or edit a post please.

      The upvote thread is useless and contributes nothing to the forum. IMHO, you can’t kill it now. It’s kind of like the neighbor you put up with because you know they are moving at the end of the year. If the admins had killed it next day then the idea of “cheating the points system” would not of disappeared but become more stealthy. That could of been worse.

      What AndroidAndMe is trying to do in my opinion is build a community (which is hard from the ground up). And these giveaways attract all kinds of users. There will be plenty that will disappear after the giveaway, but this isn’t a lose for them because I believe the useful user base will remain and continue to build a strong Android community.

      • pol biswas

        Completely agree .

      • ifightforuser312

        I always stick around after giveaways. Especially here… I like the layout. its eaiser to read. Plus I have everything in my RSS feeds.

        The problem is, I don’t always comment….. because I just don’t have the time. I read articles and move on. Ditto to threads. I read, notice and if genuinely required, I will comment.

        the bigger problem is that the points system is based on commenting. I have no idea if donwvotes reduce your rating. Like I said, I found it hard to get past 25 points since I hardly post.

        • amIT29

          Well i am kind of same.long time reader first time Commenter on internet usually .

        • crunchybutternut

          I’m in the same boat as you. I really enjoy this site and the community that comes with it, but rarely have the time, or see the need for my personal input, when there are much more knowledgeable people contributing already.

    • Moises Rivera

      It just bothers me that so many people are “boosting” their account because of the contest Android and Me has going. It takes away from those that actually work at being an integral part of the site.

      • deegan87

        I agree, but there shouldn’t be a barrier of entry for the contests. By requiring people to be a certain rank, lower-ranked people will rank up as quickly as possible however they can.

        A fix would be hiding the contest threads to people with lower ranks.

        • jaxidian

          That’s an interesting idea but since they also tweet about it and have the global 25 Days of Tegra page, people would still know those contests exist.

          • mckeed

            They should just say that you need to be active more of the year. If you say that people need to have an average rating each month to qualify for a a couple of months trailing you would be able to mitigate some of this behavior.

    • WlfHart

      I’m “glad” I’m not the only one having the issue with being looped back to the first page of threads… Maybe start a thread about that issue and hope it gets fixed. I agree the spam is a bit annoying, but you have it right that the extra traffic has its perks with more lively discussions in the non-spam threads.

  • alexanderharri3

    The original thread was 80% Android focused…..but then it left that focus and became “OOOH IM NEW UPVOTE MEEEEEEE” ….. which is what every single “boost” thread since is. There is no content but “upvote me plz nao”…..and that is no good.

    While it may be a controversial thought (no hatin’ implied), the new “boost” thread posters could be downvoted to zero (not negative, no need to be cruel)….because this straight rank boosting with no content provided to the community isn’t any good. These are giveaway people who have no interest in android or this community.

    Specifically, these two threads: “Rank Up Ver. 2.0″ and….well the one by “Prasoon Tiwari 1″ has disappeared. There is no content that is android-related in these threads.

    • dino13

      I got my percentile up by discussing all over the thread, but I have to admit it is pretty much fun as the community seems to be here really down to earth. There is not much hate going arround.

      • alexanderharri3

        The original thread by Chris Lewis turned out to be a great community thread. The discussions in that thread were all good and the points went around the jolly community. That part of the type of threads is gone as everyone who is active got involved and had their part. Now, it’s new people from the past couple days looking to get a quick point, enter more advanced contests, and never come back. Every time the threads go silent for a few hours….someone new arrives to post “+1ed everyone took forever, now help me”.

        Overall, this site has a great community, lacking the nameless criticisms that so many other sites have. It’s been a great year of participating since finding out about this place last year.

        To the great community here, keep it up!

    • Chris Lewis

      As the creator of the original rank up thread I completely agree with you. Wish people would stay on topic and post their phones and roms because it was developing into some great conversations.

      As for the new threads you mentioned, you can imagine how annoyed I am of them… Not to mention someone has made it their mission to find all my posts and down vote them!

      • jonstle

        I liked the conversation on your original thread. Discovered several ROMS to try out. Granted now it is too long for me to look at all of the posts… perhaps I am just too lazy.

