Looks like I’m alone in thinking the next Galaxy will be A15

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Had a good conversation with Anand Shimpi and Chris Ziegler last night over drinks talking about the next Galaxy. Anand is the smartest guy I know when it comes to chip architectures and Chris is one of the best with the inside info he gets.

Neither one thinks Samsung will have the Exynos 5250 ready in time for the next Galaxy. Chris thinks the global version will be Exynos 4412, and the US version will be Snapdragon S4.

Anand thinks Texas Instruments will be first with A15 chips (OMAP5), and points out they are not scheduled to arrive in devices till late 2012 or most likely early 2013.

So basically, the tech blogging experts seem to agree that there will be no A15 inside the next Galaxy and they would be incredibly surprised if Sammy pulls it off.

I’m still not convinced either way. I think I have a way of wishing for the best, and believing the impossible is possible. But I still think Samsung can surprise the tech world with the first A15 device. I’m probably wrong (as I was wrong about Samsung announcing an A15 tablet), but I guess we will find out on May 3rd.

  • ghost5

    Unfortunatley I’ve got a feeling that we won’t see the 5250 inside the Galaxy S3.

    When a new phone is announced there is always a feeling of disapointment that something was left out.

    Take the iphone. There has never been a bigger screen, an iOS redesign, a fm radio and the dual core processor is somewhat ‘under clocked’ (albeit capable)

    The galaxy Nexus. It came with no SD card and only a 1.2ghz DC processor (rumours where 1.5)

    The galaxy S 2. No HD screen (the SAMOLED + is good though) and no NFC

    The new HTC’s. No SD card, built in battery.

    We always dream about the phones we want now and these phones are always over-spec’d. If they released the phone now with 2GB Ram, 64Gb memory, 3D 1080p screen and a 5250 processor what do they release in Novemeber / December to beat it (assuming they don’t do the next nexus), as I doubt a quad core 5450 would be ready.

    They have put a lot of time and money into developing a quad core A9 and hardly made any money out of it. It would make sense for them to sell the processor to another company for use in another market (China) where they wouldn’t expect to sell any of their phones anyway and simply use a higher clock speed on it for their own flagship device.

    The average consumer would go to a phone shop and see a dual core galaxy and a quad core HTC next to each other and would automatically think that the quad core is better. This is why I think they are going to release a 1.7 – 2.0 ghz quad core processor, which sounds better than a 1.5 quad core tegra 3 and will probably still be the best selling android phone this year.

    But just to completely contradict everything I wrote above. The 5250 is meant to be in production now or very soon. When they released the S2 last year they suprised everyone by releasing a 1.2 ghz dual core processor rather than the rumoured 1.0 ghz dual core. And what has been taking them so long to get the phone announced and released?

    If it comes with a 5250 or a quad core 2.0 A9 inside I will definatley get one. However if it comes with only a 1.5ghz A9 I will have to have a good look at the One X as I really like that phone.

  • http://www.ndroidgamers.com B2L

    I have to agree with you Taylor, I’m not sure if it’s just wishful thinking or what, but I feel like Samsung has something big planned. Even if they decide to go with the 4412, there has to be a reason why they are keeping it so well hidden. I just don’t understand why they would be using Apple like methods, for a device that’s not more than just an incremental increase. This has been one of the most secretive launches for an Android device I’ve seen yet.

    I know something big must be coming, we just aren’t sure on exactly what it is yet.

  • Bryan Stoner

    I think they should definitely try to develop the first A15 device. The way I see it now, Samsung still has a great hold on the tablet market even with last generation specs. If they take a patient route and deliver the very bleeding edge I’m sure it will be a HUGE hit!

    Although Samsung has always been very quick to update their hardware. I can’t even list all the variations they have. Galaxy tab 7.0, 7.7, 10.1, 8.9, and 7.0 plus. Then there is the first generation of the tab. Let’s not forget the different version for certain regions. If their history is any indication of the future then I presume it will be the Exynos 4412.

    But! If their rivalry with Apple is that heated, they might as well crunch those numbers and ramp up 5250 production.

