It’s 12/21/12, What APPS are a MUST if the Apocalypse begins?

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So we all know that the End of the Mayan Calander is just around the corner. Some say the world is gonna end, while NASA calls Bull Shit on the whole thing. Whether you believe this or not, that’s a whole different discussion.

Let’s say something crazy does happen and it’s just you and your Android Device, and all telephone lines are down along with Internet access. What APPS are a must to have installed in your phone if/when that day comes?

So the question is,”If it were just my Android and Me what apps would I need to survive in a post apocalyptic world?”

  • Bpear96

    The calender is not ending it is simply rolling over to the next “baktun”
    On December 21, 2012, the first number in the Mayan calendar will change from 12 to 13, making it The last time this happened was on September 18, 1618, when the current baktun started. As you have already imagined, the Mayan date on that day was Obviously, the world didn’t end.

    Today on the mayan calender the date is

    Anyways… :D

    I’m really not sure what i would have on my phone considering the battery wouldn’t last long, and there would be more important things to worry about. Maybe just a couple navigation apps if the gps system is still working, or a compass if they magnetic fields haven’t shifted lol

    • acuda27

      Maybe I should have emphasized that only the Internet and cellphone towers would go down indefinatly. That means ther is electricity, but you can’t download anything new for who knows how long. What would you want on your Android device to keep you entertained.

  • SGB101

    Rather have a letherman, this bit (lovely bit) of plastic would be unless.

  • taketheleap

    Titanium Backup.

  • ranwanimator

    If the apocalypse begins I seriously doubt you’re going to be worrying about your phone.
    Food and water storage, ammo stockpiling, and praying to the Creator are where it’s going to be.

  • kookeetree

    Umm… I rather have a shotgun.

    • acuda27

      Fair enough lol

  • DrFaust

    Obviously Comixology is the most important app; what’s going to prepare you for the apocalypse better than comic books? That’s where half the experts on the subject express themselves!

    • reyame

      I agree

  • TheVoodoo

    In light of our finite and very short battery lives, I’d say no app.

    But if there were power (without internet of course) , then something to view photos in the phone.

    If power and internet were available, then of course something like Google+, fir voice, video, text and picture communication.

  • MC_Android

    Assuming my phone doesn’t die and electricity doesn’t stop running, then I would say Google Maps. Oh…and their servers can’t crash either…

    In an apocalypse, I would probably prefer to have the map data stored internally :)

    Certain “videos” might help if you’re roughing it out by yourself without a female companion lol

    • acuda27


  • jaysond

    google maps so you can see what’s destroyed

    • acuda27

      I think Apple maps would be better at that. Oh wait everything on there is already destroyed :)

  • jaysond

    or iCloud so you can store your brains backup in the cloud and sync it with your new body in 2130,but then I’d need a virtual wallet cause that’ll be expensive cyborg bodies aren’t cheap

  • reyame

    My music app. At least then i can skip to the beat of my own tunes as all hell breaks lose. Maybe some medical apps and survival for dummies books. Never know when you will have to become your own Macgyver. Also the hole Area download offline on google maps. good know where to find food right?

  • cjleines

    We won’t need any app. On 12.21.12, Google is going to hit their Big Red Button and turn every Android smart phone into an actual Android and they will impose martial law. We will get through it with the guidance of Google, but it is going to be a rough few decades.

    • acuda27

      O_o sounds like an amazing movie plot……quick get Steven Spielberg on then phone!

  • lou2cool88

    Hmmm. It depends… Will their be email and social networks post-apocalypse? If not, I’d take the camera and gallery apps, snapseed, google maps/navigation, and Angry Birds Star Wars… Maybe Spotify if their servers didn’t get destroyed at the end of the world.

  • jonstle

    Would it matter? I hate to be the pessimist but my assumption would be that if it did happen things that require electricity would quickly become paperweights for most people. Unless you are lucky enough to have solar panels, generators, etc…

    However if it is a zombie apocalypse that is a different story. Need the camera app to record my zombie kill of the day.

    • jonstle

      I forgot the “theft deterrent” app.

      • reyame

        OMG how could i forget about that

      • acuda27


  • WlfHart

    I’d agree with all sorts of books on survival… Electricity isn’t too tough an issue given there are plenty of solar, gas, water, wind, and manpower generators which can be fabricated from scraps. Also a few games with good single player or hot seat multiplayer would be nice.

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