      • hokiewv

        Thanks for the reminder on the thread to include the ROM and phone. I was one of the people that didn’t read instructions and didn’t post my ROM and phone because I was skimming the other replies.

        Overall, I think it’s a useful thread since it does fit in well with the overall positive vibe and welcoming behavior that I’ve seen on this site. I’ve definitely done a lot of the contest and neglected the threads for the most part until I ran into someone else’s comments on your thread. The threads are a feature I intend to use more in the future so it’s a positive in my mind.

        A points based system is always going to have it’s flaws so it is useful to discuss these things and steer the community away from the karma whore behavior that infects some sites. I know the contests do remind me to upvote interesting posts and always try to add some discussion to posts that I don’t agree with instead of just downvoting.

    • ifightforuser312

      I wouldn’t be surprised if Prasoon tiwari happens to be the alias of a guy who once stole the pick of a US army guys pc rig and won a contest!

      I remember that fiasco on an Indian tech site…. that dude got banned real good. heard he was still spamming the internet though.

  • dino13

    One thread was OK, but it’s starting to be really annoying. There are so many things about android and the mobile world that can be discussed.

  • DroidPower

    i think that since there were no specific provisions denying these threads, they should exist in peace. A lot of the new users that recently registered most likely did it for the prizes. These giveaways are meant to reward the regular readers but also to attract new readers. If the new users can use this way to get ranked higher and enter more contests, then they may stick around longer (as opposed to some who will leave the site if they found out they could not enter certain giveaways because their ranks are not high enough).

    The ranking system itself doesn’t mean much other than how involved you are with the site. If you have a higher rank, does that mean your comments are more worthwhile reading? Maybe. Some of the comments on here that get higher votes sometimes don’t contain much substance while comments of actual substance may get downvoted due to misinterpretation. So IMO we can’t look at ranking as a way to validate someone’s opinion. Having said that, it begs the question of what the ranking system is really for. As the writers pointed out in the giveaways, it’s for participation and involvement. one can make the argument that by upvoting everyone and being involved with these threads, these new users are indeed participating.

    I think what is not great is the front page system that shows who’s got the highest rank. Because right now, it’s showing all the users from the Rank Up threads. I’d rather the writers exclude (not prohibit) these threads so readers can see whose comments received positive reviews on the threads with more substance. Also, I think that these rank up threads should exist as long as they also include a discussion surrounding technology and Android, like what Chris has done in the original rank up thread.

    Full disclosure: i’ve read the original rank up thread and have participated in it.

  • cjleines

    I’ll admit, I want my rank up to enter these recent contests, but it should be more legitimate than those threads. There are restrictions on the contents for a reason: to keep uncommitted users from winning. Those upvote threads defeat that purpose.

    • Bpear96

      +1 to this, i’ve been a member to this site for quite some time, and earned my points fair and square, was tempted to post in the “up vote” thread but decided not to.

  • Chris Lewis

    Whats funny is that this thread is less android related than the Rank up thread you are talking about. At lease the rank up thread created some grate conversations about phones and roms and has encouraged a lot of people to start threads of their own and join other android related discussions.

    • Thomas Biard

      I agree that this is the least “on topic” however, since we cannot voice our opinions about this site anywhere else right now, this is the best means by which we can be heard by the Wimberleys. This goes under the tag of “Constructive criticism of the site” threads haha.

      I do really appreciate how kind most everyone remains on these threads though. Its more of a help me help you thing rather than trying to cut everyone off and ruin their chances. Getting a strong community going.

  • aranea

    I can see people making some good comments and then requesting a +1 but I don’t want to see topics just for the purpose of ranking up. For me it takes away from people who have been here and contributed to the site.

  • MC_Android

    Well I think Chris Lewis’ thread was actually quite entertaining and really gave me the “stimulus” to really get involved. I officially registered for And&Me when the giveaway started but I’ll be around long after it’s ended. Anyway, in the long-run, I doubt it really matters (rank-wise) but the the rank progression seems to be based on your points/period based on other members.