  • aranea

    This schedule for A15 release putting it late 2012 to early 2013 says that next iphone can’t have A15 cpu either. Many bloggers are pretty sure that next iphone will have this and it’s probably going to be out this fall. That means either Samsung can pull it off or the prediction from Anand and Chris are very skeptical.

  • poosh2010

    I completely agree that it makes no sense that Samsung would let other companies use the 4212 processor BEFORE the release of its own premier flagship phone, unless Sammy was planning on using a different processor (5250).

    Theoretically, if Samsung WAS to use the 4212 processor in the GS3, is there any chance they would/could pair it with the mali-604 GPU?? because if so, then the 4212 quad core wouldn’t be nearly as disappointing

    • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

      From what know, the quad-core Exynos 4412 is Mali-400 GPU. Exynos 5250 is most certainly Mali-T604.

  • http://www.ndroidgamers.com B2L

    If this article is correct, it looks like it’ll have the quad core 4412 clocked at 1.4 ghz, Mali-400MP, 1GB of ram, 4.6″ 720P screen, and 8MP camera.


    Other articles are stating that the outside of the device is just a case, so it won’t exactly look the same. If this article’s correct, this version will only be a minor upgrade from the GS2.

    • poosh2010

      I am still wishfully thinking this is their mid range “M” class phone that was leaked awhile back (see link). It’s specs are identical to the rumored ones for that phone.


      If these ARE the specs for the upcoming s3, then it’ll definitely be disappointing cuz of all the hype, only to get a phone that is on par with the HTC one X

      but hey…..maybe Samsung could release the phone with an Exynos 5250 in the US variant as suggested by this guy’s source:


      keep crossing your fingers until may 3

      • ghost5

        The video and pictures that have been leaked today could be at least 1 month old – otherwise what is the deal with the clock???

        Have a look at http://www.techradar.com/news/phone-and-communications/mobile-phones/samsung-galaxy-s3-could-be-the-gt-i9300-1073105 (thanks poosh2010)

        The picture there showing the app drawer was posted on 22nd March.

        The time in the photo is 06:23

        Now in the photos and video that have appeared today the time ranges from 06:24 to 06:26.

        I’m inclined to believe that the actual time that these photos was taken is 1:25, as shown on the nexus, due to the lighting in the background and also who decides to take photos and video at half six in the morning?

        The battery levels aren’t consistent though. It is nearly full in the app drawer picture and around 80% in todays pictures.

        And there are a lot of notifications in todays picture (email, sync something else, alarm) compared to none a month ago.

        On top of that the phone is now in a case.

        So either it is pure coincidence that the photo leaked a month ago was taken only a minute before todays leaks on a different date (a chance of around 1 in 1440)

        All of the pictures where taken a month+ ago and within the space of a minute they got a case on it and the notifications to appear

        There is a bug in the clock ;)

        These are intentional Samsung leaks and the time is significant to something

        Or we have only been shown leaked shots created on some clever custom firmware.

  • redraider133

    I am sure whatever samsung uses they will get it so that it has the wow factor like the sgs2 had. If it is not exynos then maybe they will use s4 but I think they have exynos with lte so that is what they would choose.

  • kye

    i9300 is galaxy 3 m


  • Guy

    me too… hope they would be smart enough to use the 5250/5450… even if it means we’d have to wait another 1-2 months for it to happen.
    2012 H2 smart phone competition is just around the corner and some manuf’ already announced they’re planning to use Cortex A15 processors!! (ie – SONY XPERIA)
    So, other than a huge customer base let-down it would probably be a huge strategic mistake no to play with the best card you have…
    as I said before.. Android users are not comparable with Apple users… We mind what we’re buying! and there are always other options. I would definitely look elsewhere if my money can buy better, newer piece of tech. no question about it. we loved Galaxy S2 because it was the last frontier for its time… not because Samsung made it. it seems like sammy’s going Apple’s way.. to bad for them.
    saying that the would probably go for the lesser 4412 just because 4 cores sounds better from a marketing point of view is just insulting.