Is there a role for Google TV in the Android OS in the future?

Posted Dec 11, 2012 at 9:27 pm in Threads > Opinions

Google TV is a great concept, and many argue that its progress has been hindered by hardware manufacturers. Given the dominance of the Android OS and the emergence of Android sticks (some of which have Google TV capabilities or at least allow for apps like Netflix, Hulu Plus, etc), can you see a future where the Android OS might incorporate aspects of Google TV?

Another perspective, as we use more mobile devices to consume content, it makes sense for our mobile devices to control our entertainment systems. We see MSFT doing this with the integration of the Xbox into home entertainment and mobile OS, and we can predict that Apple will incorporate its Apple TV concept with the iOS. Do you think Google should be doing the same (if not already)? Let’s see what people think!