    • WlfHart

      Wow, joined 16 days ago and over 90… been trying to hit 90 for over a year.

      • kelltrash14

        yeah, that’s the rub of it. If it’s so easy to game it takes away from actual contribution.

      • Vance

        I followed the site for six months commenting as a guest like an idiot and then created my account about 18 months ago…still haven’t 90 but that’s rank has a direct and fair correlation to the value of my contribution to this community and that sits right with me. I like the idea of mixing it up a little bit between age and rank of account for contest eligibility. Just basing on rank pulls in those gaming the system, while just basing on age potentially pulls in those who registered but never contributed. I like the combination (rank 50 with account at least 6 months old for example).

  • jaysond

    well I was a lurker but the giveaway def helped me make an account to be honest but that’s why plp use giveaways its to promote your stuff all the crap threads and vote for mes will go away after the contest and probally 20% of plp will stay that’s how this stuff works :)

  • myvoiceinthewind

    Often when people are measured on something to promote a good behavior it can actually create some new not-so-good behavior as a result.

  • jaxidian

    For what it’s worth, I looked around and there seems to actually be no hardcore rules for the Threads. The closest thing I could find was this. Ultimately, I think that the purpose of the threads are to help give A&M users a place to talk about things and build community.

    Also, I stumbled upon this thread, talking about the scores (1-100). Ultimately, this is supposed to represent “a simple 1-100 score ranking the influence of that user” (Clark Wimberly’s words, not mine).

    As evidenced by some of the opinions in here, I think it is up for debate whether the “Vote for me” threads are beneficial or harmful to this community. There are definitely arguments in both directions.

    Ultimately, as Thomas Biard said, this is really something for the Wimberly’s to decide. But I bet they’ll listen to what the community has to say and take it under counsel before they make any decisions to do anything (if they even do anything about it or just leave it as-is).

    Personally, my opinion is that threads that cheat the system harm the community since, as you “climb up” you “push other people down”, including the people who have spent a lot of time and energy making this community what it is. I don’t mean just the people who mindlessly spent time here but really, the people who helped build this community. I’ve not been affected so this isn’t me being sour about this. This is me sticking up for what I believe is the right thing. And cheating the system in a way that screws others with spammy threads is NOT healthy for the community.

    Initially, I thought it was all in good humor and was okay, but I was wrong. It started hurting many people’s scores. I mean, look at how many people have scores of 85+ but haven’t even had an account for two weeks! It’s GREAT that you’ve created an account and are participating – it really is! And you should get a quick boost in score because of it! But to say that in 10 days you’re one of the top 10-15% leaders (or “influencers”) of this community? That’s not a fair representation at all! In fact, that’s insulting to the people who have a similar score as you but built it over the past 3 years with quality posts! (see Bpear96 as a great example!)

    Ultimately, this is just my $0.02 worth. But as stated before, I’m just a peon here like all of you. My opinion doesn’t matter anymore than yours does. So if that is the type of community that you all want to build here, then so be it and my $0.02 worth can ultimately be ignored. But I am certainly going to state it here. I believe I’ve earned that privilege. :-)

    • Chris Lewis

      So after reading you post I have to say, I actually agree with you on this. My intention was to actually help people in the community who have been here for longer than two weeks but never really ranked up because they dont comment (and of course I benefited from every comment on the thread). What I think Clark is actually doing is deleting all the new threads that are popping up that have nothing to do with android and are simple “vote for me” threads. It seems my thread is being left alone as it is somewhat android related. And I refuse to up vote any comment on it that is some new account member that is simply begging for points.

      It is unfair to that new accounts have ranked so high so quickly though and I think a solution to that could be to incorporate some type of metric in the scoring equation for how long an account as been around. I notice that it does keep track of the number of days so it shouldn’t be too hard (i think).

      In the end though its important to remember that this is only a website and doesn’t actually affect your lives at all.

      • jaxidian

        Mostly agreed, especially with it being “important to remember that this is only a website and doesn’t actually affect your lives at all”.

