Kickstarter: USB OTG microSD reader, 2 days left!

Posted May 03, 2013 at 3:59 am in Threads > News

I don’t know if you guys have seen this kickstarter, but it’s a really sleek little USB OTG microSD card reader. I’ve always wanted a nicer looking solution than the dongle and this seems to be it. Who needs removeable storage on our HTC Ones?

Take a look:

Link to Kickstarter project

  • MisterLee

    looks cool and for $12 it isnt bad

  • Artificial Bacon

    I threw my money at them the day I saw this but think if there were a manufacturer who made a case which also had a microSD card slot in it in addition to wireless charging capability or an extended battery. Would that not be an amazing case? I mean, expensive, of course, but an amazing investment.

  • Jamie B

    Looks like they blew their $5,000 goal out of the water by just a tad bit…

  • raymond

    how can I buy one for my sony xperia P?


    • CTown

      People have gotten one through donating $12 to its creators’ KickStarter page but the project has been funded for a while now. Your only options include finding a competitor’s product or wait for this product to be available from its website:

    • davidjan

      Lanuched pre-order now!!

  • Austin Tompkins

    I wish I would have seen this sooner!

    • davidjan

      Launched now!!

  • nicotinemind

    Thanks for the heads up. Ordered one from Should ship by September 30th. Love the concept, will be very useful on my keychain.