Loving your Galaxy S3? Let’s hear your quick reviews.

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I got mine last week on Friday (Verizon), it sure made for a great weekend. I have never been so satisfied with an Android device as I am with this one. The 2 GB of RAM definitely helps it fly through tasks – I have yet to experience the dreaded “homescreen re-draw” lag. It melts my mind just thinking how much smoother it will be once upgraded to Jelly Bean with Project Butter.

I actually bought this phone for full retail, and I honestly can say I don’t regret it one bit. Sure, it’s a shit load of money, but I use my phone more than I do a laptop or any other similarly priced gadget (including tablets).

Here is my Android history:
Galaxy S3
Droid 3 (wanted this phone but it came out after unlimited data was yanked)
Droid X2 (got it because I wanted unlimited data before Verizon pulled the plug)
HTC EVO (first Android phone, left Sprint because data speeds were so slow in my area)

I currently own a Transformer Prime and used to own a Xoom (since given to my uncle). The Transformer Prime was on the top of my list as favorite device, but it has been replaced with the S3. I am wondering if I even need the tablet as much anymore… probably, the keyboard dock makes it too easy to type with.

Face unlock works much better and quicker than I expected it to (I don’t even think I looked at any demos since at the time the phone I had I knew wasn’t going to get ICS and it was slow on GB anyway). S Voice is hit or miss, I don’t really use it that much. Can’t wait for my TecTiles I ordered to come in to play with some NFC. I also haven’t gotten to try out all the photo share stuff since I don’t know anyone else with an S3 in my area.

Overall, call quality is great, data is fast (hit 10 mbps up and down the other day), and this is a surprisingly easy to type on touchscreen. It’s probably due to the size, or using Swiftkey, or both, but damn, it’s so easy to type with. I am a huge fan of keyboard’ed phones but all my fears have been put aside after using the Galaxy S3 for a weekend.

So, how has your Galaxy S3 been treating you? Do you have the international version? AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, or Verizon?

  • Laurel laurel25

    I got mine on Friday (7/6), as well. So far, I’m pretty satisfied. The screen is amazing, call clarity is really good, the speaker/speakerphone is really loud, and the camera is really nice. I do have a few issues with signal not being as strong as on my Inc 2 (Inc 2 was normall at about -95 in my house and S3 seems to hover around -105 in the same areas), but so far I have not had any issues with dropped calls. Data speeds seem okay, but we are in a 3G only area and in a fringe reception area, so they won’t be nearly as good as what others see. I have seen a few issues with WiFi reception not being very strong though. At work, where we have great WiFi, it’s just about lost the signal a few times this morning. If I move the phone around it seems to pick it back up, though. So, we’ll see – if these issues get worse, I may be exchanging the phone, but if they stay about the same, I’ll probably stay with it.

    • http://www.infotainmentempire.com pekosROB

      Is yours as Verizon version too or another carrier? I assume Verizon since you had an Incredible 2 before?

      My only issue with the phone really is when I listen to streaming music (mainly Spotify and not as bad with Play Music) it cuts out sometimes. My notification bar shows 2-3 bars and on 4G/LTE so I don’t really get it… I do have the higher quality box checked in my settings but LTE should handle it no problem.

      Battery has been pretty solid, especially for an LTE device. If I play with it constantly it drains but when it’s on standby it just sips on the battery. And I have yet to restart my phone! I’ll probably do it in a sec just to see the boot up (I got distracted when I did the first start up).

      • Laurel laurel25

        Yep, I’m on Verizon. I called tech support last night because the WiFi issue just really was bothering me and the guy I spoke with said that at this point in time it’s a known issue and they are working on a patch. I said, “Awesome, so I should see that in 4-6 months – about as fast as the Nexus got it’s patch, right?” He kind of laughed and said, “Yeah, probably.”

        So that kind of sucks.

        • http://www.infotainmentempire.com pekosROB

          Hmm I haven’t had any wifi problems myself. It’s not the most sensitive (i.e. it doesn’t reach as far as some other devices) but it’s not that much different than what I expected in my house.

          Funny (and sad) that the tech agreed with your comment on the OTA!

      • Jim

        You missed the first boot up because it is so short! This phone boots up in a tenth of the time my iphone used to take to boot up.