        However, this is EXACTLY the problem for AndroidAndMe that I’m trying to point out! This site isn’t really personally important to me in any meaningful way. I’m here because it’s fun and I enjoy it. But if I build up a high score, I get a sense of accomplishment. However, if the system is easily cheated in a way that makes me feel that any punk can come in here, create a new account, and spam a little bit and trounce on my accomplishment that I spent years achieving, then you know what? I’m no longer having fun nor do I have a sense of accomplishment here anymore, so why would I stay? And people who cheat systems never stay around for long. In fact, I bet 95% of the accounts from that thread will cease participating once all of the prizes have been given away for this Christmas season.

        So my feeling is this, “Is it worth it for AndroidAndMe to grow their userbase by the leftover 5% of people who stick around from in that thread at the cost of losing some of their users who have been around for years?” Again, I have absolutely no authority so I cannot say what the Wimberly’s thoughts are on this subject. I can, however, say that I’ve worked my butt off (and have even authored an article here!) to get my score of 99 and if “some punk can spam the site and get a 98″, then WTF am I doing working hard to get a high score? It’s no longer fun anymore. In fact, it’s insulting. Why would I continue participating only to have my efforts insulted? Like you said, this site “doesn’t actually affect [my life] at all”.

        Again, I’m not going to have anybody bump me down to a score of 5 or anything like that. In fact, I don’t think anybody (yourself included) has passed my score yet because of that thread. But still, it really is insulting.

        ***FINE PRINT: I’m not calling anybody at all a “punk”. I’m just stating that I feel like “some punk” can do this. So please do not be offended by my word choice here. I’m describing my feelings and not you. :-)

        • Angie Wimberly

          Hey Jax, we are hearing you and have seen the upvote threads. I won’t go into detail, but I will say that we do care about rewarding people like you and are keeping you in mind.

          • jaxidian

            Thanks, Angie. It’s appreciated. :)

            By the way, I don’t want nor deserve any kind of special attention at all. I’m just trying to stick up for the little guys, new and old, who are participating in building a community and not cheating a system to increase odds at getting freebies. And as I’ve mentioned, this hasn’t really hurt me, my ranking, or anything but it’s hurting MANY people who are standing their moral ground and NOT participating in cheating the system. THOSE are the people I’m trying to stand up for and THOSE are the people who should get special attention.

            In fact, I think a requirement for one give-away should be a score of 5 or more, and did NOT post in that thread! (That would exclude me! As I mentioned before, I posted in there before it was cool thinking it was funny.) Plus I think those points should be erased.

            But you guys are the kings and queens. I’m just the squeaky wheel trying to squeak for those being silent yet standing their moral ground. :-)

  • jonstle

    I am new here but I think it boils down to a what ia better for the individual or the community. I think as neat as this contest is it can make us be a little more selfish than we should be.

    With that said I did get some good advice in the original thread set up by Chris in regards to my phone and rom. I believe he started it with good intentions and I learned a lot from it as well.

    I have noticed there are several other “points threads” that are not as successful do hopefully people will learn that they should stick to topics that help the community as well as themselves.

    For me it is a learning process as this community is different than most I have found. I appreciate all the work the people who have been here for awhile have put in to make it the way it is. I think if you keep doing what you have been doing us newbies will eventually get it

  • NamelessTed

    When I started seeing these threads they really disappointed me. It is just blatant whoring. Even if there aren’t any written rules against it, it is clearly against the spirit of the ranking system.

    The 25 Days of Tegra is an awesome thing that Androind and Me does. It is a great way to get new readers on the site, and hopefully get them active in the community. BUT, that doesn’t mean just showing up and posting bullshit comments and sucking each other’s dicks so everybody can rank up and enter inter the give-away that require a higher rank.

    The days that limit based on rank are there to hopefully reward people that are actually part of the community here. There are still easy days, where everyone has a chance to win, but those other days are for the real community. Anybody going through threads and downvoting every comment, or making threads to have everybody upvote are actively hurting the community here.

    These people aren’t making the discussions any better. And they are actually pushing real threads off of the front page. Obviously, there is a technical issue that doesn’t allow for you to go on to the second page of threads, which makes the problem worse, but it is still complete fucking spam.

