Jelly Bean rolling out for ASUS Transformer TF300 right now!

Posted Aug 18, 2012 at 12:44 pm in Threads > Smartphones & Tablets

After seeing hints on a few websites, I booted up my Transformer to check for updates. I’m downloading the firmware update now, and will chime in once it’s complete.

Any other TF300 owners getting their new sweets today?

  • droilfade

    I do not have the update :( It says “There are no updates for your device at this point.” Does this also apply to TF300T? How is JB on the pad?

  • Zagrash

    I’m assuming you should see it soon, I’ve got the same tablet as you do =) The update is still downloading, and I’m sure I’ll need to plug it in before it updates. I should hopefully have some impressions soon. If it’s anything like JB on my Galaxy Nexus, it will be awesome.

  • Zagrash

    Wow, project butter is even more noticeable on the tablet. I’d noticed that before the UI was a bit…clunky? But now it is all sorts of smooth and responsive. I don’t have any apps to update at the moment, so I can’t tell if the issues with the Play store have been resolved.

    The tablet interface for Google Now is really nice, it takes advantage of the extra screen real estate by laying out the cards across the screen.

    I haven’t really used the offline voice typing at all (even on my phone) because I use Swype, or Swiftkey Tablet, so I can’t really talk about that.

    So far it definitely looks/feels nice, and makes the tablet feel faster, which is fantastic. Any questions I might be able to answer or anything?

  • droilfade

    Awesome! Thanks for the update! I have about 50 apps on the tablet and everytime it feels soooo slow and I get, ” the ____ app is not reposnding” a lot. I just wish that is gone with this update.

    In terms of questions…When will my tab get the update? :P (JK)

    I’ll keep looking out for it and let’s see…Hopefully soon!

  • droilfade

    And yea! In terms of bloatware…Any new Asus apps/ features that you notice?

  • Zagrash

    I don’t see any new bloatware, but Asus seems to be pretty good about leaving that off. There’s still their web storage, the @vibe, and their book store, but nothing new that i can see.

    Apps have all opened quickly, and behaved responsively so far, though I’ve mostly just opened a few things and tinkered around a little bit.

  • Zagrash

    If by some chance you haven’t gotten the OTA yet, ASUS has posted the update files:

    (hopefully it isn’t blasphemy or anything to post a Phandroid link on A&M =)