  • tagstar

    I had to go into the verizon store to get my S3 onto my desired line. They charged me for an extra sim card $10.

    Only gripes so far.

    1) The face is slippery and slides down my leg or chair. The backside is less slippery, but the speakers are covered. So the S3 is louder face down. A simple cover will remedy this issue. Seriously right now I’m watching it move on its own right now.

    • http://www.infotainmentempire.com pekosROB

      I got a case because it was slippery, and for the protection as well. But my Otterbox Commuter is slippery as hell too, so I put a sticker on the back. Still slippery. So I’m getting a Defender whenever it comes out (the phone is so much thinner and lighter than I expected, I kinda WANT a case to make it easier to hold). for the rubbery, grippier housing.

    • tagstar

      3) More of a software issue with the email application. Other email accounts have a minimum 15 minute interval. I want 60 second email checking on my work email. How many people would be fired if they waited to reply 15 minutes or 30 minutes between emails…

      • redraider133

        that is what push is for…

  • tagstar

    2) Opening the case to replace the battery is a pain in the neck. Use your fingernail and pop like a pop can. Really? Was a slide to open too hard to implement?

    • http://www.infotainmentempire.com pekosROB

      I’m used to opening the back like the way you mentioned, but it would be nice if it were easier to open.

      • Jim

        Seriously, folks. There is no difference in time. At least we can remove the back and change the battery… nice!

  • redraider133

    I just received mine today and so far I am loving it. It honestly feels like the first phone that I do not have that itch to root and rom it. It already flies on stock and can only imagine how much better it will get through later updates. Another great thing was I was kind of nervous about reception with the history of previous samsung devices but in places where my maxx and 4s struggled to keep a 4g/3g signal the sgs3 has a solid 2 bars and has held the signal the entire time. Loving the phone so far, going to test it out the next few days but this is the kind of phones android needs. One for the non-hackers that will perform amazing right out of the box without needing all kinds of tweaks and mods to perform without glitch.

    • http://www.infotainmentempire.com pekosROB

      Agreed, I really don’t have a single desire to root this device. It is SO FREAKING FAST! I can’t even begin to imagine what it will be like with JB 4.1.

      The only question is when… when will Samsung and Verizon get us that update! I hope it’s similar to the launch – within a week of all the other carriers.

      I would also like to have the update the international version got, with the screen brightness built into the notification menu like the other settings.

      • redraider133

        I think since it is their flagship and the same on all 4 us carriers minus the radios it should be relatively close time frame. They said q4 I think so that is still awhile but hopefully we see some leaks here in the next month or so. I can only imagine how much faster it will be on JB. It is the first device I have owned that hasn’t lagged at all, even the nexus couldnt say that. Samsung has a real winner on their hand with this device and I can see why everyone went crazy over the sgs2.

  • massey

    I noticed my brand new Galaxy S 3 is dropping a lot of calls. I never had any problems with receiving or placing calls on my iPhone but this Galaxy S 3 drops as many as 4-6 calls per day.
    I wonder if Samsung knows they have a problem?

    • http://www.infotainmentempire.com pekosROB

      I’m sorry to hear you’re having problems. I don’t talk much on the phone, but the calls I’ve made have had zero issues.

      • redraider133

        I also have had no dropped calls on my verizon sgs3. Maybe go exchange it seems like you have a lemon.

    • http://www.jaxidian.org/update/ jaxidian

      I’ve also had no problems on my TMo GS3. Maybe you need to get your phone exchanged?

    • tagstar

      I dropped 3 calls today. I think when you are talking you have to lock the phone because putting the phone to your face can hit the hang up button.

      • redraider133

        It isn’t a dropped call if you bump the hang up button…

  • Laurel laurel25

    I have also found that this phone is not nearly as fast as others. I tested using the Speedtest.net app and found that my S3 was getting 0.3 to 0.5 Mbs download speeds (on 3G – no 4G in our area) and my husband’s Droid 4 was getting1.6 to 2.0 Mbs download speeds. On our home WiFi they were about the same, although the ping rate on the S3 was much slower than the Droid 4.

    • http://www.infotainmentempire.com pekosROB

      Sounds like more and more that you need to get them to replace it.