    Also understand that I have been registered here at Android and Me for quite a while now. I also had only made a couple of comments on the site before last year’s 25 Days. That event definitely helped me become more of a community member. I posted actual comments on thing and received votes from the community. I am also not the most active use, but I visit the site at least once a day, and do read a lot of the comments even if I don’t post myself. It is just really frustrating to me to see people get possible rewarded for cheating the system on an amazing website.

    • jaxidian

      A much more spirited version of how I feel. :-)

  • Brandon Thomas

    I don’t think they should be allowed. I don’t part much and trees, I was first brought here last year for the 25 days. I just post when I want to our have something to add and if I don’t have enough points to comment then so be it. I do read almost every article written, just don’t comment on it. I think probably most of the people will be gone after the 25

  • LucenNox

    I can see the arguments in both directions, and the best thing I can come up with is more control. Make sure that there is only one upvote thread, and perhaps have upvotes in that thread count for a fraction of points elsewhere (of course making it clear that that is being done.)

    Also, it might be kind of cool to have one with requirements like “a rank BELOW 50″ for example. Sure, it would exclude a lot of legitimate commentors, but it would be different, and kind of funny if we suddenly had a “downvote me plz!” thread.

    P.S. personally, I am against it, but the reason i say have more control is that people would do similar things anyway.

  • gavinb

    I think it’s against the spirit of the system. However, I can’t see how you can completely prevent it from happening as people can just spam comments out across lots of threads. Maybe there should be a cap on the number of points you can acquire per comment/upvote or possibly per day. I read every article on here but don’t post all that often. I have been posting more recently, due to the number of competitions, and I’m sure some of the more frequent commenters would feel that I’m just jumping on the bandwagon. I think at least one of the competitions should target people who comment frequently throughout the year (though this could discount me) to reward them for their loyalty.

    • jaxidian

      They could mitigate it (not entirely prevent it) by suspending accounts that do it for a week. They can fix the damage by causing “points gained” into “points lost” in such threads (or simply delete the points so there is no net change). There are plenty of other options as well.

  • B2L

    In a sense I completely agree with you Jaxidian. But does it really matter? As you said, most of those users brought here by the contest will be gone after December 25th. Sure it does give them an advantage in certain competitions, but the important ones require accounts to be registered for a number of days to participate. Completely leaving out all the new members just trying to rank up.

    Also, on the importance of trusting members by rank; does the rank number actually matter? I for one remember the users that have been around for a couple of years and have been completely helpful to the site. You’ll easily forget someone’s rank, but it’s not as likely you will forget a name that you see often enough. Off the top of my head I could name several helpful users on this site and that’s not because of their rank.

    Whether a number can be big enough to decide how influential someone is, is beyond me.

    • jaxidian

      I pretty much completely agree! But that means the only conclusion to be drawn is that they should ditch the point system entirely since it’s worthless and easily cheated. Or at least not try to act like it’s important by plastering it all over the place with everything you do.

      If A&M does NOT wish to ditch it then they should make it meaningful, which means protecting it. They shouldn’t say that it should be meaningful while at the same time allowing people to piss all over it.

  • jaxidian

    I just updated the OP. Please see the edit and realize how badly people are abusing the system. In my opinion, the A&M admins need to go into every thread trying to cheat the system and deduct every point that everybody has “earned” in there. I’m not saying people should be reprimanded or anything, just take away the points they earned by trying to cheat the system.

    That’s my $0.02 worth…

    • ndorrough

      I completely agree. I am so close to getting to rank 25 for this latest prize giveaway, but I refuse to post in these “please give me free points” posts. Hopefully the next giveaways don’t go too much higher than rank 25. ;)

    • kelltrash14

      Agreed. It defeats the spirit of the system.

    • NamelessTed

      Wow dude. Nice little experiment there that really shows how bad this cheating is. 2 days and a rank of 80+, that is totally fucked up.

    • jamal adam

      Looks like the thread has been deleted or something. Also, I would like to point out that having a high rank and upvoting someone gives them more points than if a low rank person had upvoted and this might have something to do with how fast you got close 1200 points.

