Keep my Galaxy Nexus or get the Nexus 4?

Posted Aug 30, 2013 at 12:15 pm in Threads > Smartphones & Tablets

The price of the Nexus 4 (8GB) dropped to $199 the other day. I was thinking of selling my Galaxy Nexus and getting the N4. I can fetch about the same price for the GN.

Is this a bad choice? Pros? Cons?

I realize these phones are out of date now, but that is generally when I buy any technology because of affordability.

  • Steve Heinrich

    Thanks for any and all feedback! :)

  • LukeT32

    Are you on a prepaid plan? Or which carrier?

    • Steve Heinrich

      I am on prepaid. GoSmart Mobile (T-Mobile).

      My main draw to the newly priced Nexus 4 is that it might be the cheapest yet most decent phone I will be able to get for a while.

      I’m just not sure if it’s worth getting rid of my Galaxy Nexus for it…

  • Jake Jardashian

    It’s worth it. The Nexus 4 is wonderful. I’ve owned a lot of Android phones since the G1, and this is by far the best phone I’ve ever owned. I’m unrooted (rare for me), running stock 4.3, and never experience any problems.

    It’s a very significant upgrade from the GNex. I’ve gotten 4 coworkers and my girlfriend to leave the iPhone for it, and they love it as well. I say go for it man.

    Just my 2cents. :)

    • Steve Heinrich

      Thanks so much for the feedback! Definitely leaning towards switching after reading this. I’m glad to hear your positive side of things. I have a feeling I wont miss the GN when I’m holding the N4 in my hands. Thanks again.

  • masterpfa

    I would say go for it, I never regretted for a single moment upgrading to the N4 last year.
    When the rumours about this phone first arose in 2012 I was adamant that I would have no need to upgrade from my Galaxy Nexus, until I tried one in store.
    Instantly (as soon as they were available) got one from the Play Store at a very reasonable price. The price now is a steal so grab one. I believe this phone will stand the test of time for at least another 2 years minimum

    • Steve Heinrich

      Thanks so much for sharing! I think I am going to go ahead and sell my Galaxy Nexus and get the Nexus 4. You have me convinced I won’t regret it. Definitely hope it will stand the test of time like you said. I believe it will because the Galaxy Nexus has as far as I’m concerned.

  • SGB101

    Be careful and don’t change your mind once you order!

    I’ve just had a terrible time with Google play! It’s the first time I’ve bought a device from it and it’s gone wrong.

    I first got a 8gb version for my lad (Xmas gift) a few hours later decided to cancel and get the 16gb.

    Icancelled and got the cancellation email. Then went ahead and ordered the 16gb, and received the confirmation that it would ship on the 10 Sept.

    30 mins later I notice that the status on the site says my 16gb is also cancelled, due to my exceeding my allowance.

    I checked my email, but never had a cancellation email, so called them and they said they will sort it and get back to me, but not to worry as I wouldn’t get billed unless it ships.

    Checked my bank later that day and Google had taken for both devices, so I checked the status but still says both are cancelled.

    This was Thursday last week, this morning I got van email from Google saying ‘they are investigating the issue’.

    So atm in not sure if I have 1,2 or 0 devices on the way, but know I’ve spent £400 for the pleasure.

    I’m not a happy bunny!

  • Colton Walker

    Just FYI: I sold my Galaxy Nexus on Kijiji 2 days ago (AFTER the price drop) for $170.

    DO IT.

    The Nexus 4 is worlds beyond the Galaxy Nexus in performance. The GNex had an old GPU when it was released – and it still handles 4.3 quite well. The Nexus 4? Pack-leading on release, and it is still a top contender regarding pure specs. Not that this matters a lot – the experience is what really matters – but it is just so blazing fast and smooth that there really is no comparison to the Galaxy Nexus.

    I, personally, am waiting for the new Nexus likely to be released in October. I’d rather pay the extra $100 and get a brand new device then get a year-old device and be wanting the new hardware from the latest. Besides that – $299 is cheap for this kind of hardware. The Nexus program has spoiled us.

    But my point, in the end? If you want an upgrade now for cheap and want the awesomeness that comes from the Nexus program, go Nexus 4. If you want the latest-and-greatest, with all the hardware features that come with it, go October Nexus. I’m expecting Motorola will be making it, and their battery tech is incredible. The Nexus 4 has a better battery than the Galaxy Nexus, but its no iPhone regarding battery life. Motorola devices, on the other hand, have incredible battery life.

    • pjamies

      Dude, the iPhone battery is no winner either!
      My son’s iphone dies at about the same time as my Note does each day.
      Yes, both units are different, but my battery compared to my screen size,
      in stats (bigger screen, bigger battery) make them close enough.

      Oh Ya, buy the N4! or wait for the N5 which might have KK (4.4) installed!
      My next phone will be the N5! I am sick of not having the latest OS version!!!

    • GreenGriffin

      I am pretty similar – I currently have a GNex and I am just itching to drop it now for the next Nexus in October (hopefully).

      Loved (and still do love) my GNex, but figure a couple of years of significant use out of a phone is reasonable to let me upgrade.

      Understand the original posters urge to get something cheaper/reasonable priced, so Nex4 seems like a good decision – how does that compare to the MotoX? Was that a potential option – they are the same price aren’t they?

      (in saying that, I know I would struggle to go non-nexus after having one for so long)

  • da9el

    yea, go for the nexus 4! i was so happy with the gnex but when i sold it to buy a nex4 i couldn’t believe how much better it was. just look at the display – you can’t see the pixels anymore :) as an example…
    btw i would buy the 16gb version.

  • duffguy123

    I bought the Nexus 4 after moving on from my HTC Evo (first phone I ever had, I’ll never forget it).

    I would say definitely get the nexus 4 or take this extra time to save up a little bit more to get the Nexus 5 when it comes out.

    You said affordability was an issue but if you have $200 right now, I suggest saving up and getting what seems to be a better phone coming out in the Nexus 5.

    The nexus 4 is a great phone though so you can’t go wrong! …But, how I do miss my old HTC Evo kickstand.