      • Laurel laurel25

        Yeah, that’s what I’m thinking. When I talked to the tech support guy he was a little worried about that though since it would be a warranty replacement and they always send refurbs for those. They don’t have any refurbs of the S3 yet, so he wasn’t sure what would happen.

        I’m almost considering doing it and seing if they can send me a Razr Maxx. I don’t like Motorola, but I need my phone to work as a phone and have good reception and this just isn’t cutting it currently. In town, where there’s good reception (we live in a fringe area) the phone is super fast and gets a great signal. However, that doesn’t fix the WiFi issues.

        • redraider133

          you are in the 14 days they should replace it with a brand new device.

        • http://www.infotainmentempire.com pekosROB

          My old roommate is very happy with her Razr MAXX, but she’s not a power user like me (and I’m guessing you). Definitely go to a store or call them like redraider said, you got 14 days. Plus if it’s defective and that new they should replace it if they want to save face.

          Just make sure they don’t charge you some bullshit restocking fee, it wasn’t your fault the phone doesn’t work the way it should. And btw, I have no clue if Verizon charges restocking fees, just sayin’ make sure they don’t try to pull that by you.

        • Jim

          What wifi issues? Your original post din’t mention any wifi issues. Speaking of wifi… I shut my iphone friend up the other night when he didn’t have wifi for his ipad. I turned my S3 into a hotspot an he simply connected his ipad via wifi to my S3 and was on the internet. He looked down at his useless iphone lying on the table and just shook his head.

          • Laurel laurel25

            You must have missed my original, original post from 7/9/12 where I said,

            ” At work, where we have great WiFi, it’s just about lost the signal a few times this morning. If I move the phone around it seems to pick it back up, though.”

            The phone wouldn’t hold a WiFi signal to save its life and when I called Verizon tech support (also on 7/9) I was told by the tech I spoke with that the WiFi issues and poor signal were already “known issues” on a phone that hadn’t even been officially released.

    • Joe

      I had the same problem with .3 mbs downloads a few days after getting the phone. I did a factory reset and speeds went back up to 10 mbps on 4g.

  • http://www.infotainmentempire.com pekosROB

    Does anyone else find it a tad bit humorous that Samsung included white earbuds? Or am I just reading into it too much? :-)

    • ttech24

      I noticed but they’re just “not as cool” as the apple ones.

  • dnfrsr

    I got my Canadian S3 on June 27th and love it. the ONLY issue I’ve had is I just got an email from Bell warning me that my data usage is at 95% already so I’ve shut off my data until it is resolved. I didn’t think I was using it much differently then my old Palm Pre. Love the Phone. I read a lot on it and watch movies.

    • http://www.infotainmentempire.com pekosROB

      I have used WAYYY more data with this phone than any other phone previously. After looking at my settings, it seems like Google Music and Spotify are the culprits (around 900 mb of the 1.9 GB). I’ve used 1.9 GB since the 8th (my billing cycle) – probably because I have Spotify sync over mobile network as well.

      Plus ever since I moved my router in the house I have to use mobile network instead of local when in my bedroom. Since I have LTE now this is no problem, so this probably leads to more data usage.

      But if I’m going to be blowing through 4+ GB a month, buying a phone unsubsidized in the future would definitely be cheaper than being limited and paying overages.

  • Eli Gaffke

    We just got ours yesterday. Pre-Ordered through Best Buy so we could keep our Verizon unlimited data. I use this alot. Just since yesterday I used about 400mb. The 4G flys according to Speedtest.net app. I have seen tests at 28mbps down and 17mbps up.

    I don’t make many calls on my personal phone, I only made a couple and had no problems. Like my Droid X 3 way calling seems hard to do. I can add a call if I call out, but if someone calls me while on another call I can’t figure out how to join the calls.

    Battery life is a bit sketchy. But I haven’t been using the Power Saving Mode.

    I don’t like how the app menu screen doesn’t alphabetize. Really annoying. Must be a Samsung thing cuz my old Galaxy 7 tab did the same thing. My Xoom 4g doesn’t, and my Droid X doesn’t either.