  • alexanderharri3

    It also proves that nobody even looks for content in such a thread….they voted up a guy named “SystemCheater” who posted nothing worthwhile. I was wondering what that account was about….and that’s a lot of points for 10 posts….

    A&M Wimberlies, time to at least close the thread to new posts? It gets badly out of hand each day that is a points day…..very badly.

  • Brandon Thomas

    wow, 2 days and you got that rank already? crazy! i dont think that is right at all. Some of us have been members for over a year, and just because we don’t post all that much doesn’t mean we don’t read every article and a lot of the threads. We just don’t go around begging for points. I too think it defeats the spirit of the system.

    I think they should not only tie rank into the give away if they keep doing that, they should also do length of time being a member on more of them. Or a combination of the two. Say rank of 20+ and have been a member for over 6 months or something like that to keep people from cheating the system.

  • fenlon

    This is a fantastic discussion. I have been a member for just under 2 years. Yesterday was the first time I was not able to enter a give away this year. I was eligible for maybe the first 5 last year. I may just be cranky that I can’t win a Nexus 7, but shameless up ranking does kind of piss me off. It pushes users who actually contribute out.

    I think your “SystemCheater” experiment is amazing. In the end, I think this will benefit the community since next year, everyone will be ready weary of last minute account creators looking to snatch prizes from loyal readers.

    In the end, this is a fun give away, and none of the other sites I follow even come close to the bonanza that is 25 days of Tegra.

    • fenlon

      Looks like I will have to sit the rest of these give aways out. I was fun while it lasted. Lets hope they add a few more member seniority give aways and I may still have a chance.

      At least the first few posters for day 19′s contest are long standing members.

  • HumbertoH

    They told us “build some reputation by comenting, making threads” etc, so, i think is fine

  • theha9

    I think with every contest or program, you have your dedicated followers who always participate, your casual ppl who only contribute if they have a strong opinion or stand to benefit, and your vultures who come just for the perks.

    Aside from dedicating manpower top weed out the high level of ‘vultures’ there is no way of avoiding this.

    Personally, I think the vote me up threads are bad taste but not cheating per se.
    On the plus side, attracting 100 ppl and retaining even 10 is a good enough return

    • fenlon

      I agree that if 10 quality users of every 100 hang around, it will be a benefit. And definitely poor taste, but I can’t morally object.

      I am somewhere in your second category. I have been a daily reader well before I even created a user account. Generally, I will not comment. If I have an opinion or something to contribute, sure, I will comment. I am definitely guilty of posting more during give away season to keep my head above water, but I try to follow my above principle.

  • Wayne Winkler

    I disagree with those vote for me threads, my rating is genuine though sometimes I believe that people down vote others out of spite. Rating systems can be good and bad.

  • zolikaaa666

    Your experiment is very effective…all these threads have been edeleted O.o

  • HowlPendragon

    Bacon pancakes, makin bacon pancakes.
    Take some bacon and I’ll put it in a pancake.
    Bacon pancakes, that’s what its gonna make.
    Bacon pancaaakes!

    • HowlPendragon

      Lol wow. seriously? That post got six votes down. Thanks for educating me on the types of immature assholes that frequent this shitty site. :p

  • jonstle

    I will have to admit I posted in that thread the first day it was around, I am new here so I am sure i benefited from it. It is mind boggling how quickly the dummy account ranked up. Being a newbie here I wouldn’t mind giving back the points I got from that thread (As a way of saying thank you to the community for the advice I have gotten on many threads I have started and taken part in, including the original rank up thread). I would be sad, but I understand the frustration some of you are feeling.

    It gives people something to think about when it comes to the ranking system. I do think that 99%percent of the time the system works well, not exactly how sure the system works but maybe some bonus points should be added for consistent posting over time to give those folks stay around here year round some credit.

    Probably cannot do it for this contest. I don’t think it is right to change the rules halfway into the contest. For the future perhaps.

  • Steve Heinrich

    I have been an active user for over a year and have tried to contribute real opinions and thoughts to the community here. But I lost my head and posted in one of those threads even though I had a good rank. I had a little hesitation but then I thought “how could it hurt?”.

