Keylime pie version

Posted Dec 16, 2012 at 5:09 pm in Threads > Opinions

Any suggestions on what is going to be on the new software Keylime pie version?
I haven’t heard any impressive predictions for the new software. Please share whatever is on your mind. Thank you.

  • da9el

    it might be released in the middle of may 2013 and i guess several features from other UI’s like touchwizz will become part of stock android.

    there could be an android game center, multiple user sign-in, better support for android as a desktop-os and possibly we hear something about the google assistant majel. lots of things that were already expected in 4.0

  • JonJJon

    I hope the little but very handy feature of my SGS3 goes into stock android; it is where whatever app, game movie/video you are in, if it is full screen and you want to look at the notification bar/pane without leaving the app, you double swipe down from the top and it will appear for you to look at, a really neat little feature I appreciate of touchwiz.

    • misael

      that would be nice

  • Stig03

    hope we can get something that allows free message android to android

    • Ezy03

      like that idea!

  • Ezy03

    better battery life!

  • TheStig

    more android goodness!!!

  • gmaninvan

    I just want unified messaging and support for google talk to be a true bbm competitor.

    ie. locations sharing, file sharing, photo/video sharing, contact sharing, received/read notifiers while still retaining the online/away/offline/busy format.

    This would be the best messaging client there is and google can do it with the meebo purchase. Hopefully the fruits of that union start showing up in the next version. Haven’t seen a talk update in a long time.