    The face unlock feature works ok, have to have good lighting. And hats freak it out. But it is getting better. If it doesn’t work, I use the pattern unlock and then go right away and do the Improve Facial Recognition. Not sure how many times I will have to do this, or how many improvements you can make. Also the angle you are holding the phone or looking at it messes with it. But sometimes it is really, really fast. No more pocket unlocks.

    The improved Voice to Text feature is nice, being able to pause and not have it stop is nice. And being able to see what is working as you are talking is great. Unfortunately the keyboard is baloney. Not having all the alt keys available to a long touch hold is dumb. I switched over to Swype and Swype beta, but then I loose out on the Voice to Text features. Although the Swype Beta does have the option to not process until you hit done.

    • Mike

      I don’t like how the app menu screen doesn’t alphabetize. Really annoying. Must be a Samsung thing

      app tray—>menu—>view type

      you can set the app tray how you like.


      • Jonathan

        Eli: if you haven’t figured it out by now, the little button with a picture of a flame in the bottom right allows you to use voice to text with the Swype Beta.

  • ken

    This may be a little late or redundant, but for what it’s worth:

    Former Samsung Fascinate user here (one of the old Galaxy S variants). Received Verizon Galaxy S3 white 32gb (SCH-i500) last Monday, but held off until they arrived in the Verizon stores on Thursday for a quick hands-on before opening the box at home. Having been told on the phone my local store finally got them, dashed over (with my Fascinate) to take a look.

    Want the good or bad news first? Will start off with the good (there’s more good than bad):

    As advertised, the unit looks actually elegant and was for the most part silky smooth in operation, great display responsiveness, really a joy to navigate thru. Going from 3G to 4G LTE was a miracle in itself– made surfing the web actually useful on one of these things. Has to be at least 10 times as fast, maybe 15x more than the Fascinate’s 3G, approaches even my 25/25 Fios internet at home in smoothness and quickness. Sharpness-wise, since the Fascinate has 800×400 resolution, the 1280×720 on the S3 was considerably sharper, but not quite as sharp as i thought it might be. My glasses are tweaked for reading really tiny print, so was probably knocking on the “visible pixels” level of viewing. Again, overall pretty good. The Fascinate had Gingerbread, so ICS was a nice stepup. Bought a $3 USB OTG cable on the internet, and was pleased to find out it works! But don’t expect your S3 to power a small external portable hard drive–it needs its own source. Even a 3TB drive works just fine with its own power source. Flash drives also worked fine with no additional power. The cam seems really good too (big step-up in sharpness, realism and performance on both still shots and video–smooth and unbelievably versatile features). Battery with heavy use held up quite well-20 or so percent used over 2 or so hours. GPS with Google Maps is the most sensitive ever seen–locks on in seconds not minutes, usually even works indoors! Oh yeah, the back panel that some have complained is flimsy and thin–works fine for me, and would much rather have it since it allows easy access to memory and battery inside the unit. It’s very similar to the Fascinate’s, which held up just fine over almost 2 years, and that was after opening numerous times. On a “drop test” the back might detach/come off (haven’t done it yet), but it’s the screen that counts. After daughter drop-smashed her iPhone screen recently, and me dropping the Fascinate at least twice (once on concrete), will let you guess who made out better. Here’s to gorilla glass.

    So the bad part: the brightness (actually, screen in general) is indeed slightly weak. Comparing side by side with the Fascinate, both at FULL brightness, just no if’s and’s or but’s about it, the two-year-old Fascinate is brighter. Not by much, but it is noticeable–a disappointment to be sure. (Actually compared to TWO S3′s on display; both outdone.) Was then worried whether the S3 would be a washout in direct sunlight. Answer–doesn’t seem to be. It is luckily still viewable, but the squint factor/eyestrain when outdoors is likely more with the S3. Bottom line: the S3 has no reserve screen power for strong light environments. This limitation imho would guess is maybe intentional– part of a battery/screen conservation or heat reduction scheme; in other words, it may be that no rooting, new ROM, nor future update is going to make it any brighter. (C’mon, Samsung, don’t skimp on the screen performance on an otherwise superior product!) Don’t get me wrong–the screen looks lovely–indoors. During a video-movie test the colors were good, tho possibly lacking a little punch that the Fascinate had (when outdoors in bright sunlight neither is very enjoyable to watch). And I agree the auto-bright feature is useless. Some developer no doubt with super low-light vision screwed up setting it ridiculously dark. It forces you to leave it in manual and look for a utility that allows instant adjustment (fortunately there are some out there). But this SHOULD be fixed by an update. A user-selectable low, medium, or high auto brightness would really be cool. Also, my headset seems to pick up an intermittent hum from the device when it’s plugged into AC (may have to look into that).