    But then I found this thread and now I feel like a total idiot. It hurts the community by spamming useless info that does this site no good and hurts the loyal users. Users who follow and contribute and deserve to be rewarded for it.

    I’m glad jaxidian started this thread. It definitely opened my eyes and will make me a better member of this community. I hope there are other people that will read this and do the same.

    I fully agree now that these cheat-the-system threads are no good. I love the open discussion here, and I will never abuse that again.

    Godspeed Android people!

  • fenlon

    I think there is some cosmic justice going on. I went through the current winner’s list and it looks like almost everyone is a long time user and not a point booster. Congratulations to all these winners and I hope you enjoy your new toys. Officially jealous.

    Day 1: vforvortex – Joined 235 days ago
    Day 2: zfwaeld – Joined 443 days ago
    Day 3: icee0711 – Joined 387 days ago
    Day 6: cerikm – Joined 49 days ago
    Day 8: slith – Joined 499 days ago
    Day 9: rashad360 – Joined 985 days ago
    Day 10: rushdamian – Joined 1077 days ago (only ranked 5, but totally deserves credit for being a member for so long)
    Day 11: boro09 – Joined 384 days ago

    • jaxidian

      I was curious how many new cheaters were winning. Hopefully these older users weren’t also cheating!

      Thanks for doing all the work to compile this list! :-)

      • fenlon

        It is odd, but I think most of the winners were posted today. I have been following the giveaway page and nothing was posted for the longest time other than the first two days’ winners. That page is for those interested.

        If this Prasoon Tiwari 1 guy wins, I am calling shenanigans. I have seen more “fluff” threads from this guy than anyone else.

        • jaxidian

          Keep in mind that creating a thread actually costs somebody points. So if a thread is a “fluff thread”, then as long as it doesn’t get at least 20 posts, the OP doesn’t gain points because of that thread.

          • fenlon

            Yes, I read the fine print. My thread flopped net point wise, but my intention was not a completely shameless point grab. But the I promise +1s this guy is throwing out has gotten triple digit responses.

            Again, I am not going to let myself actually get mad about this. Android and Me has THE best giveaway with THE best swag. Of course I want a good chance at a grab at any of this great stuff.

        • tanman888

          You definitely need to sift through a lot more guff to find threads with constructive on going discussions. Most threads are just polls which seems to dilute the quality of info.
          Sadly, having said the above, my first and only thread I started merits the characteristics of a survey. Then again, I could be totally wrong and these are the burning questions some users want to get out to the A&M community.

        • RhynosAndroid

          So far, out of all the listed winners, only 1 is lower than 200 days, and he was 50+ days, so even he was registered prior to the contest.

    • Daniel Hakimi

      The 387 and 384 day guys are the least loyal.

      Source: 389 here, and I’m only commenting to earn points. The conversations are just better on Reddit.

  • LadyDi

    Thanks for creating this thread as it helped me loads.

  • dharr18

    I like to earn my upvotes. I even take pride in my downvotes. :D

    I just wish I had made an account years ago rather than waiting until last year. All those wasted rep points I lost. :D

  • taketheleap

    The only fix I can think of (it may have been said above, I skimmed) is this:
    Have one or two of the giveaways with the following criteria:You must have a rank of xx (let’s say: 60) AND have an account older than one year

    That’s all I got.

    Hope the mods read this and take my idea.

    • tanman888

      As much as this may rule me out if the above criteria is used in upcoming giveaways, I feel there needs to be some love for the founding members.

      However, if you’re going to attract new members, the above condition won’t get any non-members signing up soon.

      • taketheleap

        Agreed, that’s why I said only for a day or two.

        I signed up or this site a year ago BECAUSE of the Tegra giveaway. Now, I’m an active member of this community – reading posts, leaving comments, etc – and I am sure there will a lot of people this year that do the same.

        Nonetheless, I think for a day or two, you reward both active and old members.

        • tanman888

          Either they had the condition set in mind or they did read your post for today’s giveaway. :)

    • taketheleap

      HA! And right on queue, today’s challenge:
      “To enter to win today, your And Me Account will need a rank of at least 50 or higher and be one year old.”

