Is the “Tegra” line bad for android?

Posted Apr 26, 2012 at 2:01 pm in Threads > Opinions

It seems that people think “Tegra” and all it’s marketing is the most powerful thing around. They use their marketing blitz to push the Tegra Zone with non-standard graphical tricks that make the games look better. People see this and think it’s due to the raw “horsepower” (or whatever term you prefer.)

Take the Tegra 3; people think it’s the best SoC around. You’ll hear stuff like “I don’t want the AT&T One X cause it’s only a stupid dual core.”

Wouldn’t it be nice to drop the dirty tricks and just make a very powerful chip in its own right? They seem to have no problem with desktop GPUs.

  • Bpear96

    Well i really dont know if its bad or good, but nVida does work with the developers to optimize the performance for theere tegra chips then release it on tegra zone, qualcomm could do the same but there just currently not, and the apps really are optimized like splashtop THD can stream pc games much smoother then the standard splashtop for example, im sure the could optimize it to have the same effect on other chipsets but they have more motives to do it for tegra, so i guess that can be a bad thing. But most tegra apps do have a non tegra version atleast, and theres always chainfire3d if you root your phone.

  • lgwhitlock

    I have a Droid X2 with a Tegra 2 dual core. I thought it would be great and in some ways it is. But support from Motorola lags and if not for the developers at XDA I would still be suffering with a crippled device. I would love a Tegra 3 device but worry it may suffer from the same problems of support that the Tegra 2 does. It seems the special drivers for the chip limit what developers can do to support the platform. If Nvidia shared the drivers with everyone instead only device makers the situation would improve. After reading the rumors about the Samsung Galaxy SIII and the quad core chip in it I just don’t know if I would buy another device with a Tegra chip. I am taking a wait and see how it develops attitude for now. Whatever device I buy I will be researching the forums before my next purchase.

    • erikiksaz

      Totally agree. Their developer support is nil d/t their unwillingness to release source code. I’m staying away from Nvidia products until they openly support the dev community (which I highly doubt they ever will).

  • Theolonious

    I don’t like the Tegra line not due to how they market, but due to how they’re making Android further segregated. One of the first complaints about Android was that there weren’t as many apps as iOS, specifically games. NVidia is trying to monopolize the game market for a platform they have no say in. If a PC game was to “only run on NVidia graphics cards”, PC gamers everywhere would be outraged. But on Android, people just take it as it is.

    I hate fragmentation.

    • Bpear96

      Yeah i get what your saying, but.. its not really NVida only on android for tegra games, many of the games are just tegra optimized and run fine on standard phones, but with some added features removed (graphical not game play) or there is a separate version for non tegra devices, i dont really know of many TEGRA ONLY games, just tegra optimized, which they actually do do on pc, with there NVidia Physx on some pc games..

      • Bpear96

        If i was a developer i wouldnt want to make a tegra only game, but i would maybe consider making a separate version of my game optimized for tegra to reap the benifits from nvidia :D but not lose any marketshare since i would have 2 versions of game , just my opinion though.

        • Theolonious

          You shouldn’t have to make 2 versions, though. PC devs don’t have to make 2 versions, and Android isn’t any different. NVidia is just trying to make fragmentation occur so they can start a monopoly, fix prices, and become too profitable.

          • Bpear96

            You probably have to make 2 version, because its probably easier for the developer, then having to have to disable some of the features for non-tegra etc. I really dont see tegra optimized apps as a problem as long as there as a bad thing, as long is there are 2 versions, or tegra version is playable on non tegra devices.Qualcomm is going to be the same with there game commander i thing.

    • RX-78-7

      That’s my main problem too, there’s a few games that my S2 can’t play, but I’m pretty sure that the exynos is capable of playing it.

      • Theolonious

        That’s the problem exactly. NVidia’s attempts at obtaining a monopoly over an open source platform is gross.

  • redraider133

    I don’t even think it is just tegra. I mean look on sites like droid-life where people are saying they won’t buy an s4 dual core sgs3 they want the quad core version. To most people it seems they think more is better which is not always true and even in this case if people see the benchmarks between the tegra 3 and s4 they would see the s4 holds its own and outperforms the tegra in certain areas. It is all about being informed and not just thinking because it has 4 or 5 cores it automatically makes it better than something with 2 cores.

  • CFG900/

    The last paragraph doesn’t make sense. Nvidia has been doing the same thing with their pc products for YEARS. “Cooperating” with developers of certain games to make them run better on Nvidia chips and worse on AMD chips is a keystone of their business model.

    • Theolonious

      I’m pretty sure it was NVidia who started the “ATI HAZ BAD DRIVURSZES” anti-AMD campaign. I’m running an AMD HD 6950 right now, and am perfectly happy with it.

  • danferan

    I don’t think Tegra is BAD, no. I think some people fall into the same trap as with PCs where they equate dual core being twice as powerful, quad core 4x, etc. Each chip is good at something else – multi-threading, power consumption, etc.