    So, nothing’s perfect. But could certainly do a lot worse than the S3 (especially of all things the iPhone–how so many Verizon customers were willing to pay megabucks to get an iPhone with 3G, puny 3.5″ screen, no upgradeable memory nor removable battery to mention a few, never ceases to amaze…). But facing the “act-now-to-grandfather-unlimited-data” situation, was really pushed into this upgrade. But glad i did, especially for its velvety smoothness, top notch camera/gps and speedy internet–so cool to have a fast connection in many on-the-go places.

  • poosh2010

    my gf just got the phone and she loves it…..but doesn’t anybody think it’s BS that the gs3 doesn’t support moving apps to the external SD card??? I wish the guy at verizon would have told her that instead of suggesting she just get the 16 gb version and an sd card….

  • Wayne Burman

    I love it. My Galaxy S(1) had become really laggy and I was counting the days and it hasn’t disappointed so far (less than a week). I have two very minor issues in the SPlanner that I need to figure out (1) how to default to Google calendar for new appointments set up on the phone instead of the Samsung calendar, and (2) how to get my google tasks to sync in SPlanner so I don;t have to use a separate app, but other than that it’s great. It is large in the hand and the smoothness of the case makes that harder to deal with, makes me worried I might drop it. A rubberised back cover would have solved this but I need to get a case anyways so that will solve it. The phone is so slim that you need a case really to give it any substance, but it is also so light that even with a case it is not too heave The screen is fantastic for games and video, great colour and resolution and personally I love (and am very familiar with) Touchwiz, which is why I didn’t consider the HTC1X for too long. Win for Samsung, long may they reign (although I prefer Asus tablets).

  • MoSDeeb

    Bought the T-Mobile GS3 for my gf and put CM9 on it immediately. That thing is amazingly fast. Such a great phone. She’s very happy with it.

  • Phillyray

    I have had my S3 for about a week (my wife & i both upgraded from the first galaxy s). I am still on Verizon but I have had service issues and dropped calls already. the WiFi signals are spotty & yesterday I dropped 3 calls sitting my couch & 2 more today in areas i have never had problems in. i couldn’t tell you the last time my S1 dropped a call. every time it goes from 3-4bars then says searching for service when i haven’t moved. my wife hasn’t had any dropped calls. I’m thinking of returning it but iIdon’t want a refurb model.

    • Laurel laurel25

      I had the exact same issues. If you are in your 14 day return period, take it back to a corporate store and they will give you a brand new one. I did that and had no issues. I did end up switching to a Razr Maxx, though. I just couldn’t take the chance that I would get another lemon for a phone. From what I’ve read, some people’s phones work just fine and some seem to have the WiFi and signal issues. i live in a fringe area though and don’t have a home phone, so I needed to be sure that I had a phone that would work as a PHONE, so I switched over to the Maxx and have been very, very happy with it. I actually like it better than the S3, which I never expected.

  • Neeraj

    GO ahead with some tests on your SIII and Galaxy Note


  • wendy

    I have no idea why but I received the Galaxy S3 on Saturday and moved over from a long period of 5 years with Sprint. I took the 2gb plan initially because I was coming from an unlimited data plan. I asked the rep yesterday about my data and she said I had already used 1/2gb and by this morning I am already over the 2gb. I have barely used this phone at all. Mainly email, facebook. I don’t play games or download music or movies. I refuse to pay $60 a month for limited data. There has to be something running in the background. I was recommended to use Advanced task killer but I don’t think it’s doing the trick. HELP!!!

    • http://www.infotainmentempire.com pekosROB

      I have noticed I have used a lot more data too, but it’s mostly streaming music. Go to menu > settings > data usage and scroll down to see what app is taking up all that data.