      • B2L

        Thanks for the great suggestion, I’m glad they took your advice. :)

    • Daniel Hakimi

      They did one year and one month, which is cleverer, as I can’t win now.

  • jaysond

    well remember it is a sweepstakes and there are laws about them but its not the biggest deal only around 300-1k people enter so that give you a better chance of winning this than buying a 4 digit lottery ticket

  • TheStig


  • Ezy03

    honestly one day! wow!!

  • gmaninvan

    Ya, that is pretty greasy. The forums here are quite good. They should just engage instead of going for click bait.

  • Daniel Hakimi

    Aren’t ranks… relative? Curved? As in, every time I go up in rank, somebody else drops?

    • jaxidian

      Yes. So all of these new people who cheated to have ranks in the 80s bumped people from being eligible for some of the contests.

      • chralex

        This newbie wasn’t smart enough so haven’t qualified for days I agree that isn’t fair that bumped like that BUT the newbies are important to grow the blog FB etc so need to let us enter some of the contests. I hope the ones that “cheated” aren’t the winners and those that followed the rules gets extra luck

    • RhynosAndroid

      No, there isn’t only one person ranked 52. Your rank does not affect someone else’s ranking in the least.

      Now it does affect your chances of winning in some cases obviously. Someone that used one of these threads to boost their reputation score adds to the overall number of entrants, essentially lowering your statistical odds of winning.

  • Kilgore Trout

    I don’t know, but I wish I had joined right when I got my Droid 3 instead of just reading the articles without being a member… :(

  • chralex

    Wish I had known about this when I had a rank of 14.58 and needed 15 to enter :-) And pretty sure whoever the ________that gave me 2 – votes for asking about limericks is a spoil sport and didn’t help and maybe hindered my rank. I just find it a bit childish. I think if as they say the blog goes on reputation then shares and tweets and comments should count BUT votes up or down should not. Just my opinion. Having said that good luck to all who entered Congrats to winners Thanks to Android and Me for the great posts and the contest.

  • wickedme

    I think I need to cheat just a bit more, now that things are starting to heat up….. hehe

  • Shazam

    No, I don’t think it’s right to cheat the system. I’d love to rank up, but not going to be dishonest about it. A bit disappointed I won’t be able to enter all of the 25 days contests, but I do think it is ok that aam has special prizes for most active long time members. Just wish they were spread out throughout the month. Restrict some early ones, but leave the last few days of christmas open to everyone. IMHO.

  • christiaangombert

    i think it is okay to cheat, since the rating system seems to be so important with these 25 days. if you want a cheatproof system than androidandme has to make sure that you earn the ratings you get these days at the and of the 25 days of tegra. than no one will make useless comments for just getting into giveaways.

  • RhynosAndroid

    I think overall, they certainly have some plusses. Several of the ppl that post on them may not post otherwise and, as stated earlier, some very interesting convos have taken place. On top of that, I think that, although many may bounce out til the next giveaway, some that otherwise would have are now here to stay.

    It can almost work as an electronic ice breaker of sorts. I see many that start out just trying to level up to try to win starting to branch out and unintentionally becoming part of the community instead of just skipping out. Sure it’s not all the time, but I’d rather the community have a strong, dense core, quality over quanity as it were.

    I’ll admit, I jumped on Chris Lewis’ initial thread. Like many others, although I’m a regular visitor, I rarely have time to really comment or mean to later on when I do, but out of sight out of mind and I never do. If you really wanted to change it, they would need to change how the reputation system is scored. Until then, there will always be some.

    More importantly though, look at how the mere existence of these threads has lead to this conversation, interaction that never would’ve happened. All good opinions.

    I for one think it’s healthy and should be welcomed.

    • orangestrat

      I first joined because of a contest, not everyone will stay, but the community still grows

  • zolikaaa666

    I want to edit or remove posts!!!

  • Laurel laurel25

    I don’t think it’s right. It takes away from the integrity of the site and you end up with a bunch a useless, ridiculous threads clogging everything up instead of the normally intelligent, informative threads we have here.