    • Sadly D

      Have you tried shutting off the roaming Internet option? That’s all I can do, at the moment. Annoying!! Just when I thought Apple wasnt the be all… And end all. :(

      The Galaxy 3s is mangnificent, kinda. But, is lacking ease. Lacking simplicity. And I’m still slightly dissapointed. *Le sigh*

  • Sadly D

    Shoot me! I’m an apple fan. But, got this Galaxy s 3, on a whim. Now, let me be honest. It’s pretty amazing, has a great screen. Adaptable, and sleek. However! I’m thinking, WFT! Where do I get music? What happened to Free tv? Where is the simplicity of text? Why doesn’t it shut the fuck up? Why do I have to download apps to stop random add ons?!?!

    Yup, Apple… All is forgiven. I’m sorry. Typed off my old 3GS cuz my idiot Galaxy phone is trying to be human or something. Grrr!

    • Laurel laurel25

      You know, I kind of felt the same way about my S3 when I had it. It just didn’t seem very simple and intuitive and it was my 4th Android phone, so I was used to the Android environment/eco-system. I had lots of problems with WiFi signal & reception, so I ended up exchanging it for a Razr Maxx and, althought I have NEVER been a fan of Motorola, I actually love this phone. It was a complete shock to me that I liked it as much as I do. Yes, the screen is not as big or as pretty as the S3, and yes the camera is a tad bit slower, but overall the performace and ease of use is just so much better for me than the S3 was that I’m a convert. :D

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  • McLovin

    One thing I dislike is the power button being opposite sides of the volume controls. While trying to turn off the screen I inadvertently hit the volume controls to increase volume. bip Bip BiP BIP!!!

    That made for an embarrassing experience when I was getting familiar with the phone during Church.

    • http://www.infotainmentempire.com pekosROB

      haha I can see how this is an issue, I press the button with my thumb and have my index and middle finger on opposite sides of the volume.

  • Tieraney

    It’s a nice phone, sleek n cool, large screen, fast internet, but I drop calls like Crazy. It’s also my first smart phone and I never dropped calls with my regular phones and U.S. Cellular service ever. But this phone makes me want to toss it out the window. Five minutes before I’m posting this I dropped 11 calls in 20 minutes. I need to be able to talk on my phone since that is what it’s for. What if for instance I was in trouble and needed to call for help, I might never get through.

    • jkdecke

      I have been dropping calls since I got the phone 3 weeks ago. Found out that they were having production problems had a lot of the phones missing a screw on the antenna. They are sending out new phones to those that have called in with dropped call issues.

  • deniese

    Does anyone know how to chng the sensitivity so i can type with my nails?

  • Baron

    you can’t. the screen sense electrical touch generated by your body parts.

  • sc_guy01

    I always had the iphone, decided to get a samsung galaxy s3, worst mistake ever, when people call me it adds them to my favorites and I have to keep deleting them out, exmail exchange email keeps crashing, cant add a wallpaper with having to crop it, or download a 3rd party app to keep from having to crop….it puts about 200 unassigned contacts on my phone when I restored plus all my other contacts which gave me 200 duplicates…..But I like the looks and the size of the galaxy, but thats all I can say about it. I wish the iphone had a screen that size, nothing like a hands on experience to see how well something works, some of it might be user error on my part, but I more than likely going back to iphone, I really liked the way the exmail program work for the few minutes it did, but after it started crashing, wouldnt uninstall, tried everything, hated to have to do a restore again.

  • crashingtiger

    Hi Ya’ll, I just started using my Galaxy S3 activated yesterday! Great looking phone! I am an iphone user since 2007. I am proficient in phones, computers, electronics so getting into the phone fast and deep. One thing I am checking on as we speak is a lacking call feature – No Merging of phone calls when in a call and another one comes in to create a three way call. You can only Swap calls or add a call, but no merging of calls.

  • Gareth

    Have an S3 as a work device and it’s shit! My HTC OneX is so much better. The UI is shockingly bad. Typing anything takes forever due to the poor predictive txt and symbol access. Shit. Will be asking work for my old Nokia back!

  • Rich

    I am getting dropped call constantly, Same carrier, AT&T …had a BB Curve before and had no issues. Same spot and I am dropping calls. Whats up